Hosts: The Monkey Tennis Group- Festival of Funk 5: The True Electronic Online Festival 051515

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{ All pictures and Colored Highlights are clickable. } & is proud to announce that we will be hosting a Interactive Electronic Music Event with the Monkey Tennis Group!

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The Monkey Tennis GroupFestival of Funk 5: The True Electronic Online Festival 051515: Dont be fooled by imitators.

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There really should be no introduction to this amazing Idea and one of a kind show! The Monkey Tennis Group has been causing some huge waves from around the world with not only there sheer respect, but amazing talent that surrounds these events. It was about time that someone had gave the full idea of sharing a mix, and pass it along for the next DJ or artist to finish. nobody had made this fully work until now! Not only have these guys cracked this code, but they have as well, cracked the code to sharing is caring and has came up with a fully functional and creative way to show respect to not a single artist or production, but many.

 Over the 4 festivals that have taken place, hundreds of artists, and DJ’s have been given the chance to represent their favorite production, producers and music of this industry. It truly has been an amazing venture to promoting this music with a new attitude and especially showmanship. Most of the Monkey Tennis Group mixes consist of 4 Artists going head to head with a 20 minute mix to the next, thus creating a huge blend of raw sounds and mixes that could never be replicated. This in turn had created this unique event they call the ” Festival of Funk 5 “. many Dj’s and artists have paired up to make these magical mixes from around the globe. This again, is a revolutionary and one of a kind idea that has completely changed the way the mixing industry works. There has been so many people that have made this idea come to life. We will have to give Neil Thompson(Breakneck), JB Thomas { DJ Sharted }, Scott DjChronic Copeland, Michael Danks  and many more for the extreme hard work it takes to organize such an event. You all have done such an amazing job! 

If you have not attended one of these massive events, you do not know what you are missing. This is 4 days and nights of pure bass and bliss. Can you say mixing, more mixing and did we say mixing? This event consists of some of the biggest names this industry has to offer along with some of the most top notch, up and coming talent. We can honestly say, we have not seen such a great vibe from and Event then what we have witnessed at the last 4 shows. Along with the best of the best in mixing comes the true root of the festival. Music production and the respect of these amazing producers. Without this music and production, there would be no DJ’s and mixes to share with the #1 reason why they do this. The listeners! This has been fully for the ever so needed and loved listeners of this intelligent music. This festival is a blend of everything the industry needs back. This goes beyond the word P.L.U.R. that we used to know. You will never come so close to the music, the producers and the DJ’s in one place! TLA / PTP can never say the many thanks back to these amazing people for the chance to host this to our site. We are looking forward to many, many other events with the Monkey Tennis Group and associates. Be sure to bookmark for your music Updates and Soundcloud mixes from around the world. This is your #1 way to stay completely current and up to date with your favorite artists, mixes and new events. Please tell them that & sent you!

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Festival of Funk 5 line up! 

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The Monkey Tennis group’s main Soundcloud Page:

Monkey Tennis Group Festival of Friends 4 MIXES!

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 Monkey Tennis Group Soundcloud page:

From the Monkey Tennis Groups Website:

We’re on a mission, a mission to bring you the biggest and best line up of breaks artists from around the globe together for an online festival of epic proportions!

MTG has joined forces with possibly one of the best live DJ streaming websites out there;

These guys will make sure our stella line up of producers and DJs on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are delivered to you in style. 

Over the years this online streamer website for DJs has seen some of the biggest names in breaks come through its virtual doors, including the Stanton Warriors, Baby Anne, LoiQ, Icey, and many more.

MTG has raised the bar with FOF5, bringing even more names in to the event with lots of great doubles sets in our MTG format for extra flavour, pushing the line up to over 90 artists over just the one weekend. Nobody out there is doing this to such a scale and all of us at MTG and preservingthepitch are very excited about this for sure, and hope all fans of the breaks scene from whichever county get a taste of this free online festival and enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together.

Besides great music, they’ll be video, artwork and an electric chat room for all fans and artists alike to mingle, post pics, give shout outs for up and coming gigs, but mostly just to kick back with the beats and have fun (and there may even be some MTG T-Shirts to give away if your in the right place at the right time!).

All we ask is that you spread the word and show your support for all the artists in the chat room who have pulled out all the stops to make this the best FOF event ever.


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