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http://www.The-Lost-Art.com -Rick West Everlasting Flavor: The Official Memorial Celebration

The-Lost-Art.com will be broadcasting both stages for all of Ricks friends, family and fans that can not be there to be a part of this very special event. https://www.the-lost-art.com will donate $1 to the family for every person that logs in to the chat for this event. The 2 pages for this event will be https://www.the-lost-art.com/events/ & https://www.the-lost-art.com/events2/ please log in and join us in the chat and show some support for a great cause. Every lil bit helps.


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In emembrance of Rick West, his friends will be throwing a memorial party in his honor. This event will be held at Hogan’s Beach in Tampa, FL on Saturday, November 9, 2013. 

Entry will be $5 MINIMUM DONATION, with all of the proceeds generated at this event from door, cd, record, and t-shirt sales going directly to his parents. As Rick was their primary caregiver, we are here to support him as he lived. Hence, we are throwing a Memorial Dance Party in his name to celebrate the life of our friend.

Here is the final line up for Rick’s Memorial:

Baby Anne + Tony Faline (Tag Set)
DJ Fixx
Keith Mackenzie
Agent K & Bella
DJ Mondo
DJ Gumbee
Mike Nice of Mike & Charlie
CLRH2O + MC Cles-One
Brad Smith
Jimmy Joslin
DJ Rose & Malicious Mike
Mark Sanchez
Supa Fly Jeff
Aaron Sigmon & Swirl
Jeff Retro
Mitch Mitchem
Andre Morales
Rob E & Security
Colin Vaughn

NO GUEST LIST… THIS IS FOR RICK, AND HIS FAMILY. Please respect the effort into this event. Everyone who will be playing is doing this for free. 

Rick West, www.the-lost-art.com, Florida Breaks

Natalie ‘Bella’ Rockefeller,

“I wanted to share with all of you who are attending the event (and those not) what we are raising money for so it is clear to everyone. Many of you may (or may not know) that Rick was the primary caregiver to his parents in his adult years…all the way up until he passed. As his friends, we are trying so very hard to help his family go on and help them and Rick would have by providing for them and helping to take care of them. We asked them to create an account so we could all do this together on Rick’s behalf. We thought it was only right to share this with you who are and will be contributing online/at his official memorial. I hope we can do a good job for him and provide all of you with a way to give to his family some support and help. You can send a gift via paypal to rickwestflavor@gmail.com and of course.. donations will be generated at the event. Happy Birthday, Rick- wish you were here to see how much we all care.” #ForRickWest

Natalie ‘Bella’ Rockefeller,

“I want to give Dean Martin a very special shout out for creating the look and feel of this event. He was awesome to work with and did an amazing job for Rick West!!!!” #EverLastingFlavor #ForRickWest

Rest In Ever Loving Peace & Breakbeats






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