The-Lost-Art Presents: Spontaneous Alien Abduction with Alien Hybrid

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Spontaneous Alien Abduction with Alien Hybrid


Alien Hybrid takes spinning records and PsyTrance to a whole ‘nother level.  He seamlessly moves from track to track bringing out the best noises and beats along the way.  Every set is an epic trip, taking those who listen on a journey through sound with ups and downs, ebb and flow.  His love for the music and the art of djing draw those who are listening and watching close to him, for an incredible and amazing experience.  He knows how to take the energy from a track and build on that to create a chain of melodic beats and rhythms, and the listeners get that positive energy too, so a wave that transcends feelings and love and music spreads from him, to the fans, across the Internet, through the walls, until all are feeling the vibe and jammin’ to this cosmic set.  With super clean mixes, and a sprinkling of scratching, each set is an unforgettable trip through space not to be missed!!



Gregory Allen Henrie began mixing tracks back in the late 90′,s after falling in love with trance music.  After a chance meeting with a friend and former protege of DJ DAN in 1995, Greg was introduced to the art of mixing.  He was fascinated by the music style and the technicality of DJing as well as the art of creating a set.  Later, after watching a video a friend had called “X-mix Volume I” mixed by Paul Van Dyk, Greg was blown away, and knew he had found his calling.  


During the late 90’s into the early 2000’s Greggory Allen spent countless hours mixing, record shopping, and more mixing.  You could find him most weekends throwin’ down a set at an underground Trance party while living in Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Phoenix. 


After graduating school for Audio Engineering and learning the ins-and-outs of recording studio and DAW technology, Greg decided to take a break from the DJ scene and devoted his time to working as an audio engineer.  After a few years for working as an audio engineer, Greg decided it was time to return to his true passion, DJing.  Along came  After a chance happening upon TLA’s web site, he realized this was the avenue he needed to spread his energy and his sets to the whole wide world.

Alien Hybrid

Meet Alien Hybrid. Alien Hybrid is the culmination of 17 years experience behind the turntables. Alien Hybrid is more than just a DJ. He is a being made of pure light, love, and energy, sent here to not only excite the body, but also the mind and the soul. 

 He creates Psytrance sets as an escape from the “Matrix” reality society lives in. This is a world where one’s sole worth is based on the amount of money they generate. He wishes to help humanity return to a simpler time, The time of the shaman! 

Through his melodic sound waves and driving energetic rhythms, he will drive all the negative energy from your life, and invigorate your soul with positive energy. 

Join us every Tuesday 2:00 PM Eastern time (U.S.A)



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