’s 4 Year Anniversary: The-Lost-Art was never Lost!

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It is’s 4 year Anniversary! This is the first real DJ site in the world to prove the DJ’s mix by way of Live Video, Oct 2010. It was never Lost!

the-lost-art's 4 year anniversary, tla's b-day, real djs‘s 4 year Anniversary.

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TLA, ™ : ™

October 31st is here and this means another year that has been opened. As the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground, the same happens within our industry. It is change that has made this company what it is and we cannot believe we made it this far. We are always the one leaf left on the tree that survives till the new spring. We are the one leaf that cannot be blown away no matter how many storms come our way. We are the leaf and “tree” that still stands through the cold and through the hottest of seasons. It has been clear that our system and our Artists have been the foundation to the new order of Video/Radio Stations across the world. The impact was bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Our roots can be found in most every website out there in our industry. It does not take long to notice the influence we have had across the board whether it’s how others websites appear, or how other companies run their teams, pages and groups. We could not be more honored to know, it was us that had made the changes from being a leaf, to now the tree that will never die. It’s the true roots that have been growing into the ground that separates us from the rest of the foliage around us. What are you in life, the seed, the root or the tree? Unless you take risks beyond belief, you will never have the roots to survive in the harsh conditions of the industry. Weeds are made to Mimic Flowers and at this point in the game, it’s rare to find a Flower that stills stand tall enough to be seen over the fields of rooted weeds trying to be a flower. Was opened 4 years ago {Oct 31st, 2010} at the time by DJ Natural Nate {Owner and Idea} Joonie Lipton {Part owner / Manager}, Vincent Lupo {Web Tech}, Luke Babcock, Brandon McKim { Video Recordings and Manager }. This truly was not intended to be much more than a website giving people the power to change their live more so, then to be a super star dj or Artist that is better than everyone else, that does nobody good but themselves. This station was not opened for the DJ’s or the music in raw reality. It was opened to give people a chance to change their past while making true goals in their life to make up for anything they thought they could not get past with the power of music and respecting the producers at the highest level.

The-Lost-Art.com_Insane_DJ This website was opened to keep your words truthful and to help others less fortunate not only in our Industry, but outside of it as well. This company was set up to do Charity work through our talents and cares as a team against the other systems that have failed or do not work, because of the lack of care and energy it truly takes to make a place like this even begin to come alive. EVERY ACTION, EVERY WEBSITE UPGRADE INCLUDING LIVE VIDEO HAS BEEN SOLEY THE IDEA OF THIS TEAM AND MEMBERS OF TLA! PERIOD! There is not ONE THING we have taken from others or websites to create this ONE OF A KIND PLACE we call This is more than true because everyone thought this was a pure mistake to go out and compete with others in internet radio. We are the ONLY true DJ station that allows all Genres to start with. The whole industry laughed at us saying all of these genres hate each other and there would be NO WAY that we could act as one with ego’s and beliefs that they are better than others. Well, the joke was on all of you.

TLA,,, real djs, funny djWhen it does come down to what this station is and does, we did take the best of the best in all directions and said can we and you make it work? It was now a chance for all of these artists and DJ’s to come to one place and prove all of your words and talents. If you think Electro breaks is better than House, then you could come to this station and prove WHY you might be better not only through music but talent as well. The one thing that we learned quickly was there is no better genre. PERIOD! The further we came along with this project, the further our relationships grew as People first, and Genres second. We could never be so proud to be the first company to let all of the guard down, enough to have worked with so many companies and artists from around the world. WE BROKE THIS BARRIER! OUR TEAM BROKE THE INDUSTRY STANDARD! Everyone should be clapping at this point. The impossible was now possible not for one Genre or artist, but all of them. That’s just one of the 1000’s of amazing things we brought to this industry and the Most Important. Can we all work together?

We are the very FIRST station in the world to have made LIVE VIDEO the new process of internet Video/radio. Anyone can kick and scream this is not true but name one true company that has not ripped our ideas off and was before us? NONE! As a matter of fact, live video was HATED around the world when we first started the journey in {2006} to 2010 with TLA.The-Lost-Art,, real djs, silly djs Live Video was brought to the industry By Bruise Your Body Breaks Late 2005 {they have videos that were being recorded by way of Video camera before ustreams had even opened with proof of real djs still mixing.} This went along with allowing this new idea to merge 2006. We will give them full credit on giving a base to make this idea work. Bravo to them. They were the first company to use Ustream on their system. Hand down and fully correct on how this all started and history of Live Video. To be real honest, it was nothing short of a nightmare coming up with this idea. { It really was a guy that came into the station one morning named Tokey Man asking why nobody was using this technology after going to every station in the world trying to find live video. We knew exactly what he was talking about and was guided into what we see now.} We owe Tokey the real Title of pushing this Industry to the next level!

SUPER SIDE NOTE: History and Facts:

Bruise Your Body Breaks, BYBB, DJ Natural Nate, DJ Mike Devious, JiggabotBefore there were Ustream’s and “Live” Video Streaming outlets, Bruise Your Body Breaks was already Recording their shows by way of a Home Video Recorder. Here are a few Video’s from their show on BreaksFM late 2005. This is proof that BYBB was leading the Industry with futuristic ideas and new ways to push the system. DJ Natural Nate, DJ Mike Devious, DJ Cap-n-Colorado, Daniel Varela { DJ Raptor }, Bo { Wes Turner } and Brandon McKim { Video Recordings and Manager } were the first to take these recordings and use them as a tool to learn and to teach. These were also recorded as proof to the real art that was being done on the turntables. BYBB did not know that this would turn into a world wide Legacy for other artists and station to follow in the direction of newer technologies to prove the real talents of real DJ’s with Live Video/ Radio. BYBB Founded with a little help from some of the most amazing people on the planet in 2010.
2006: Bruise Your Body Breaks was the first Radio show in the history to factually use Ustream as a main purpose of sharing the craft not only by the way Internet radio ” audio “, but video as well. The Bruise Your body Breaks show has pushed this industry harder then anyone out there with their ideas that were light years ahead of the rest. The BYBB show is still active with / These sites and stations were the first real DJ Video / Radio stations in the world starting late october, 2010.The BYBB show still has a few goals to accomplish and look for new ideas to push this system to be a true DJ / Artist in this vast Industry. We are looking forward to many more years with this creation and futuristic Ideas for the whole world & industry to use and enjoy.
Thank you for all of the support over the years. We cannot thank everyone enough. It has been a pure honor to have met and supported so many people, artists, DJ’s, Producers, friends and Family. Big shouts to the TLA / PTP Team. You are the best of the best and its been a pleasure to be standing by all of you. We could never repay everyone back for all of the hard work. 🙂

Here is some RAW { Mistake, Bleeps and Trials } Home recordings of the Bruise Your Body Breaks show late 2005 into 2006 before Ustream’s and ” Live ” Video outlets were created. 🙂 It does not get anymore old school then this. We had no clue what we were doing. Great times and memories!

Video Order of clips: Natural Nate, 1:00:37 Mike Devious, 1:33:05 Raptor, 1:53:20 Cap-n-Colorado.

It took 8 months before Nubreaks would even allow this on their system and for good reason. It was finally brought Live Video to The BYBB show and the Industry hated it. This floored BYBB because this was better the Butter on Bread. It was a pure shock to hear that this could be an ultimate fail in the making.TLA,, turntable humor, turntable art Sooner or later the truth came out on many levels. LIVE VIDEO was calling out this fake industry we had been using in the way of Internet Radio. We soon found out that 80% of the djs that had great names were not DJ’s at all but were in fact, Computer program djs and controller djs. This was the most heart breaking news anyone could have received while we gave so much respect and honor to those around us with shows that were faking not only themselves out, but the whole industry. PURE SHAME! Nubreaks Finally Took Ustream in 2006 and made it a part of their system but the damage was done. With only 20% of the djs using this, it was really going nowhere. Many, many miles stones had taken place though. Live events were now being broadcast. 7 Milez of Music did their Legendary LIVE p.a. act for the first time to the world in 2007. The first time anyone had ever used this in such a way. We managed to use this system in other countries to Book other Artists from around the Globe to clubs half way around the world. Yes, this is more than true and now looks at the sea of other websites trying to master the ideas we had set YEARS ago. Light years ago to be correct. We have been so far ahead of this industry that we cannot catch up with ourselves at some times. So, so, so much hard work, sweat and blood went into this to now, having it a standard to the industry to this day if you are a real DJ or DJ Station. CUSTOM at that!

We knew for a fact that there would NEVER in a million years, be a true LIVE VIDEO DJ STATION without physically opening one. So, Oct 2010, emerges as the FIRST and still ONLY REAL DJ Video/ RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD! Even with the fakes out there, they still have controller DJ’s fill their slots because it’s harder than anyone could imagine to run a place of this magnitude and ideas while finding real djs. Crazy DJ,, Live dJ'sThousands and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then some, went into the Making of TLA. The world watched as we paved the way with ideas, for other systems and people to start to rip off or plainly, steal. We could not be so honored to say that. YOU ARE USING OUR IDEAS AND SYSTEM! Think about that. The-Lost-Art has been the BIGGEST target in history for innovation and groundbreaking ideas that others MUST HAVE. This is so true that TLA has literally been under attack from day one with Theft to our own system, people that had worked on the technologies and most of all Brothers that came from the same tree trying to take this with pure greed. TLA has literally had 3 major times when we have almost lost this company. Yes 3 times. We have been attacked so many times for our Domains that it’s nearly impossible now for anyone to break our codes or to break into Our domains to make the switch. We have been playing this from day one and if you do not know how to defend yourself, you could lose EVERYTHING YOU HAVE INVESTED IN and more, including your life. That is where this world is. Nobody wants to work hard and honest for what they have. They will wait until they think you are at your lowest to even your highest to make an attempt to betting their lives under your Blood and sweat.

TLA,, turntable madnessOnce you sell out, you can never get that back. EVER. Once you think you are above someone you are going to lose and majorly. When you underestimate hard work and others passions, you are going to lose. You have to be pure at heart and Mind to even come CLOSE to thinking this project can be ran by you or others, let alone take it to the next levels. TLA PURGES its own self as a living bring. This station has its own soul and breaths for its self. It really does on a real level. THIS PLACE LIVES FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND! The few with good hearts and souls have literally given this website the heart and will to keep what the Idea was meant to be. A place to keep your words, Ideas and action Pure to not only helps yourself grow, but others as well. The Website alone will make its own Judgments on you and I am speechless after saying that, into how true this is. It is a Living being on its own level. That’s how hardcore this website is, what it does and what it’s still going to do.

No matter how bad things can seemingly get or the world is crashing down, TLA has never let that Callus the cause nor the nature of why this place was opened. Everyone deserves a true chance in life to make things better. We have allowed Drug addicts to artists of all levels come to take the TLA Challenge and to see if you have what it takes not only to change one’s life, but to change others. It breaks our heart to say, we have had people living on the streets to living in their cars that had joined this team. Real DJ's, Spin the-lost-art, TLA, Real DJ's, TLATVTLA was truly the ONLY thing in some of these peoples live and the only thing keeping them going. We just could not believe that some of these people had been living in the worst of conditions but, making their shows somehow because it meant as much to them as it did to us to have them on our team. Most don’t make. Let’s be honest. 80% don’t make it in TLA. We have the biggest expectations from this team and we have made that clear from day one. We could book this station with 1000 fake artists, controllers and Computerized Djs. There is not ONE TIME we have lowered our standards or our words to change this. NOT ONCE! We would rather have 5 GREAT PEOPLE First on our site then 500 Fake artists to make a stat. PERIOD! As a small team, we have acted as 1million people. We have the best of the best but at a very High Price. We are the ONLY company to teach EVERY Artist on our team how to market, how to use tricks of the industry that really work on an Honest level to compete with all of the fake programs such as Soundcloud Dominators, Youtube Cheats and other cheating system that will get you caught eventually, whether is a Business trying to buy into you or a Label wanting your services. If you cannot produce, then you are useless and will be caught… We teach all of our team the secrets of the industry and that alone says a lot. We don’t care if you know this because if you cannot apply this in real life outside of TLA, then it’s useless. That is how so many fake companies opened. They thought they learned it all from the masters or had stolen it to find themselves nowhere and fast because this site was based on Honesty first. We have seen it 1000 times and its shameful to look around at these companies and people to this day. Once again, once a sellout, always a sell out and this cannot be reversed after the real damage is done. We will take that all day as we move forward purging our own system from fakes and frauds. As the statement Goes “The Few, The Proud, TLA” This is never more so true!

TLA,, cool dj, live dj'sHolding great power has to be in the right hands. It’s like Holding the Ring that so many want to posses, but will be enticed to use its power for one self. It will eat you apart. Ask some of the people that left TLA under bad circumstances. Ask them. Greed is the hardest thing that we have come across while this Project has been opened. It is so sad to watch these seeds grow with firm roots to finding out the roots never went into the factual ground. They end up withering away and so much talent and time is now wasted because of wants and greed. We have NEVER seen one artist or Company achieve a Higher level once they leave TLA. NOT ONCE! That goes back to the real power the site has. It will not allow you to become what you are not, even after leaving this incredible site. We cannot emphasize the real power this site has on the people that have been here and the people that are here to this day. Once TLA is in your blood, whether it worked out or not, you will always be learning a lesson and hopefully for the best. That’s probably the most important to us. The impact the site will have on you till the day your roots stop growing. It is magical on so many levels and there really are zero words to even explain the real powers this has. It is incredible on an “Out of this world level”. Whether life was good in TLA or not, we truly hope the life lessons will still be influence in being the best person you can be no matter where you are or from or what you have done in the past. The site has always been a gift for everyone and the gifts will keep giving if you only want to believe. Once again: “The Few, The Proud, TLA” has been Involved is so many ground breaking ideas and helps to this rotting industry. We have fought the Biggest Companies in the World, DEMANDING fair practices with in all businesses, not only ours. We stand up for what is right, even if this means a 4 Year Battle {Breaks polls and other fake voting contests.} We not only have done this for ourselves BUT ALL OF YOU! Artists and Djs that are not even on our TEAM benefit from what we do outside of our company. That’s how blind most of the Industry is. We have been able to give credits and place others outside of our team into Major Voting contests and better ways to make this a fair race. We have help so many that they would not even know that it was us on a serious level, helping them. TLA,,, real djsWe have been able to get 1000’s of artists and DJ’s into contests that were fixed and rigged in the hopes of better standards for these companies to play it fair and get it right. We fight for DJ and Artists of all levels to have a fair chance at being noticed and heard. NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD HAS HAD THE GUTS TO DO WHAT WE HAVE! NONE! Everyone is so afraid of losing their names, time and energy that they have already put into this. We have been the true voice of the industry over and over again. The best part is, WE HAVE WON EVERY SINGLE WAR with FACTS and HONESTY! EVERY SINGLE ONE! That is absolutely incredible but not shocking to us at all. We know what we are saying and very carefully will bring the best tact and Information to any battle or war knowing we have just won it. Honesty and Truths DO PAY OFF! Karma is a Bitch and anything less will be devoured by the spirit of good. It is true. Stay on the right path and keep to your words at all times and NOTHING CAN STOP YOU OR THE TRUTH! NOTHING! No matter how long it takes. Nothing has been able to stop this company from achieving the highest standards and goals. Nothing. Setbacks, absolutely but that is what makes things even sweeter. We are still here factually stronger than ever and with Bigger Ideas. We are not even close to being done with this.

In February of 2014, and Domains were stolen from one of our own and including a few others trying to pull this off… With a $500,000.00 Contract at hand, with the Potential of 100’s of millions of Dollars in 3 years, Some of our own team decided to do the worst. TLA,,, top djsThey wanted it all instead of Giving half of this money to charity and the world watched the biggest war in the history of Internet take place. We did not even blink once. Not even a Flinch. As stated above, we had our website potentially stolen several times and what these people forgot is, Natural Nate was the first Owner and Idea of this place { The Master of Marketing, Ideas and Wars }. Because of the past and working with so many others, this was really a walk in the park on a HUGE level. This Was not the first time, nor the Second nor the last time to be honest; this project has and will be stolen. This project is BIGGER than life itself. Its gives so much to so many people that its literally priceless. There is no amount of money that this company is worth and we have not only proved this with stats, but contracts as well. This was a PURE shock to the whole industry as they watch TLA almost self-destruct with pure greed and evils. The Domains were stolen. Let’s Just be clear on this. Once this happened, these people did not think this through very well. For one. All domains were paid with Receipts by one Person. #2. Don’t go against the company and guy that created it all. You think you knew it all to find yourselves not knowing a thing, while being tossed around the internet like a rag doll. The Domains were stolen for three Days under a False name in which we were able to Get back with factual proof BUT the major Damage was done. We will tell you how this was done and the steps we took to ensure our safety for the website and members that had nothing to do with this.

Due to the Fact the Domains were gone; they forgot that we have Some of the best Techs in the world. We knew this could be a long trial or wait to get these ever so important domains back so; we stripped to the bone. We took 3 ½ years of Countless money and time and threw it in the trash. ALL OF IT! There was NO WAY IN HELL we were going to let these people take everything we had and given to the industry.TLA,, Turntables, Mixing, DJ,  skills, DJ equals Disc Jockey It was demanded by another owner to shut it down and get rid of it. EVERYTHING GONE! Could you imagine the pain and true loss? If they wanted the Domains, that’s ALL you were going to get at the time. These people opened a fake TLA under this domain and the best is yet to come. As soon as we got the domains back, not even a day after the fakes opened a shell of a website, we shut them down with one button. Yes, One button. They began to scramble and opened 3 other fake domains Under TLA’s name because they wanted that contract so badly. Domain after Domain, we were able to flag and destroy every move they made Publicly. It was so shameful but at the same time, very enjoyable. Who the hell did you think you were dealing with? During this process of theft to the whole Industry, we knew for a fact a few years earlier, we either were going to Shut TLA down and let it rest or REBRAND the company for new stats. It was already planned years ago but, these people did not know that. It only took us 30 minutes to Buy the new Domain that was going to happen anyways call Even if they were able to steal the Domains, it would not have mattered at all. AT ALL! We took 3 ½ years of work and crammed it into 2 weeks of rebuilding what we had. No problems. Joel, Dave and Justin are the best in the business and we totally had everything covered as we destroyed them in the public and Internet. LITERALLY! Preserving the pitch was TLA’s SLOGAN FROM DAY ONE! was preserving the pitch meaning mixing by hand and pitch control. Who would have thought it was that easy? We always have aces up our sleeves and its nearly impossible to be a step ahead of us when we are light years ahead of you. {We will release a List of these people after Legalities are done. These people are still in our Underground system and if they Stole from us along with leaving us for dead, they will do this to you in a heartbeat. } You have to also think of the Millions of people these charities could have help. Our hearts just broken in half.

The one thing that we did know is we blew domain out. No Joke. In our prime, we were hitting 16 million hits per month. This is more than true. Our mistake with TLA was we did not know how to turn those stats at the time, into money that was needed so badly to sustain the high server bills it takes to run a custom all video website aside from Ustream and Youtubes. Commercials in your video are for one, not professional and nobody will take you serious using a free outlet.TLA,,, the best djs If you are using one of these as your standard to your website, you already lost, even with an upgraded account. Just to throw you all a bone. The-Lost-Art’s brand has been the biggest and still the biggest Name in the DJ industry. To be honest, I don’t think there will ever be anything as large as this humble company aside from in which IS We had several ways of securing our same ideas and technologies even IF the-lost-art was stolen. Biggest Brand in the world but the domain was burnt. Was that really worth trying to steal? Was it worth losing your family, friends, coworkers and honor? Maybe one day we will release a list of these people so you can ask them the same thing as we did. The one thing we can say is, TLA did not want to be with these people and seriously placed itself BACK in the right hands of the real keepers. This place built on Truths, Honor and Loyalties was not going to allow these demons a chance at its power. We did have a little help from above as well, we will not lie. There are souls that are attached to We have lost members that watch over this place and other energies whether anyone wants to believe that or not. This company has been blessed on so many levels and it’s so awesome to know what it’s done for so many. No words for that.

As stated, is Plain and simple. It was nice to introduce the truth and also another GREAT company and domain that are smarter and faster than ever before. No matter what would have happened or is going to happen, we have never lost a thing but the trash of the industry. It has been so calm and amazing from the time the website was under attack. No Ego’s or I’m better then you. No I bring all the stats or that was my idea. TLA,,, real talented djsNOTHING! Just the greatest people and artists on the planet. We are so humble to have the team we do. These people are out right amazing. They spin. That’s what they Do. They keep their heads down for us while the earth falls apart and they spin their hearts out. Just to have these types of people in our company is beyond belief. Without these amazing artists, friends, let’s say family, this never would have worked nor still work. These people can never have enough true praise from TLA and PTP. There is no way we could ever repay these people for their services and love for this mission. We sure as hell try though. We have not stopped working for them as they have not stopped working for us. The smoke has cleared and the mission is still set. We still have some goals to reach and frankly, we are not even close to being done. All that you have reed was just the science project of this all. Could it work? Will it work? Did it work? I think anyone from around the world can say yes, to all of that! We did this not only for ourselves but mostly for the whole industry and the Underdogs. We wanted to make the industry put its foot in its mouth by EVERY action, goal and accomplishments we have made and still are going to make. We just got warmed up people. We took the biggest hits of the industry, We made the biggest goals become reality and we are not DONE! We as TLA and PTP have made a promise to those that work for us. We have our words to live up to and there are just a few goals left and aces in the hole that we never used. Did you think anything less? Just wait. Just wait world. We came and we took over the industry with good people, a small team, two turntables {CD Players}, a mixer, all on one domain with live video. What have you done in the industry? What have you done to truly make your mark?,, best video station, turntables copy

We have literally lost everything we have had, a few times. EVERYTHING. We have stood on the tallest of mountains many times and the lowest of them as well. You can only guide the best way you can with truth, honor and respect.TLA,,, Turntables, Mixing, DJ, Its all about the pitch, skills, Real DJs, Video DJ's You can only hope the people will stay on the course of helping others and helping someone back up when they are knocked down, even if that’s an enemy so to speak. You can only pray and watch these seeds sprout roots hoping they sink into the ground. You can begin to think these roots are strong but if the fertilizer was mixed wrong, the roots, trees and leaves will never stand a chance. It’s the chance that we have always offered and the hopes that Music will have the power to change people’s lives. It’s the hopes that in a million years we can meet up again and smile and hug one and another because we took all the odds against us and kept it on the real paths that very, very few can and will walk. DJ Love,, preserving the pitchIt’s never been about what we can take without giving double fold. That’s where business, friends and family have the hardest roads of all to take. TLA and PTP are still in business, more then we can say at this point. As stated, we have a few goals we did not reach, very few but; we are still in business and with a vengeance. We have taken our time to take things slow, be patient and to take all the real legalities very serious on many levels we cannot tell at this time. When this is all said and done, the fakes better hide {As some have deleted their Social Pages already} and the industry will be on a better path with new directions and Ideas. Those Ideas will mainly be from this incredible team we call /

Now that we have a better understanding of where we have been and where we want to go, our business is thriving in many ways. We still have not fully opened the doors up to the public in trying to book new DJ’s or live Events. You can look around and notice that nobody has streamed a Live Event Like TLA ever has. Want to be a tla dj? TLA DJ, The-Lost-Art DJs, Internet DJs, preserving the pitchAnyone notice that? The Industry has been at its calmest in years. Do you know why? Everyone is still waiting to see the final outcome of all of this. I can assure you; it’s been over and won from the day before it started. 🙂 We have won EVERY SINGLE battle we have been involved in with flying colors and the industry knows for a fact, we will call you out and insure the highest of standards and qualities the industry should expect. Ask all of the other business that thought they were bigger than the tiny TLA and PTP. We are extremely proud of the impact that we have given to everyone in the world with our website and Ideas. You have no Idea. We are slowly opening the company back up to real DJ’s that preserve the pitch and businesses with Ideas. We do have a few goals that will be hitting shortly and do need to fill some of these slots with serious takers only. We do not ask for much. Just be truthful with skills {We take all levels} be truthful with self and come just to have fun and spin. That’s all we ask. No contracts no bullshit that the others are giving just straight up business and spinning. We will take care of the rest. PERIOD! You can Email us @ or

Turntable love, Real DJs,, preserving the pitchLast but least. We just want to thank everyone, Friends, Family, Techs, Other owners of TLA and PTP, DJ’s, artists, Producers and the world for allowing us to make mistakes and grow in front of you. We cannot thank everyone enough on a serious level. The PTP and TLA team will forever be locked into a legacy of keeping it real and the best artists on the planet we could find or that you have found in return. We have so many great accomplishments together and Priceless memories to carry us through our worst of days. We absolutely love what we do. It has been nothing short of a challenge but the most rewarding one that could have ever happened. We would not trade a single thing for the world or all of the galaxies in the solar system. This has been a priceless mission on so many levels and worth every penny, thought and time put into this one of a Kind creation that cannot be duplicated. We are looking forward to meeting the rest of our goals with all of you and pushing the industry to be the best Inside and Outside of and while growing new Leaves and roots for our tree! We were just getting warmed up. Now it’s time to finish what we came to do and we hope the world is ready. We are! We would love everyone support and Ideas on our social networks. Please give this Blog a share and we will see you in the chat on /

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Rest In Peace to Our Fallen Soldier: Demetrius Dialect Austin

Will will never be forgotten and always apart of our lives and websites.

Demetrius Dialect Austin,, TLA, Live DJ's, 1

Big shouts to Joel White { Part owner and Super Tech of https://www.the-lost-art.coms devices} Shouts to Vince Lupo, Toney Peralta, { First Techs to the station 2010-2011} Big Shouts To Dave Viral {Part owner & Master Tech 2012-2014 } Damian Doyal { Part owner and master of engagements. } Big love to the one and Only Jiggabot { Part owner and Lady of Preserving the Pitch and { We would never be here without her! She Started this Project as well. 🙂 } The biggest shout out goes to all of the DJ’s and Artists that are still here to this day making this project run. We would have never gotten this far without everyones dedicated and hard work. We can never repay all of the work that these people have done for us.

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Old write ups from the past! Chapter #1

Introduction to /,, silly dj's, best dj.psd / cannot thank you enough for choosing one of the most elite Radio Station on the Internet. TLA was founded by Artists just like you. The station was opened on 2010 of October in hopes of making much needed changes to Internet radio and the way the industry respects true DJ’s along with Artists trying to be noticed in a sea of Technology and no talent. DJ= Disk Jockey and states the obvious in the Term. If there is no disk involved then this means the “D” is gone from DJ. Plain and simple. Mixing and Syncing are two different things in the world of becoming a real DJ. Talent should remain talent and music lovers should stay music lovers. That’s where we fit into the system.

It has been a short time that / has been opened, and what a ride it has been. The average public does not know that we opened this company by accident. Yes by accident! With the experience that TLA brings, the real story is one of the biggest mysteries on the internet radio. How did this company become the powerhouse it is today and where is it going? / was intended on being a hub system only and not a Radio station. Watching the tens of thousands of station out there, there was a common denominator out there. Great stations with gaps in the Schedule. It was the idea of opening a hub system that turned this idea into a living dream. Merging companies with a neutral center was the pure idea. This would allow companies to remain companies and to drop the fences surrounding the industry. DJ’s and Artists merging from station to station to not just fill one station, but both or all! The promotion then go back in a huge circle of success for the stations and the DJ’s wanting new listeners. This also would help companies stay true to themselves without saying “We need help”. The standard was being set and a new industry was being created within the internet radio community. So what went wrong with this idea?

TLA,,, scratch dj'sInternet radio has been around for years and years. The one question everyone had was, is this a real DJ/Artists. Late 2005 a company called opened the gates for a new level of Video broadcasting. With tons of research and work, became a major tool into the Radio world. Not only could you finally see the DJs/Artists but it was a new dimension in sight and sound. This opened up a whole new industry from advertisers and company’s alike because of the visual presentation alone. { } was awesome until the spam/commercials came in. We don’t blame them because we know what it costs to run such a place. We as TLA thought video was the best way to keep the industry pure. When this technology was first investigated, it was looked down upon in a major way. We could not understand why this amazing new technology was being cursed from the get go. As time passed and more and more DJ’s were catching on, We were told that Video would NEVER work because we had just called out the whole industry. We had no Idea what that meant so we asked why? It became clear that the DJ’s and Artists that we all respected as true talent we not talented at all and this new devise was exposing the truths about sync buttons and computer programs making people famous with no real proof. It was an outrage for this community and now the real problems were at hand. was sole seeking real DJ’s to prove the mix by way of Video Broadcast. It was nearly impossible to find a station with 50% real Dj’s and artists to even do this type of trading systems. It was a major fail because nobody wanted their DJ’s and Artists to stand in the new firing line that was being created. It was the toughest and most important decision that we have ever had to make, and that was to Create the First LIVE VIDEO STATION FOR THE REAL ARTISTS AND DJS THAT PRESERVE THE PITCH AND BELIVE IN SHOWMANSHIP FIRST!! So was created by us saying we could do it better with honesty and respect. / was opened with a splash page and a ustream channel. We opened a project up in front of the world in hopes the world would be our guide as we pieced this site together with love and care for others. This project should have been in Beta stage for 2 years before releasing to the world but we decided it would be more important for others Ideas to be incorporated to make this a fair and equal place for all to enjoy., TLA, Funny dJ's, Ultimate turntablesIn order to really stand out and finally break the real mold of being just another station in the wall, we invested tons of time and research to being the first station in the world to own their own video broadcast thus leaving the world of spam behind for the viewers and listeners. Any station or system that is not using their own ideas or technology is just another station. It has taken extreme amounts of hours and funding to pull this off and that’s because we care enough about our listener and artists to make this possible. This alone separates real stations and artists from the rest. In order to move forward in this industry you have to give the best and the best is only what we offer. It has taken us 2 1/2 years to finally say we have this perfected enough to bring it to other businesses and station. Through the good times and especially the bad times, has stood tall in the sea of Stations and companies. We are more than proud that we alone have set the highest standard for other stations and business to use. Our unique and effective system has brought so many people inside and outside of to using it in their daily lives and websites. Whether it’s a new video station or way to get the info out there, you can see the influence across the globe that has given to everyone.

TLA,,, exciting djsIt was as a common thing for / to be told this project would never work. House heads hate breaks, breaks hate house heads and the comments kept coming. We opened an all Genre station to prove that we could work together hand and hand. We are all people first with the common goals of just being noticed. Instead for saying you are better with talent and Genre, come and prove it. That was the basis for Come prove it! What’s funny about this is, Artists and dJ’s came to prove they were the best and their genre was the strongest. We came into this site as mighty warriors for our cause to soon find that we all were fighting the same cause. It soon became clear that there was no genre anymore. It was a station filled with raw and pure talent of all levels. It was working and better than anyone could ever imagine. It is the people and the loyalty that sets this company far apart from the rest. We have DJ’s and Artists of all levels and Genres supporting a bigger cause then Just a DJ station. We support anyone and everyone that has a heart and a will to make someone’s life better with the power of talent and music. It is such an unbelievable place that has done charity work across the United States. It will always be important for this station to give first. That was the whole point. Believe in something or someone that does not believe for themselves and watch this and them grow. That has been the best part of this project. Watching people grow into great people and artists. It has made such an impact on so may people’s lives that we only want to keep sharing what we have.

For a Company that was started by Accident and a place that nobody thought that would work, We are now opening 5 New Pages to the public. Demanding respect from the get go has paid off more than we could have ever imagined. With the high demand from incoming companies and businesses, we are finally prepared to give the world what they really want. Our Live page is always the ultimate goal because of huge ventures into other areas, and will always be our way of saying all genres can and have worked with the highest credit. We will be opening Pure Genre Pages for the listeners that cannot get enough of one style. / is looking for artists from around the globe to fill these needed slots! This will be the first time that we have had the chance to truly involve anyone and everyone from all walks of genres. We are extremely proud that we have talent of all LEVELS! We are here to help and coach people that have a heart and a dream they want to follow. You do not have to be a superstar to be a shining star at We are not looking for the perfect DJ’s and Artists. We are looking for loyal people that think they can make a difference in their lives and others with commitment and respect. This project is intended on keeping the music from your favorite produces and the listeners happy. It has always gone in one big circle of respect. Honesty and hard work is what it takes and if you seriously think you have any of these traits and can hold a beat by hand, we want you!

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We have been asked several times... 'Where can we pre-order your new record?' ( Click here to pre-order ) We could not be more than excited! We have been talking about pressing more records and we finally have a reliable source for pre-sales and the record purchase. Juno has accepted us for this release and also future record releases. This is absolutely amazing! I cannot thank James Boggs with Hoodwink Records / Carocell music enough, for his extremely hard work to make all of this a dream come true. We are truly honored to work with some of the best mastering professionals, record pressing company, publishing companies, and individuals, in the world. We really took our time to find the right companies to do these projects and really hope to keep pressing more in the near future. We are very humbled to seriously have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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“Notes To Jiggabot” has been a compilation of songs that were dedicated to the Lovely Jiggabot by DJ Natural NateⓇ. These are love letters (Songs) to saying how much he loves Jiggabot and to say the words that are sometime hard to say out loud. All of the songs on this album have had many supporters and sponsors. We have to give a very special shoutout to, Frajile Recordings, 77Deuce, Electro Echelon, ONE7AUDIO, Hoodwink Records and Carocell music for believing in this music with top charting results. We would not be here without all of you. Special Thanks goes to all the party goers and old school heads that have throughout the years, brought us all support and inspiration! A huge shout out to all radio stations worldwide who have helped with promotional play. Let the labels' hearts and souls know without a shadow of doubt, that the efforts have not been in vain. A massive thanks to the home team and the most amazing people who have been pushing The-Lost-Art since day one! We love you and dedicate this project to each and every one of you who hold this close. Last but not least, this is dedicated to all our friends, families and DJs worldwide who continue to live through vinyl. You know who you are. Blessings! James B Boggs

If one believes or not in fairy tales, I say to them... Don't think too long. Each and everyday Love can be captured. If not for a moment Love can be held for a lifetime. "The notes to Jiggabot" are the prime example of how our myths & legends stand that inevitable test of time. The world deserves to know that "Fairy Tale" love stories are real. Within the grooves of this EP one can hear & feel that every bit of such a notion is True. James B Boggs

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