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Erotic City (Scotty Boy Remix)


Darkness forthcoming


London Sounds Exposed



Dj Bill-E is from Philadelphia. His dj journey started in the late ‘80’s playing hip hop. In 1995 he met another dj, Dave Mass and together they formed TooWunPhyve. Throwing numerous parties and bringing in talent led Dj Bill-E to a residency at Space. Space was the first club of its kind on the east coast. There, Dj Bill-E was honored to play alongside talented djays such as Dj Icey, African Bambaataa, Paul van Dyke, Oakenfold and many more. Other memorable venues include Insomnia-Ct, Paradox-MD, Stardust-NJ, Firestone-FL and Shampoo-PA.
Dj Bill-E plays all genres but is known mostly for playing his favorite: breaks. Becoming a dj was influenced by the following talents: Dj Si-Dog, Dj Rob-E, Dj Icey, BT, Josh Wink and Stylus.
“I am blessed to be doing what I love for so long!”

DJ Bill-E

Michael McElyea aka Mike Devious is a self taught dj who started mixing records in 1994. His Love for dance music started at an early age and would often find him working up a sweat on the local dance floors in the (813) where he grew up heavily influenced by old school breakdance tunes and Miami Bass.. Then during the birth of the Florida rave scene, the pumping sounds of House and Techno were introduced and Mike was hooked right away. That’s when he set his sights on becoming the man behind the decks, controlling the frequencies, and provoking people to move to the beat. After seeking out a local record shop, he started his wax collection, bought some old turntables, and taught his self how to match beats and mix music. It didn’t take long for him to catch on, and soon after, he was playing at night clubs and house parties all over the Bay Area, including venues such as Unity, The Empire, Luna Lounge, and The Masquerade, to name a few. He held down a residency at Revelations in Lakeland in 1996, as well as being the Friday night resident dj at Om in Ybor City, and the Saturday night resident at The Edge in Lakeland in 1998.

In 1999 Mike transplanted to (719) Colorado, where he became an early staple of the Local Electronic Dance Scene, djing at events such as Majestic, Velvet, Silk , Fortress In The Forest, The Historical Candyland Massive, Genesis, S’Cool Beats, The Beginning, Apogaea, and the list goes on…

Mike Devious

When he discovered the rave scene in Tampa / St. Petersburg, Fl in 1997, Select C quickly realized he wanted to be involved in all aspects of the music industry, from performing to producing. He bought his first set of tables and soon after met Dj Dread, who took him under his wing and taught him how to spin. His early styles were mostly Jungle, Drum & Bass and his long lasting passion, Breakbeats. From then on began a lifelong journey into the beats that had so quickly captivated him, knowing his life would never be the same.

Select C has held residencies all over the western side of Florida, from Chemical Horizons in Ocala, to Tammi Ammies in St. Petersburg, to Two Guys from Italy in Homosassa. He’s performed in numerous clubs, including The Amphitheater (Ybor City, Tampa, Fl), Masquerades (Ybor City, Tampa, Fl) and The Garden (St. Petersburg, Fl), as well as Skyway events, Zen Fest, Livestock events and several Dj battles.

DJ SelectC

Handsome Dodger a general in the Dystopian army. With current residencies with Dystopia an Oakland based monthly that has been going strong for 6 years providing Drum & Bass music and supporting stateside artists. Primitive Science,Higher Conscience. Having been selected for EDC Vegas 2012 to be a part of the first group on the Discovery stage and the Recharge stage. 2015 Burning Man Decompression party on board The Air Pusher art car. Having a multitude of genres in his arsenal. He has been able to play a full spectrum of sound and has opened for Netsky and Black Tiger Sex Machine. As well as Foundation, Shelter,EPR,Bass Cellar,I <3 Techno, and many other San Francisco / Oakland monthly and weekly events. Staying true to his underground roots you can still find him at renegade or day parties all over California. He has been hosting Primitive Science radio for the past 4 years on Mondays at 2pm est. A Breaks and Drum & Bass show showcasing all vinyl. stayed tuned for more info and you can always connect with him on various sites

DJ Handsome Dodger

Snow is Badwolf Productions resident Reverend of BASS! Whether it’s DNB, Hardcore, or beyond this genre bending DJ can throw down with the best! A staple in the Rochester scene, he has been steadily gaining attention from multiple crews around Western & Upstate NY.
Dj Snow Had been going to raves for 2 years before touching turntables for the first time in 2010. Snow started spinning Hardcore vinyl under the instruction of DJ Dynamic and has since become a staple of the Western & Upstate NY hardcore scene.
In more recent years Snow has started playing Drum & Bass by itself and combined with UK/Happy Hardcore.
Dj Snow has recently stepped into the realm of production and with any luck will be playing his own tracks out by the end 2016.

Bad Wolf
Rip Roc

DJ Snow
DJ / DJ Snow

DJ Trinity moved to Orlando from Key West in ’80. Hailing from Winter Park he hooked up with the Jester Emotion Crew in ’91. Their raves Bionic Groove 1&2 at the Mystery Fun House with Factory Visuals are legendary. He spent the ’90’s all over Florida but mainly at the Abyss, Firestone, Ultraviolet with Kid Chaos, DJ Chang, Stylus, D-Xtreme, Jason Brown, Def Jeff, and many more!!  When not in the clubs dancing he managed to attend over a hundred raves seeing DJ’s Live from all over the world.

Trinity bought his first Tech’s in 98 with the help of the guys at KRAM RECORDS. Trinity’s style, inspiration,  and flavor comes from DYNAMIX II all the great KRAM RECORDS he was given in the beginning. His last Residency was at Thee Grotto in Orlando every Sunday with Andy Hughes(The Man) for a couple of years.

“I danced for the best, and played for the rest.” DJ Trinity

“Gotta thank God for the music!!”

Peace, Love and Happiness!!!

DJ Trinity's

Paul van Leeuwen and i started buying records since 1991 and still play with vinyl , my favorite styles are Triphop/Breakbeat/Electro/Jungle/D&B , in short any form of broken beats , but i also play Techno/Tekno/Acid/Ambient and ofcourse the oldskoolclassics of the early 90’s .
Started my own label last year in 2015 and have 3 releases ( vinyl only ) the 4th release is on it’s way and the 5th and 6th are in the making right now .
As of 2017 i’m starting up my Soundsystem again and organize party’s again ( 1st on Januari 21 ) also collaborate sometimes with local organizations .


Dodman House Entertainment established itself in 2012 and now
consists of three partners…Sean, Nicole & our Resident Gene aka
Jellybean who all came together in February 2016 for the love of sharing music through the artistry of mixing sounds all while preserving the pitch with everyone who wants to listen and be a part of it! Artists and Promotional Teams contact us at Facebook Home Page to inquire about being booked on our show Dodman House Breeze Way Live Every Sunday 10am est… We All Do It For You! Thank you to all the artists so far who have graciously donated their time and talent and all thank you to all listeners for your support! We are Grateful supporters of the electronic music scene. Love and Light, Love Craft, AAHZ, Zentripz, TEK, Gremlin, ABC, FSOB, FBC, Hallucination, Crescent, ZFG, & our home base Preserving The Pitch/ The Lost Art are just some of the labels we proudly support. Thanks to you all for paving roads that made it possible to have fun doing what we love while keeping it Real!

Dodman House

MrPanda brings an intense vibe & eclectic track selection. Known for throwing down 20-30 tracks an hour on 3 decks, he’s garnered a reputation for lightning fast multi genre mixing of hardcore, dnb, & electro hardcore with high energy beats and bone crunching technical delivery. MrPanda has a knack for being “in tune” with those on the dance floor, consistently pushing them to their limits. With no two sets ever being the same, he is not a Dj to miss.

Mr Panda

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Natural Nate

New releases

Free Limited

Free Limited DL- Into The Blue Zone Part 2- DJ Natural Nate VS Jiggabot- Bruise Your Body Breaks.


A Benefit For Pulse Night Club- DJ Natural Nate- Bruise Your Body Breaks Productional Mix


Out Of The Blue Zone- DJ Natural Nate VS Jiggabot- Bruise Your Body Breaks- TLA PTP. Presented By The Lost Art.