The New Roland Fantom 6,7,8 Sampler and Sampling Failures Review By DJ Natural Nate™

Its been a few years that Roland had launched their newest version of the Roland Fantom 6, 7, and 8 workstation. The Roland Fantom Sampler and Sampling functions are a complete failure. They launch Firmware 2.0 recently and said they added and fixed a few things to the Roland Fantom series. They have completely neglected the sampling function to the point it is completely useless. If you are used to the amazing functions of the sampler from the past Roland Fantom F and G Models, you will completely regret buying this machine. The question everyone keeps asking is: Can you use the sampler in songs? Can you write a full sampled song? Unfortunately its a complete no and Roland has dropped the ball!

To Roland: I have been a huge Roland fan for over a Decade. I have been able to write over 340 songs with my Roland Fantom F and G6. I have used these keyboards not only as a synth, but a major sampling component to my music. I was having some major, major issue recording songs out of my Roland Fantom G6 due to age. It would fade parts of the song out and I could not use this professionally anymore. I’m super heart broken.

I did not want to buy a new Roland due for the fact I knew my G6 so well. I could use the sampler in 16 zones with 16 samples in each one. That’s a total of 256 samples that all could be used at the touch of the pad and also keys. I could record all day long with any of these sample and over lays with ease. I had multiple functions and even could put effects to these. I finally broke down and bought the Fantom X6. I wish I would have done more research and am extremely disappointed in Roland right now.

You took away a HUGE portion of why many, many artists use your product. You have this amazing sampling pad that basically records 1 sample at a time in only 1 zone. WHAT? Your older models acted like an MPC and was extremely fun, easy and quick to make loops and songs. Now I’m stuck trying to at sometimes, put 40 samples into one zone. You only have 4 pad options that leaves us with 64 sounds we can upload and not do much with. If I make a new pattern, I have to spend countless time putting in multiple over lays of the same pattern to make 1 sound different in a new pattern. It’s so ridiculous. Why, why, why would you take this major and most important feature away from your longtime fans and users?

I did not want to learn a whole new system and I’m really not a fan of your layouts. Its rough to see your songs in song modes. Its tough to make your patterns with samples and extremely tough to make your grouping with this structure. I have went online and saw many videos and even forums with tons of other fans bashing your system. Please Update this! Super Sad!

Roland Fantom 6, 7 and 8 Sampler and Sampling failures Review By DJ Natural Nate™

Avatar DJ Natural Nate | January 22, 2022 380 Views 1 Like 5 On 1 Rating

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