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Avatar Natural Nate | September 16, 2014 62 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings and are proud to take a look at one of the biggest names in Electro breaks to this day! Supremeja music has been one the for front leaders in this massive onslaught of 808 boom and Electrified vocoders. Break Dancers and listeners alike have glorified the sounds of Supremeja music and for good reasons. With the last two mega remix releases, Electribe E.P and Basstronics E.P, these E.P’s gave a small taste of what is to come. 
New Release: DM 13 is out now! This is a two year project thats has a variety of Electro breaks, funk and Electro Ambiance. There is something for everyone on this priceless album open to the public. The bass and synths will take you on an endless journey though time and space while you beg for the next releases to come. There is no shortage of Mega remix producers that have put their ideas on some of the remix E.P’s to soon follow Supremeja’s DM 13 release. This is truly one of the best releases of the year and one not to miss for your collection and crate.
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Hello Electroheads and FemBots

We would love to present you a new Electro Release. 

Supremeja – DM13 Album

After two years production time, my new album is now available.

It’s not a normal Electro Album, it’s a genre mix between Electro, Bass and Electronica/Ambient.

Available on Supremeja Music Shop and wherever you buy digital music !!!

Protect Electro by purchasing Music

Kind Regards

Supremeja Music

© 2014 Supremeja Music – [SM003] „Supremeja – DM13 Album“ 

Supremeja – DM13 Album

01. Intro

02. Basstronic

03. DM13

04. Electribe

05. DualSystems

06. GrainMachine

07. Target Destroyed

08. Bassnopédie No.8

09. Électroniques

10. DM13 V2.0

11. 808 Bass

12. MonoMachine

13. Sirius Calling

14. Darkness


© 2014 Supremeja Music – [SM003] „Supremeja – DM13“ Album

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