Maschinen Musik 22 Dr. Schmidt – Gunkanjima (Album) Its a must to pick up!

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Maschinen Music


Maschinen Musik 22 Dr. Schmidt – Gunkanjima (Album)

All tracks written and produced by: Andreas Schmehl© Engine remixed by Ben ‘Cozmo D’ Cenac Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle / Frankfurt Cover photo: Mario Galucci©

Artwork and design: Andreas Schmehl

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The battleship island is a tiny rock on the coast of Nagasaki, which at its peak time was home to over 5000 people who mined coal under the sea. Once the place with the highest population density on earth, today the island is an abandoned and rotting memorial to human insanity. The pictures of this unique place are immediately reminiscent of the apocalyptic “End of Times” scenarios of many American and Japanese science fiction movies of the 1980s. Disenchanted heroines and heroes fighting hopeless battles against overpowering enemies in worlds that are devoid of all humanity. This album is their soundtrack…

Best known for his Industrial-inspired Electro cuts, on his debut album Dr. Schmidt takes the chance to exploit all his influences to create a unique journey through BreakBeat, Electro, Techno, Industrial, and Electronic Listening music. Eleven original tracks rounded of by an outstanding remix from Cozmo D, member of the legendary New York Elctro/HipHop band Newcleus.

Release notes: Maschinen Musik 22 is available as CD and digital download. The CD is distributed worldwide through Pale Music International ( and digitally by Believe Digital ( Downloads will be available on most major download platforms. The CD is already available in selected shops all over the world. The digital release will take place as exclusive pre-release, December 9th, 2011, through and will be available on many other download platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Musicload, two weeks after the pre-release.


EDs World of Music #18 – Maschinen Musik-Spezial by Dr. Schmidt


Maschinen Musik – Andreas Schmehl – Webersteig 20 – 86738 Deiningen – Germany

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