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Merging companies and Business are begging https://www.the-lost-art.comhttp://www.preservingthepitch.com © to expand and grow. TLA is looking for the best pitch controlled { Mixing } DJ’s and Artists from around the globe! thelostart.com.beadj@gmail.com 

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It has been a short 2 1/2 years that http://www.The-lost-Art.com has been opened, and what a ride it has been. The average public does not know that we opened this company by accident. Yes by accident! With the experience that TlA brings, the real story is one of the biggest mysteries on the internet radio. How did this company become the powerhouse it is today and where is it going?

Crazy DJ, The-Lost-Art.com, Live dJ's http://www.The-Lost-Art.com was intended on being a hub system only and not a Radio station. Watching the tens of thousands of station out there, there was a common denominator out there. Great stations with gaps in the Schedule. It was the idea of opening a hub system that turned this idea into a living dream. Merging company’s with a neutral center was the pure idea. This would allow companies to remain companies and to drop the fences surrounding the industry. DJ’s and Artists merging from station to station to not just fill one station, but both or all!
The promotion then go back in a huge circle of success for the stations and the DJ’s wanting new listeners. This also would help companies stay true to themselves without saying “We need help”. The standard was being set and a new industry was being created with in the internet radio community. So what went wrong with this idea?

Crazy DJ, The-Lost-Art.com, TurntablesInternet radio has been around for years and years. The one question everyone had was, is this a real DJ/Artists. Late 2005 a company called http://www.Usteam.tv opened the gates for a new level of Video broadcasting. With tons of research and work, http://www.Usteam.tv became a major tool into the Radio world. Not only could you finally see the DJs/Artists but it was a new dimension in sight and sound. This opened up a whole new industry from advertisers and company’s alike because of the visual presentation alone. { http://www.Usteam.tv } was awesome until the spam/commercials came in. We dont blame them because we know what it costs to run such a place. We as TLA thought video was the best way to keep the industry pure. When this technology was first investigated, its was looked down upon in a major way. We could not understand why this amazing new technology was being cursed from the get go. As time passed and more and more DJ’s were catching on, We were told that Video would NEVER work because we had just called out the whole industry. We had no Idea what that meant so we asked why? It became clear that the DJ’s and Artists that we all respected as true talent we not talented at all and this new devise was exposing the truths about sync buttons and computer programs making people famous with no real proof. It was an out rage for this community and now the real problems were at hand. http://www.The-Lost-Art.com was soley seeking real DJ’s to prove the mix by way of Video Broadcast. It was nearly impossible to find a station with 50% real Dj’s and artists to even do this type of trading system. It was a major fail because nobody wanted their DJ’s and Artists to stand in the new firing line that was being created. It was the toughest and most important desicion that we have ever had to make, and that was to Create the First LIVE VIDEO STATION FOR THE REAL ARTISTS AND DJS THAT PRESERVE THE PITCH AND BELIVE IN SHOWMANSHIP FIRST!! So http://www.The-Lost-Art.com was created by us saying we could do it better with honesty and respect. 

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http://www.The-Lost-Art.com was opened with a splash page and a ustream channel. We opened a project up in front of the world in hopes the world would be our guide as we pieced this site together with love and care for others. This project should have been in Beta stage for 2 years before releasing to the world but we decided it would be more important for others Ideas to be incorporated to make this a fair and equal place for all to enjoy. In order to really stand out and finally break the real mold of being just another station in the wall, we invested tons of time and research to being the first station in the world to own their own video broadcast thus leaving the world of spam behind for the viewers and listeners. Any station or system that is not using their own ideas or technology is just another station. It has taken extreme amounts of hours and funding to pull this off and thats because we care enough about our listener and artists to make this possible. This alone separates real stations and artists from the rest. In order to move forward in this industry you have to give the best and the best is only what we offer. It has taken us 2 1/2 years to finally say we have this perfected enough to bring it to other businesses and station. Through the good times and especially the bad times, http://www.The-Lost-Art.com has stood tall in the sea of Stations and companies. We are more than proud that we alone have set the highest standard for other stations and business to use. Our unique and effective system has brought so many people inside and outside of http://www.The-Lost-Art.com to using it in their daily lives and websites. Whether its a new video station or way to get the info out there, you can see the influence across the globe that https://www.the-lost-art.com has given to everyone. 

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It was a common thing for http://www.The-lost-Art.com to be told this project would never work. House heads hate breaks, breaks hate house heads and the comments kept coming. We opened a all Genre station to prove that we could work together hand and hand. We are all people first with the common goals of just being noticed. Instead for saying you are better with talent and Genre, come and prove it. That was the basis for http://www.The-Lost-Art.com. Come prove it! Whats funny about this is, Artists and dJ’s came to prove they were the best and their genre was the strongest. We came into this site as mighty warriors for our cause to soon find that we all were fighting the same cause. It soon became clear that there was no genre anymore. It was a station filled with raw and pure talent of all levels. It was working and better than anyone could ever imagine. It is the people and the loyalty that sets this company far apart from the rest. We have DJ’s and Artists of all levels and Genres supporting a bigger cause then Just a DJ station. We support anyone and everyone that has a heart and a will to make someones life better with the power of talent and music. It is such an unbelievable place that has done charity work across the United States. It will always be important for this station to give frst. That was the whole point. Believe in something or someone that does not believe for themselves and watch this and them grow. Thats been the best part of this project. Watching people grow into great people and artists. It has made such an impact on so may peoples lives that we only want t keep sharing what we have.

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 For a Company that was started by Accident and a place that nobody thought that would work, We are now opening 5 New Pages to the public. Demanding respect from the get go has paid off more than we could have ever imagined. With the high demand from incoming companies and businesses, we are finally prepared to give the world what they really want. Our Live page is always the ultimate goal because of huge ventures into other areas, and will always be our way of saying all genres can and have worked with the highest credit. We will be opening Pure Genre Pages for the listeners that cannot get enough of one style. http://www.The-Lost-Art.com is seeking talent from around the globe to fill these needed slots! This will be the first time that we have had the chance to truly involve anyone and everyone from all walks of genres. We are extremely proud that we have talent of all LEVELS! We are here to help and coach people that have a heart and a dream they want to follow. You do not have to be a superstar to be a shinning star at http://www.The-Lost-Art.com  We are not looking for the perfect DJ’s and Artists. We are looking for loyal people that think they can make a difference in their lives and others with commitment and respect. This project is intended on keeping the music from your favorite produces and the listeners happy. It has alway gone in one big circle of respect. Honesty and hard work is what it takes and if you seriously think you have any of these traits and can hold a beat by hand, we want you!Genre, Music, The-lost-Art.

In a short few weeks, we will have the new Drum & Bass/ Jungle page complete with several amazing Artists. The House page is soon to follow and the pages are being built as we speak. We want it ALL! Any and every genre being spun on cd players or Turntables. We do accept anything that you can manually pitch to match your beats! Tape Decks as another example. We are looking for crews and people that can possibly Manage some of these other Genre Pages. This is a GREAT time to be involved with http://www.The-lost-art.com because we are all building this together. We have always been open to better ideas and ways to get things done. We totally encourage anyone that has some skill to join this ever so growing team. You do not have to be a DJ/Artist to work with or for http://www.The-Lost-Art.com. We are always looking for Bloggers and just people that know music to help guide this company for everyone to enjoy. From art to dancing, we were sure not to leave anyone out of this project. This is an amazing project with some of the best people on the planet. We would never be anywhere without the support of the public and the people that are keeping true DJ and Artists alive. There are so many avenues and businesses that are taking place and we cannot keep up with this demand without you. 



This would be another great step by reading this blog on how to become a DJ/Artist of TLA. We do demand the best out of each member and do push our team to the max. We bring the best out of the best and then bring it out again. This is a commitment not for everyone. With Sponsors, Businesses and companies alike demanding top quality, we are here to ensure the best training inside and out with http://www.The-Lost-Art.com. We take this more than serious and are one of the only companies to Contract our amazing people of TLA for yours and TLA’s protection. TLA will acknowledge others contracts if needed to become apart of this company as well. With Patent pending’s and future Ideas, there is no other company on the planet that can match https://www.the-lost-art.com’s growth and true potential in this Business. We have all of the tools ready for your success such as Music Managers, Entertainment lawyers and companies willing to help yours grow within http://www.The-Lost-Art.com. We encourage ALL companies outside of TLA merging in, to be promoted 50/50 on this quest for providing the best. We are a backer and you are the Individual, company, companies representing us. As stated earlier, It goes in a big circle. Thats how everyone grows. There is nothing we have not thought of to ensure you will be as successful as you want. Please contact us at: thelostart.com.beadj@gmail.com

Reserve your spot on http://www.The-Lost-Art.com!

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We have been asked several times... 'Where can we pre-order your new record?' ( Click here to pre-order ) We could not be more than excited! We have been talking about pressing more records and we finally have a reliable source for pre-sales and the record purchase. Juno has accepted us for this release and also future record releases. This is absolutely amazing! I cannot thank James Boggs with Hoodwink Records / Carocell music enough, for his extremely hard work to make all of this a dream come true. We are truly honored to work with some of the best mastering professionals, record pressing company, publishing companies, and individuals, in the world. We really took our time to find the right companies to do these projects and really hope to keep pressing more in the near future. We are very humbled to seriously have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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“Notes To Jiggabot” has been a compilation of songs that were dedicated to the Lovely Jiggabot by DJ Natural NateⓇ. These are love letters (Songs) to saying how much he loves Jiggabot and to say the words that are sometime hard to say out loud. All of the songs on this album have had many supporters and sponsors. We have to give a very special shoutout to www.the-lost-art.com, Frajile Recordings, 77Deuce, Electro Echelon, ONE7AUDIO, Hoodwink Records and Carocell music for believing in this music with top charting results. We would not be here without all of you. Special Thanks goes to all the party goers and old school heads that have throughout the years, brought us all support and inspiration! A huge shout out to all radio stations worldwide who have helped with promotional play. Let the labels' hearts and souls know without a shadow of doubt, that the efforts have not been in vain. A massive thanks to the home team and the most amazing people who have been pushing The-Lost-Art since day one! We love you and dedicate this project to each and every one of you who hold this close. Last but not least, this is dedicated to all our friends, families and DJs worldwide who continue to live through vinyl. You know who you are. Blessings! James B Boggs

If one believes or not in fairy tales, I say to them... Don't think too long. Each and everyday Love can be captured. If not for a moment Love can be held for a lifetime. "The notes to Jiggabot" are the prime example of how our myths & legends stand that inevitable test of time. The world deserves to know that "Fairy Tale" love stories are real. Within the grooves of this EP one can hear & feel that every bit of such a notion is True. James B Boggs

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