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Live DjsCan you say boom! https://www.the-lost-art.com and Satellite EDM bring you the best in releases. Do not pass these amazing E.P.s up friends. Thank you so much for the push for the lost art recordings. We are super proud of the producers and talent that TlA has. Please give a share. 🙂 Please submit your music to Satellite! Details at the bottom.


www.the-lost-art.com, awesome Turntables


Louisiana Bass E.P.

Ill robotik System, the-lost-art.com
DJ-Jeff-Caron And Evil-King-Nasty -
Satellite is accepting all Electro : breaks ” Artists. Its time to find the music in the right place and Satellite will be the only place to be. DJ’s do have a vote and Satellite is also looking for people to help with Charts and Curators to keep this place pure into its genre base. There are other events calling for proper places to find this music and can be a stepping stone for bigger ways to sell and promote this rare music. Lots of Ideas and reasons to be at this amazing store. Do not miss the bus and get your music to them { All Genres } Please contact kadish@satelliterecords.com to guide you to your next steps.

The-Lost-art.com, Awesome Turntables

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