I’LL Be Fine- DJ Natural Nate® & Jiggabot VS Damian Doyle – Seven Seven Deuce Rec & Ent The-Lost-Art.com Rob Cokeless

I’ll be Fine is a very, very personal track. This is an extremely emotional song dedicated to everyone struggling in today’s age. Thing are tough and getting tougher in some cases but the important part about all of this is…. (You) I will be fine… It seems like everyone has their own ideas about who is right and who is wrong. We have become divided through some many thing such as politics, Religion, Music and more. It ok to have different opinions. Its ok to like something else. Its ok to speak out loud. We are all just trying to get through life and to find common ground of respect. That common ground is we are human first. Be kind. Try to listen. Try to give a helping hand. You really will never know where someone else has been or the road they are walking. Try to walk with each other. Try to find understanding and compromise. Just remember. I’ll be fine…..

I’LL Be Fine DJ Natural Nate® & Jiggabot VS Damian Doyle 77deuce The Lost Art com

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