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As a representative of The-lost-Art.com { Natural Nate }

The-lost-Art. It was opened close to 2 years ago by some amazing people who care. This whole company was brought up on the Idea of creating people equal and giving the DJs / Producers a better way to have a voice and to find the listeners we all love. As most know….? Genre has always been a fenced in area of the industry. TlA opened as a HUB more so than a radio station. Our main goal was to bring other stations out there with small schedules and combined them to one spot furthering listen base and promoting music on a bigger level . This would create a 24 hour net work for ALL STATIONS. The problem we ran into was the fact that most stations are not DJ’s at all but programmers. TLA is based on the actuality of being able to WATCH this craft vs listen. Anyone can have a perfect mix with a program. Where is your video is what I ask these days. LETS SEE YOU MIX!

  I have been a Radio DJ for close to 6 years now and have had the chance to work with a few companies. It really came to a point that I could not expand promotions or ideas that could not be met by the industry. Fences in genres have come to a non moving point because they have reached their own limitations. There are only so many listeners in one Genre. I was also tired of hearing that YOUR GENRE is better than mine. I decided to find out for myself which one this would be by opening the doors to everyone to PUT up or SHUT. Being a breaks fan? I must tell you. I have learned one simple thing. Its not the genre that counts. Its the DJ and the respect they give to the genre that makes it so special. Showmanship goes a long way with ANYTHING in life. I’m so proud to say that I have learned nobody is better. we are all equals in this fight. We all want nothing but respect but forget sometime on how to give it.

  I for myself have had more than a passion for music. In many ways these hard working producer with so little credit had saved my life. They don’t even know it. I have always wanted to say my thanks to them by way of radio. I have watch many get burned though Radio Stations and companies alike. I don’t know why I care so much about this? Nobody else seems to and this world keeps turning with the fake people trying to steal not only money but glory from others ideas. This in itself was a Huge reason to try and change the industry in my own small way. Its been a passion to help the little guys out. I have never turned someones track away from my show. If you are a good DJ? Then challenge yourself into making this track an AWESOME track with something else under it. Something that simple can change one person life. To have someone say ‘ Yea! I will do that for you” Is magical moment that create’s a strong bond and friendship.. I have watch many producers come from the bottom and by having us DJ’s care enough to spin these simplistic tracks not only help their confidence { Producers } in life but also help teach them with a tool called a mix on how to get better by a DJ actually showing and also giving them feed back. I cant get enough of seeing someone else be successful from just being someones friend.

I will always remain humble to those that paved my way. I do thank Every station I have worked with and people i have met along the way weather its good or bad. Its all a learning lesson. That’s what life is about. Taking your mistakes and trying to make them better. It will never be a perfect process, but it worth the try. Perfect practice makes perfect. It’s really hard to have a perfect business relation ship with other due to self pride and wants from others. This will always be an area where fences will be made because of power struggles in the industry. EVERYONE THINKS THEY ARE TOP DOG THESE DAYS! If everyone is a top dog? How will we ever be able to change this messed up industry? Nobody can work together? Honesty is the most IMPORTANT ROLL IN THIS MACHINE. If you are not honest with yourself? You cannot be honest for others especially in a business setting. It is VERY hard to find loyalty in any person nor honesty. Once you find this? YOU BETTER NOT LET GO. It will be your down fall weather you want to admit it or not. We have tried to create a place for everyone to just be welcomed. What you do with it is up to you.

 We have never looked for the perfect DJ as TlA. nothing is perfect so why should we want a perfectly mixed set that you had no talent in doing. I have only in my heart been hurt due to the fact of SO many great DJ’s be pushed over by the industry with technology. These DJ’s are the real superstars. They keep these producers music out there in hope of achieving a sale for the producers to at least put some food on the table. 90% are starving artists that just love what they do on both sides. There is not enough credit to either side these days and its getting harder to find people willing to change this industry from the scars of the past. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Trust me. I have been trying from day one with this project we call the lost art.

 The lost Art is not just about music. Its more about life in general. The DJs need the producers. The producers need the DJ’s. Most of all. The listeners need us as we need them so badly. Its hard to find GOOD MUSIC. It really is. Don’t break down music by genre. Break it down by GOOD. That should be the Genre. GOOD MUSIC. TLA has nothing but the best people involved. We are all humans and have made mistakes. We don’t look at the past with others. If someone can change as I have to be a more professional person for themselves? I’m all for trying to help them. We do care about our people on the outside of TlA and do offer any assistance that we can give o keep them on track. its hard to have an opportunity. That’s all I have ever wanted and made this for myself. TlA was in the hopes of helping people speed things up by the MASSIVE amounts of knowledge we ALL have about the industry. Teach each other tricks on being successful as a whole and not an Individual. I have do more than I could have ever imagined with two turntables and a few producers that believed in me using their music. I will never forget that I was a fan first. PERIOD.

The admiration again for the super hero we call producers is more than I can ever say. Super hero’s meaning they are psychologists for our bad days. The make a great moment in life even better with this powerful music. The DJ can mold Producers together to create stories beyond the imagination thus really creating new friendships with all. Not only do we want our DJ / Producers to set an example in TLA, but we want them to set examples outside as well. Help nobody for a change. There are people out there that do care. You just have to find them by the grace of God. I have. Just be someones friend. Help someone less fortunate than you. Help them find the confidence nobly else has been giving them. Be HUMAN!

 TLA will always be open to the public. We are always looking for better Ideas on how to make this world better. There is no limit to what we can do if we tear all of the silly walls down and find a way it works for everyone involved. people say they are here for the music. ARE YOU REALLY HERE FOR THE MUSIC OR YOUR OWN SELF GAIN? Only the future will tell on how effective this is. I can say this at least. By opening a company that NOBODY said would work? We have became the top 2.15% of all websites out there thus reaching a MASSIVE amounts of caring people. We can’t thank everyone enough for making this place what it is. This project we call The Lost Art has already done more than what we said we could do. We have changed peoples live one beat at a time and are looking to press the boundaries even further. The people of TlA are are nothing short of FANTASTIC! I cannot thank these hard working people enough and the family grows as we speak. its not hard to see why we are so successful. We want you to be as successful as us. We will always be here for ANYONE with a passion for music and to better someones life. Anyone with Ideas or wanting to be a TLA DJ can E:mail us at.  thelostart.com@gmail.com  / tlaowners@gmail.com

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