-Pablo Gonzalez Recuero. known as M.E.K.A. born July 8, 1981 in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), started in the music world with 18 years as an amateur using software (Rebirth, Cubase, Fruity loops …) and controlling more and more things synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, midi controllers and programs such as Sonar, Ableton and Reason are part of your arsenal mail.
-Thanks to his friends as Ray and Gonzalo and others known to the world of techno, and who were dedicated to partying this style over the years was delving into other styles such as electro, which was the style that made him start this race
In 2003 he moved to Valencia and that is where he began his career in a more professional working in groups of Valencia Komakino, Lya Events currently run by his friend Rich Fefmotion Fede,
By Dj set and live acts in Valencia Jungle Club (Ribarroja), Mini Club (Valencia), The Mill Club (Valencia), Jamonicos (Cullera) and Raves.
Also outside Valencia Sunset Room (Almeria), Hangar (Burgos), Room Clam (on La Cubierta Leganes) and Hi Fi Festival in (Guadaljara) …

During these years has been producing electro and techno for labels like Delusions (Barcelona), Subsists (Valencia), Teknatika (Granada), Newrhythmic (León), Beat to Beat (Valencia), onlytechno recs (Madrid), Pentaloops ( Burgos), Core Audio (Madrid), MarsFrecuency (Madrid), NM Records …

in 2010 launched his label Ban Kai and Electro Techno Records, in the more underground scene and its imprint tech-house, detroit and other styles of electronica unconventional RAP Kai …


MEKA – Metamorph by M.E.K.A.

3.- MEKA – Intergalactic by bankairecords EP )

Video live acts:

video clips:


2008 :

(Beat to Beat)

MEKA – Brujeria

MEKA – Recame

MEKA – Recome

2009 :

(Subsist rec)

MEKA – Zona electrica


MEKA/Delusions/MEKA aka Kuolema – Filter

(Beat to beat)

Carara – starlight (remixed MEKA)

2010 :

(Newrythmic Records)

MEKA/Joton/Darren Jones – 8th bar line EP


Macwolf/MEKA aka Kuolema – Evolution

(Fundamental Audio)

VV.AA. Elektrodomesticos 3

(Mars Frecuency)

Mars Frequency Compilation Vol. 1

2011 :

(Fundamental Audio)

VV.AA. Elektrodomesticos 3

(Ban Kai Records)

MEKA/Replicanten Norman/ Alek Stark – If electro EP

MEKA/Alavux/Mynationshit/ Negocius Man – Clone dead EP

(No Humans Records) Coming soon in vinyl

MEKA & Spectrums Data Forces – Restricted area


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