The mind behind Housetribe Records. ((Conquest))

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Conquest And Housetribe On The Lost Art
The mind behind Housetribe Records. Gino Patrick Cordova ((Conquest)), Lets take you on a flash-back . In a dark warehouse in the late  90s Denver(TheSweatBox). Its 4 am sweat is dripping  from the ceiling , the freaking Vibe is like Boom!!! the Hippyflip is in FXt I’m lost and the only way back is MOTHERFREAKING  Lazer  Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2012 been  a long time in this  Dj culture owner and CEO of Housetribe recs and you know now days just writing tracks and still have my fingers on that vinyl ..
In the  late 90s  co-owner of Moonboot Prod  Denver CO 1998-2003,  during this time I worked with some of Colorados Biggest productions and Djs like Roofless ,Superstar prod, BYBB and Scales just to name a few In 2001 was my first time too Europe.The love of music took me over seas  to get into the culture of the Euro Tech invasion.  Rome,Amsterdam,Spain and Paris. Back at the home front I was working with Wicked Garth Markie ,Jeno Thomas , Carlos of unity, and Simon Pearson  Sf  ,Nasty Nate, Superstar Dj keokie, 6400 crew , ((Diverse)) and bla bla…
I probably worked with somebody you Know? 2012+ Housetribe+The-Lost-Art ……The  future of electronic music!! !You  you can check  Dj Conquest out  every Tuesday @8-10 Mst @ T……………………………….Housetribe strives on freestyle Sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark my word every set on the Housetribe show will be FREESTYLE  & live !! (NO Pre Planned Dj Sets!!!) All Mixing with special guest  every month DjKrisBloom1 and Syphen. the 719krew. 2012 and on, keeping it Underground!!! Be on the look out for new tracks from DjConquest out soon.
!!! Housetribe,BBYB,TLA,ECT- 4321-blastoff

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