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Josh Superchronz Trosper got his start in Denver Colorado with local legends EMP Audio in 2005. Since then Trosper has quickly come into his own with a history of hosting stages and productions including Caffeine @ Phat city, Unity @ Camp Zoe, Mo, 2k6, Envy, Church, Step Club, Barcade, Club 415, The Brickyard, Sub-t, Blondies, Thristy Parrot, Norad, Azalon, Club Drink, ect. Being one of the pioneers of Denver’s own Shockwave 303 as of 2012 Trosper has become one of the more respected artists in Colorado with multi-genre mixes and several headlining spots to boot. Trosper has played many of Denver’s hottest clubs and continues to facilitate through Shockwave 303 private venues for dance parties.

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Trosper is well known for as one of the cleanest mixers in the scene and has pulled those endorsements from the likes of Hobo Bob, Aaron Lee, Natural Nate, Parke Townes, Pacman, Karl Sav and last but not least Charlie Sheen, and many other well known artists and promoters in Colorado and beyond. This kid’s always smiling, but don’t let that confuse you, because there are few that bring it like Trosper!

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