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TLA is a Proud sponsor of Sound Chasers – Audio Hostem EP – DADEaBASS Recordings 03  Released 11.11.11

AUDIOHOSTEM-NEXUS6 REVIEW: Awesome write up Nexus6.
Freaks, prepare your speakers for some serious damages as Teknik (Nick Riesco),  Juniorrock (Alvaro Campos) and cut-master Dj De La (Frank De La O) are back on the music business stronger than ever!! Four years after their “Speakerhead E.P”, the devastating Electrobass trio hailing from Florida makes his great return with his third installment on DADEaBASS Recordings.The EP is named “Audio Hostem EP” which means “I hear my enemies” but no need to understand Latin to appreciate Sound Chasers (Back II Boom, Cut It Up Def) new digital outing, eclectic enough to please nostalgic and forward thinking djs. Kicking off the digital pack with a sinister layer, insane “Jam The House” offers a retro electro style, merging old-schoolish style beats to slamming techno bass rhythm and goldsmith arpeggiations. Completed with stripped off samples (“Jam, Jam, Jam”) and whispers, this little jewel sounds like a dark 90’s mayhem in pure Sound Chasers trademark. Brilliant! Yet trying to evolve from the group classic register, offensive “Crystal Lake” coming next turns into an underground spooky affair in pure Miami Bass style electro, feed with nasty 808 bass beats, authentic distorted kicks, terrific Sci Fi elements and clear synth lines that promise you feverish contests on the dancefloor.

If the percussive rhythm will remind of Dynamix II planetary hit “Atomic Age”, this feverish tune is a successful mixture of uncompromising analogical modulations and merciless tones guarantee to put you in a circle! Finally, going deeper into the realm, gloomy “Program This”, my favorite, concludes the EP with a darker piece based upon obsessive melodies over infectious bass and discrete sampled references. Following a dark introduction, a true nightmarish atmosphere surrounds the listener as the first notes drops, immersing him into unhealthy landscapes rocked with lot of reverb, dirty patterns, echoes, eerie tones, crispy beats, female vocals and bboy lyrics while a real heading loop takes control of your soul. Off the chain!

All electrobass release, all original, vital “Audio Hostem” is a milestone of an EP and definitively an instant classic!

Track 01 Crystal Lake CLIP by SoundChasers

Track 02 Jam The House CLIP by SoundChasers

Track 03 Program This CLIP by SoundChasers

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We have been asked several times... 'Where can we pre-order your new record?' ( Click here to pre-order ) We could not be more than excited! We have been talking about pressing more records and we finally have a reliable source for pre-sales and the record purchase. Juno has accepted us for this release and also future record releases. This is absolutely amazing! I cannot thank James Boggs with Hoodwink Records / Carocell music enough, for his extremely hard work to make all of this a dream come true. We are truly honored to work with some of the best mastering professionals, record pressing company, publishing companies, and individuals, in the world. We really took our time to find the right companies to do these projects and really hope to keep pressing more in the near future. We are very humbled to seriously have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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“Notes To Jiggabot” has been a compilation of songs that were dedicated to the Lovely Jiggabot by DJ Natural NateⓇ. These are love letters (Songs) to saying how much he loves Jiggabot and to say the words that are sometime hard to say out loud. All of the songs on this album have had many supporters and sponsors. We have to give a very special shoutout to, Frajile Recordings, 77Deuce, Electro Echelon, ONE7AUDIO, Hoodwink Records and Carocell music for believing in this music with top charting results. We would not be here without all of you. Special Thanks goes to all the party goers and old school heads that have throughout the years, brought us all support and inspiration! A huge shout out to all radio stations worldwide who have helped with promotional play. Let the labels' hearts and souls know without a shadow of doubt, that the efforts have not been in vain. A massive thanks to the home team and the most amazing people who have been pushing The-Lost-Art since day one! We love you and dedicate this project to each and every one of you who hold this close. Last but not least, this is dedicated to all our friends, families and DJs worldwide who continue to live through vinyl. You know who you are. Blessings! James B Boggs

If one believes or not in fairy tales, I say to them... Don't think too long. Each and everyday Love can be captured. If not for a moment Love can be held for a lifetime. "The notes to Jiggabot" are the prime example of how our myths & legends stand that inevitable test of time. The world deserves to know that "Fairy Tale" love stories are real. Within the grooves of this EP one can hear & feel that every bit of such a notion is True. James B Boggs

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