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DJ Natural Nate™ VS Jiggabot- When we think about some of our favorite memories and especially where we found true love for this music in the early Rave scene, there is one release that is absolutely our #1 inspiration and favorite. Rabbit In The Moon – Out of Body Experience. This was literally a life changing release for us. As a matter of fact, this was DJ Natural Nate™ first DJ Record he had ever bought. This is a cult classic that will forever hold to the test of time. This is a release that holds its quality to today’s modern technologies and sounds. It will remain a masterpiece of the industry and a staple to underground music.

May 1, 2020 Rabbit In The Moon releases a remix contest. Rabbit In The Moon – Out of Body Experience / OBE STEMS AND REMIX CONTEST:

We were so excited. How do you take something so perfect and Iconic to make a remix? It took us a while to even have the nerve to touch this priceless opportunity of making a different version of the songs that gave us the most inspiration! Our approach to this was to make a very extended DJ friendly Edit for those that love to mix for a couple of minutes in and out of the tracks. It’s really more of a tool and can be used in many different ways. We just wanted to try a few different elements to the song such as a bassline. It’s very tough to not ruin the integrity of the song but to also not leave elements out that we all know and love. This was a very challenging remix and was not an easy task. We are very proud and honored that RITM gave everyone and ourselves a chance to love this release even more by giving our take on the songs. We did use different samples from different versions of the songs to complete our DJ edit version.

We will never be able to make a perfect song as the original is. That is impossible, but we are really happy with the version we decided on. We really hope you enjoy The Out of Body Experience DJ Edit Remix we did. We had a lot of fun making this and enjoying so many great memories in the process. Big thank you again to Rabbit In the Moon for giving everyone a chance to put a twist on your Legendary release and songs.

mastering By James Wolfe: Frajile Recordings

Are there really Angels? Yes there is! In Loving memory of ” Pops “

Rabbit In The Moon- REMIX CONTEST- Out Of Body Experience – DJ Natural Nate™ VS Jiggabot

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