Presents : Krewe of Boom II “DIALECTro”

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 If you are not in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, then it’s not Mardi Gras at all. There is only one spot on the planet that can give you the feel of a none stop party for not one day, but for weeks. It is an absolute must to not miss this special event down in Louisiana 

 February 8 at 9:00pm until February 9 at 7:00am in CST & BYBB & Dj Industries Present :

Krewe of Boom II “ DIALECTRO ” in Memory of our fallen TLA Brother.

Ladies & Gentlemen of New Orleans Louisiana the time has come again for us to once again for our annual TLA NOLA Krewe of Boom Party! This Year we are in the heart of the underground scene THE DRAGONS DEN! We are so happy to be hosting this party there and you should def be stoked also! Mardi Gras is upon us and we brought the family down to spend it with us! Presents : Krewe of Boom II "DIALECTro" Presents : Krewe of Boom II “DIALECTro”

DJs from all over the states to come down for one night of Bass, Beads, and great DJs! This years Krewe of Boom is dedicated to the Memory and Life of our Fallen Brother Demetrius Dialect Austin. More info below will tell you on how you can send your love for our fallen brother.If you are out of town or across the glob dont worry.. WE GOT YOU! Both Floors will be Broadcasted LIVE on the TLA LIVE page & Also the TLA EVENTS page. So you will be front seat with all the action! So heres all the info you guys need to know, check it out..

This event will be BROADCASTED LIVE 



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Dragons Den

435 Esplanade

New Orleans, La

$10 Donation @ The Door


Proper ID Required

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.: Turntable Auction for Dialect:.

Demetrius Tribute table. A donation for the family.

Demetrius Tribute table. A donation for the family.

We will be having an auction for a pair of Technic 1200 MK2’s w/ Dicers builtin and custom blue finish. All the money is donated straight to the Family of our Fallen Brother Demetrius Dialect Austin. Bidding will start @ $800.. 

.: Show some Love to our Family & Sponsor:.

(slipmats & apparel )

DJ Industries

We are designers of high-quality custom DJ Slipmats and apparel. New, fresh, trendy, designs for turntables and DJ’s around the globe!

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DJ Lineup :
Real DJ's, Spin the-lost-art, TLA, Real DJ's, 1

DJ F’Real
(Nola /

DJ Bryce A. vs Malliboo
(BR / )

The watchmen vs Robotic
(Miami, FL. /

DJ Skinner
(Charlotte, NC / Bass Records /

Kidd Love
(Nola / / Dubsquad)

DJ Ndoe
(Nola / Orlando, FL / Bass Records /

Ill Robotik System
(Nola /

DJ Big E
(Baton Rouge / Pure /

.:Downstairs:., The-Lost-Art, TlA, The lost Art, DJ's, Live internet Dj's, turntable's, The-Lost-Art, TlA, The lost Art, DJ’s, Live internet Dj’s, turntable’s

DJ Nazt N8
(Hickory, NC /

DJ Preuph
(Charlotte, NC / Partiolgy /

DJ Madd Catt
(Tulsa, OK /

J Rok & D’Money
(Nola / Goodvibe Nation /

Infextious Dex
(Savannah, GA /

Tray Peel
(Baton Rouge / BYBB /

Thomas Melvin
(Baton rouge / Plus one)

DJ Panekk
(BR, LA./ Dizzy Rec.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Its always tough to lose a loved one. Thank you so much for the care to the family by your donation. ;)
” Rest in Peace Demetrius Dialect Austin”
Thank you to all that has been asking about how they can help the family. This is a tough time for all and we cannot thank everyone enough for all of the solid support. If anyone has questions or ideas, please let us know! 
Friday will be the memorial in Florida but for those that cannot make it, this will be aired live from the service for all to say goodbye. 7 Eastern time: 🙂

Event page to say goodbye.


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