The spacemen abduct TLA! Special D/L From the BYBB show! Limited time!

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The Spacemen!!


Sterilizing Souls Via Sonic Stimulation!!!


Built by three anonymous but renowned musicians with more than 40 years collective experience in the music industry, SPACEMEN first formed in 1997. In 13 years, they’ve independently built a brand literally, out of this world.

SPACEMEN chose to imprint their first crop circles in the Florida Underground Music scene from an entity far and beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Since the first sighting in July 1997, SPACEMEN has landed in venues, festivals and large scale events all over the nation such as Wakarusa, Zen Fest, Ultra Music Festival, Bang Music Festival, Usuaya and Cyberfest; just to name a few. Once established in Florida, SPACEMEN escalated their raid all over North America with two US tours landing in infamous cities such as, Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. Continuing their mission, SPACEMEN expanded their tour, breaking out worldwide into London, Germany and Nicaragua. Attracting crowds of over 50 thousand at large music festivals and breaking nightclub attendance records in excess of 3 thousand plus, SPACEMEN delivers a unique sight & sound encounter.

In 1997, “Arrival”, their groundbreaking debut single was followed up by the vast success of “Communion” in 1998 which remains on many DJ’s top 10 playlist and a classic in electronic music history. Their first full length self-titled album, released in 2001 was a runaway success. Since then, SPACEMEN have released five more singles on 12’’ vinyl and grown their empire to web-based vending. Access to SPACEMEN’S full length catalog can be found on I-Tunes as well as all major music download sites. Recognizing the exceptional sound, MTV integrated SPACEMEN music on hit shows: “Real World”, “Road Rules”, “Making of the Video”, “Making of the Band” and most recently, “Rob and Big” as well as many other TV shows on other national television networks. In addition to internet and television development, Sony’s Play Station obtained licensing agreements for several songs featured in video games such as “Jet Moto IV”.

Each member of SPACEMEN has a unique design imprinted on their face that reaches out and lures the followers into the peaceful sounds of their identities. When the music begins, immediately, individuals are abducted and held captive for a full hour, completely under control. The intensity inflates and repeats and finally gets leveled out before SPACEMEN drops the bomb and the room erupts into dance. There is no comparison to the style and quality of these three alien beings, nothing short of entertaining from beginning to the journey all the way to the return.

SPACEMEN continues to invade Planet Earth with cutting edge progressive breaks, electro, trance and top level productions. Fewer names are synonymous with inspiration and progressive attitude than SPACEMEN.

Doing all this is what makes them one of the most sought after groups in the World. Prepare To Be ABDUCTED…


Spacemen by Spacemen

120711 Live from the BYBB show on TLA. download other shows FROM TLA artists. Rotated weekly. Grab them now. Link to full podcast:

Very Limited time on this TLA podcast. This was from a week ago. Yes we were running late by 2 hours and thing were kinda backwards BUT the show still went on. Special look at Spacemen, Trip Theory and many more boom booms from that night. 4hours 23 Mins long special. Thank you sooo much for the support! It was a really fun Night and special thanks again to SPACEMEN / Spacemen TripTheory. BYBB / TLA

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