” Multiverse ” Promotional Video and mix By DJ Natural Nate R Lemu
Damage Control Records/DC; features one of our own DC artists every month, along with a special featured artist. We here at DC support all genres of music, but we specialize in Electro in its many art forms. To push Electro, we support the chance to have other artist create Electro, in their own form of mixing; whether Electro is the artist specialty or a new venture. DCs’ goal is to share the love of Electro and push the genre in its many forms to our fans and music lovers! Show your support and share the love of our features and page with your friends! Thank you from DC!

Damage Control Records Video Mix By DJ Natural Nate ” Multiverse Mix “

Avatar DJ Natural Nate | January 22, 2022 177 Views 7 Likes 5 On 1 Rating

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