will never forget Demetrius Dialect Austin.

Avatar Natural Nate | April 23, 2018 198 Views 0 Likes 5 On 1 Rating will never forget Demetrius Dialect Austin. The world mourned when Demetrius had passed away. Demetrius was not only the best manager TLA has ever had, but a great friend to so many. Demetrius was a huge influence on the website to getting all of the small details right. He was also the biggest peace keeper,  that the industry ever had. He had a way with everyone’s needs and problems. DJ’s will be DJ’s and Producers will be Producers. That is a handful in itself, especially to try and make everyone happy. Somehow, Demetrius was able to keep everyone together as a family. He had a way with breaking down the walls and barriers that are always at hand in this unforgiving industry. Demetrius had a magical way with words and help so many artists get through the trials and tribulations that all artists face in tough times.

  Demetrius was not only a Manager for but a psychologist for all of us in need. He always knew how to comfort people that just needed a friend, and this industry lacks this in many ways. He was a true fan of all of the music. He was a super supporter of real talent that deserved to have a platform to showcase their talents to. He believed in with all of his heart as he also believed in everyone that was involved on this massive project. Through the good times and the bad, Demetrius always knew how to make light out of every situation while putting a smile on everyone’s face. We as cannot express enough gratitude for his true support to this important cause of finding the best DJ’s and Artists the industry has. We cannot thank Demetrius for the countless things he has done not only for this website, but the people that surrounds us. He was the biggest support of so many. He will forever be a true friend and family to all of us. We will never forget Demetrius as long as this website is up and running! Here are a few photos from his life and TLA events. A huge shout out to the family of Demetrius Dialect Austin. We as TLA will always be here to support you.


























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