Very humbling writeup on our Unreleased song ‘I will shine for you’
The Natural Nate vs Jiggabot duo has taken the electronic music industry to a whole sub genre… “Emotional Breaks”. We have had similar in the past but it is easy to say at this point, we may be reaching a pinnacle. “I Will Shine For You” is the start of a series in which love, sadness and every human feeling in between is met. Whether it gracefully washes over you like a soft lakeshore or hits home like a grand slam at a little league game; There is no doubt that the timeless music these two are creating will surpass the likes of countless preceders.

I will shine for you FB video:
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I Will Shine For You- DJ Natural Nate® VS Jiggabot- Hoodwink – WWW-The-Lost-art.Com

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