Diamondback Recordings. Its a must to pick up! Oct 28th.

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TLA is in full support of this awesome label. Diamondback Recordings

Release Number: 1

Artist: Diamondback Kid

Title: Initiate Contact E.P.

Catalogue No: DBR001

Release date: 28th October 2011 (Juno) / 30th October 2011 (Bandcamp)

Release platforms: Juno Download, Diamondback Kid Bandcamp

Links: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Diamondback-Recordings/111385782305924








  1. Soul On Fire 4.58
  2. Seek Carrier 5.05
  3. The Hive 5.04
  4. Humanize (Remix) 4.50
  5. Seek Carrier (Instrumental) 5.05

‘Diamondback Kid burst onto the electro scene in late 2011 with the self released ‘Snakebite E.P.’ but it was the following release on Binalog, ‘Electro Superstar E.P.’ that got him noticed, hitting the Juno chart number 2 spot in March 2011. Based on the south coast of the UK, Diamondback now returns with a stronger and darker set, the ‘Initiate Contact E.P.’ containing 3 new tracks ‘Soul on Fire’, ‘Seek Carrier’ and ‘The Hive’ plus a remixed version of ‘Humanize’ from the Electro Superstar E.P. and an instrumental of ‘Seek Carrier’ for those who prefer their tunes vocoder-less!

This latest release is backed by DBK’s newly formed Diamondback Recordings label, on which he intends to release not only his own material but also other artists from the UK and further afield. Diamondback has recently produced a full length 15 track album of electro tunes for the advertising industry (to be released through one of the biggest publishers in the world), featuring works by himself, Pip Williams, R21, The Hidden Persuader and new electro artist Sparky Buddha which he hopes will not only bring some much deserved attention to the artists involved but will also bring the genre to the minds of the as-yet unenlightened masses!

A track coming out on Dominance Electricity’s forthcoming ‘Electrofunk Resistance’ compilation will bring Diamondback further to the front line of the electro big-hitters and his latest project, an electro all-star production entitled ‘The Tournament’ featuring 10 of the electro scene’s biggest names will be the second release on the Diamondback Recordings label (more info to come). ‘Initiate Contact E.P.’ out on Juno Download 10/28/2011 and Diamondback’s Bandcamp page on 10/31/2011.’


Electro by Diamondback Kid

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