How Digital DJing Is Saving DJ Culture. Natural Nate’s response.

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This was a post in a group by a good friend Johan Sebastian Bot. My response.

by Natural Nate on Friday, December 2, 2011 at 9:55pm

You have to read the thread. This is posted in this site. Great write up to get the public talking.

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How Digital DJing Is Saving DJ Culture

by Luke James Taylor

 Lets break this down. I only speak for myself on this topic. For me? I guess being old school, if thats what you want to say? Going to a show where there was nothing but decks was a tribute to pure talent and wonder. The whole thought that something COULD go wrong was a part of what made it so magical. You could tell a lot about a person and their personality for one night by the way the mix would come out. LIVING ON THE EDGE OF A NEEDLE AND A PITCH to show what true concentration is about. Touching the wax, and touching the pitch as if you are touching a drifting star to make two tracks sing has a magical effect not only for the DJ involved? But the crowd that s actually witnessing this effect. THE DJ IS PUTTING ON AN ACTUAL SHOW! SHOWMANSHIP? Does anyone remember that? HOW ABOUT THAT! Its fun to watch these different technics used to create different sounds than what the music is actually doing by manipulation is what a controller lacks. There is no heart in a flatline mix made for the masses that dont care about what the performance should be. 80% of this generation still has no concept of what is a real mix vs. pre made mix and really don’t care. Or do they?

  Its sad to me that most controller DJs think they are in comparison to these 20-30 year vets in the craft of mixing is where the vibe goes sour. Abelton has made the average person seem like a freshly bought CD from the store with a MEGA STAR NAME BEHIND IT NOW!. Thats awesome. *Lets go back to the real show now*. ITS FREAKING BORING to watch someone press a button that really does nothing but program a perfect mix. Whats so great about that? Is that what I really want to go and pay $100 to go see? The music can be the best in the world in that fact but PERFORMANCE VALUE WILL ALWAYS BE CRAP. Im sorry. This is to true. Now Im not saying anyone with a turntable is a pure out show because it does not work that way. Most are boring at that also. But. The Idea of being able to mold a mix with the mind is what is compelling to those that know the truth about this devices.

   There are SOOOO many online radio DJs that use only a mix program and walk around like the world owes them something for a skill they really do not have. Bring your program and your controller. I will bring my dex. Lets see for ourselves. Stop calling yourself a DJ and we might be on better terms for those with a controller. You are a programer. That just sounds weird. Lets Program someone elses music. Sounds Illegal if you ask me. The bottom line is. There is a Difference in a great Track and a Great performance. There is a difference in raw talent and a person pushing a button. This topic does not really matter anymore because again 90% of the people are at shows for the Drugs. Who needs anything else than that. They are usually making their own music up in their heads anyways. The other percent has noooo Idea what the DJS name is.

 So who really cares how its done. Really thats where we are at with it. There is a time and place for everything. If you are happy with own self. Who gives a rats ass what others think. My last thing to say is. The-Lost-Art is based on Nothing but true DJs of a dying industry. DYING? Well… If turntables and the craft was on the verge of death? Why do we have one of the biggest stations in the world? We must not be alone? These magazine write ups can sugar coat anything for the industry at hand. They can hide the fact that a guy with two turntables will AND CAN STEAL THE SHOW! Thats why we were pushed out by the controller. To make it more of a minimal scene were everyone as equal as the next. How does anyone really stand out these days being a controller in the wall? It dont matter. What is is what is. Controller DJs keep doing what they do and TLA will do what we do. At the end of the day. Lets just be happy we are all alive for one. Just respect one and another for being human. Love the music first before the device. :}



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