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DJ Curiosity’s Birthday Bash!

October  12th  2013

8p-2a MST











GET FUNK’D *** Curiosity’s *** Birthday Bash


We are Celebrating DJ Curiosity’s gaining another year of Knowledge!!!

This Months Djs:

***** Dirty Rotten *****

**** Prophet ****

*** Curiosity ***

** Oliver Twizted **

* Starr Junkie *




This Event will be Broadcast Live on The Lost Art!!!

Click the link below to Tune in for some of the best Djs Around

Broadcasting LIVE!!!

Awesome Drink specials all night!!!

Friendly Staff and great vibes!!!!

Funky Buddha

776 Lincoln

Denver, Colorado 80203

(303) 832-8628





GET FUNK’D is a unique monthly event hosted by Dirty Rotten and Dj Prophet.   The reason GET FUNK’D is unique is because this night has a special vibe that cannot be matched.  Among the bright smiles and constant bodies bouncing all over the dance floor the music is what keeps it all connected.  With a wide variety of Denver’s Best Dj’s this is a night that will just get better each time.  The goal of every GET FUNK’D is to make sure that all people are having a good time and leave with a smile on their face. We like to keep the entire room involved getting on the microphone and giving shout outs and just making people feel special.  We also broadcast each and every GET FUNK’D on  This event will take place on The Lost Art’s EVENTS Page:   😆

This month is extra special because we will be celebrating DJ Curiosity’s Birthday!!!!!





12DJ Curiosity (Justin Weiss) was born in Houston TX, and was raised in Denver, CO around the second grade. During high school, many of Curiosity’s friends were going to parties, and they were certainly ‘nudging’ him to go out with them. Sadly, due to his parents, Curiosity couldn’t make it out to these parties… However, he wanted to hear this music they were getting excited about. Curiosity was given a bunch of mixed tapes, and before long, he grew a serious interest in this ‘techno’ music.  Yet he was still driven to find music that gave him “goosebumps.

  He quickly went down to Virgin megastore, and picked up House Connection 2 Bad Boy Bill vs Richard “Humpty” Vission. Curiosity states, “(My) Mind was officially blown….” These mixes were so fast, and there were so many songs in one mix. “Even on the bus or sitting down studying I couldn’t help but move my body when this mix was on. I KNEW THEN, that I wanted to make people dance uncontrollably like this mix did to me,” he continued.

   October of 1999, Curiosity aquired he first set of Tech 1200’s. Little did he or anyone else realize that over the next 14 years he would blow up and play all across America.  Curiosity spins vinyl, as well, can throw down a proper set via cdj’s.  Adding, “I’m down to play on just about anything.”

3 ~ Ohh… The Roads of Curiosity ~

1st gig: August 200 – March 2001 – resident at Corner pocket pool hall.

            August 2001 – February 2002 – resident at Tarantula Billards

            February 2003 – April 2003 – resident at Blue Ice

           October 2003 – January 2004 – resident at 60 S Broadway

            November 2003 – January 2004 – resident at Moulin Rouge

            December 2005 – June 2006 – resident at Sin

            November 2008 – June 2011 – resident at Sutra

Big Shows: Love Parade San Francisco 2004

                Caffeine Music Festival Denver 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

                 The Big Bang Denver CO 2011

                 The Beginning Denver 2003

                 Cygnus X-1 Denver 2001

aspens~ The Colorado Roads of Curiosity ~

Colorado venues DJ Curiosity has played:

Corner pocket, Tarantula billiards, 2am, Blue Ice, Funky Buddha, The Basement, Cervantes, 60 S Broadway, Moulin Rouge, Sutra, Stoney’s, Chances, 1st bank center, Oriental Theater, Rox, Club 303, Zen, Rockstar lounge, DnB labs, white house lounge, Trax, vinyl, the church, Paladium, 40 thieves, Rawkus, Beta, Lucky Star, Diamond after Dark, Subterranean Nightclub, Plush, Suite 200, The Retro Room, Beatport Lounge, Belle’s Lounge, plus many, many more!


~ Soooo, Curiosity…  What’s Next? ~

“Well…,” he mentions, “I’d like to play the main room at Beta!  I’d also love to go back to the Springs and play @ Rawkus again.” Curiosity goes on to add, “Additionally, I’d like to play out on more internet radio shows… (This) helps get my music out of the state of CO.  More than anything, I am focusing on my production and am always coming up with new tracks.

   My goals this year are mostly to work more on making tracks and most of all to finish and release more songs. I currently release 1 to every 10 I have almost done, and I have been writing mostly 70-110 bpm tracks and remixes. I’ve also been working on a hip hop album for a local MC. Currently I am using Ableton Live Suite with a barrage of plug ins including Maschine and Komplete. All of the software I use has been purchased and not pirated. I am also a big fan of Traktor Pro and the midi capabilities therein.”

Today Curiosity is playing multi genre sets to appease the eclectic needs of any audience. In just an hour’s time, his listener’s will hear electro, breaks, dubstep and glitch…

So, BE PREPARED for any show DJ Curiosity’s set up to play:  He will certainly throw down the beats so listener’s have no other choice but to move along with the ride!





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****  DIRTY ROTTEN  ****


Dirty Rotten is a duo made up of one half Dj Apollo and Dj4Life. They are a Breakbeat duo that have been rocking clubs and parties in Colorado for the last couple of years. They have a deep passion for the music and believe in keeping the true art of Mixing alive!!
When they play they have a true energy that feeds onto the dance floor!!! The Dirty Rotten Philosophy is whether one person or a thousand people are touched as long as asses are shaking and faces are smiling they know they fulfilled their duties as DJ!!
They currently have a weekly radio show on the LOST ART you can find them and special guests every Wednesday night 8pm to 11pm dropp’n beats!!  To Keep up with their latest mixes and sounds go to

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


**** Prophet ****


With so many young DJ’s on the circuit, very few can have the hunger for the knowledge accumulation to make one a great world renowned DJ.

People joke that these days everyone wants to be a DJ but how many are actually taking it seriously enough to make an impression on those DJ’s who paved the way for them. Prophet first heard the underground sounds that sparked his journey in 1996, wanting to be the one that tells a story with his music.

Painting a picture with the colors of sounds as music is what emotions sound like. Prophet has a worldly taste in music influenced growing up, his father being a musician playing classical to jazz, his mother influencing him with music styles from the 40’s to 80’s.

His mixing ability’s speak for themselves and put him in the ranks of with some of the best DJ’s in the world. With his unpredictable style he is not afraid to step outside the trends and find new music to trend set. Not a disc jockey but a true artist sharing his feelings to his audience….

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


** Oliver Twizted  **


The cyclical nature of sound is past, present and future!

DJ Oliver Twizted has been involved in DJ’ing and in fact MANY other forms of music in the last 30 years. Since dropping his first track in his Uncles Night Club, he has done metal, Industrial, goth, punk, and even Opera. Not a bad voice either.

 In fact he has been known to beat box as well on many occasions. In the future, Dj’ing became even more important in the lat 10 years as Oliver has done the back breaking job of starting over in a new city. He had to, he wa in LOVE with Amy DJ Starr Junkie Bobo. So he moved here. Gear was scarce, but things, as he had a feeling they would since all things are cyclical, are in FACT getting better. When thinking about HIS future, Oliver decided that maybe going all in might be a gamble he was willing to take.  

Jobs being what they are, not many people would g the extreme of total commitment, but he was suggested to be committed long before.  He has since joined with, securing a GOOD hold on his future, and has achieved a sense of accomplishment in his 8 months there. He has formed 86 Records with Dj Starr Junkie and do shows live and online. In the Future, Oliver will play to almost any crowd in order to spread the Gospel of Bass, and House, and Jungle, and minimal, and techno…….

OLIOliver Twizted can be seen Online at Tuesday nights from 10p.m.-til Midnight or later. MST



* One of the first party’s Oliver Twizted brought his BASS to, was Starr Junkie’s Birthday and Benefit event: “Starrs Come Out“, where are multiple dj’s, AND production companies banded together to raise money for FM (Fibromyalgia research).

** Oliver Twizted and Starr Junkie brought the B-O-O-M to Denver @ NORAD Dance Bar for SEAMLESS 9/13/12

 *** ECLECTIC ELECTRONIC UNDERGROUND: Revive the Vibe at Subterranean Night Club, May 11th 2013

**** Oliver Twizted has performed numerous times live at C/S CO’s main venues:

***** Club Q in ’12, The Underground/ aka Subterranean Night Club’s (Pridefest 2012), Subterranean’s PIPELINE THURSDAYS (drum & bass set), Subterranean Night Club’s SUB.TROPIC, as well as center stage for Pridefest 2013 held at America The Beautiful Park.

****** Aug 24th 2013, Oliver Twizted & Starr Junkie played @ WHY WE GROOVE (honorably held by MoThErShIp Productions), held in Boulder, CO.  This event was rather a BBQ with A LOT OF BOOM!!!  This event featured many of Denver’s TOP DJ’s, along with an unforgettable set by Headliner Karl Sav.

Fear NOT the future, but those which choose not to marvel at the wonders yet to come. –DJ Oliver Twizted 7-20-2013


[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]




Starr Junkie, Amy Bobo, (SJ for short) began her journey of mixing shortly after she encountered her first rave in 1993 in Denver, CO. With the support of her father and mother, Starr Junkie started out on Technic 1200′s and a Gemini mixer. With many supporters, friends, and family, her passion for the art grew in 1994 in her home town of Colorado springs, CO. Starr Junkie was actually the first female dj in her town, and her passion continues this day with the love of music. She was given the support by her dj mentors, Sante (In Vision Entertainment, Denver, CO), and Tony G. (Sodo’s nightclub, The Lost Art, Colorado Springs, CO) and was introduced to the skills of the trade. Both Sante and Tony G. shared with her, time on the tables during their nightly sets at the once popular night clubs METRO & Tremors, off of Academy Blvd.

   Unfortunately( 😥 ), a few years later finances were exceedingly tight, and her tables, mixer, amp, and speakers were sold. 

However ( 😀 ), in 2009 SJ’s passion was once again tapped into with the help of long time friend

(and now husband)

Tim Zimmerman,

DJ Oliver in the Mix!


DJ Oliver Twizted,

introducing her to cdj’s.  Since then she has learned to spin on Pioneer, Newmark, and Gemini cdj’s.  She continues to spin some of her vinyl, and hopes to own a pair of Tech’s again someday in near future since she truly misses the sound only vinyl can create.

   SJ plays a wide variety of music and genres, from progressive house & electro, to breaks and dNb.  She does produce some of her own intro’s and samples through Ableton.  Starr Junkie has the ambition and goal to produce her own tracks within the next few years.


   In Aug.2011, SJ made her featured debut on dj/producer “J.D.L.” (aka Tony Rodriguez’s) WRMS Radio Mix Show which is broadcasted out of Brooklyn, NY.

Some of the amazing performances and places SJ has had the opportunity to play in have been Denver’s FEMME FATALE (2011) with HeavyGrinder,  Denver’s Cervante’s  Masterpiece Ballroom (where some of music’s greatest performers such as Tina Turner, and Miles Davis have performed), as well as the legendary Roxy Theatre. In June 2012, She’d also had the opportunity to perform with Denver’s own, and legendary, L.L. Bishop @ THE SHAG LOUNGE.



On July 28th, 2013, SJ and Oliver Twizted played with/for an organization called St. Paws Thrift Store.


St. Paws is a store located on the east/central side of Colorado Springs, CO who’s DONATIONS & ITEMS SOLD goes 100% to help animals in need…. And not JUST cats and dogs…. The great people of St. Paws Thrift Stores give monies that help ALL TYPES of animals!!! Horses, bunnies, turtles….the list goes on!






  In Aug. 2012, Starr Junkie started as a DJ for The Lost Art and works with some of the most talented Internationally known dj’s via the WORLD WIDE web. She has also written several additional blogs for shows she has had direct involvement in, and/or broadcasts for on TLA.


Just recently, as of Aug. 1, 2013, Starr Junkie celebrated her 1yr Anniversary with The Lost Art!

“I truly can not WAIT to see the future of TLA!,” expresses Starr.

Aug 24th 2013, SJ played @ WHY WE GROOVE (honorably held by MoThErShIp Productions), held in Boulder, CO.  This event was rather a BBQ with A LOT OF BOOM!!!

This event featured many of Denver’s TOP DJ’s, along with an unforgettable set by Headliner Karl Sav.




Recently, DJ Starr Junkie and Oliver Twizted played at was Subterranean’s SUB.TROPIC!




~ Funky Buddha ~

~ Thai Lily ~

   SJ’s fellow TLA dj Michael Myers, made a visit to Colorado from Chicago in April 2013, playing at Denver’s Funky Buddha. This broadcast was done via the support of TLA’s DirtyRotten crew, and was a huge success!

MyersDR LOGO 22x9 gradient1

   Days later, Myers and SJ went live doing an additional set with the crew from Electric Saturday’s at Thai Lily in Colorado Springs, CO.



~ Subterrean Night Club ~

   Starr Junkie broadcast several events held at Subterrean Night club in Colorado Springs, CO.     The first of these broadcasts being The Stone Age! This event had an amazing support with apperances from TLA’s Natural

Nate,  as well as other greats such as DMX and J-Rush.



The next show was ‘Starrs Come Out’ (November 2012) which was a personal birthday event and a fundraiser.  Together, many close friends such as MacKenzie Hays, DJ Kenetix, DJ Fuse, DJ Oliver Twizted (as well as many more DJ’s, and multiple production companies) banded together along with dozens of supporters at Subterrean Nite club, and helped raised money for FM (Fibromyalgia) research.  Sufferers (like Starr Junkie herself) felt that giving back to the community, and raising money for FM research was exceedingly important, as well as to initiate hope that finds relief, and ultimately a cure, for this disabling disease.



   SJ’s additional TLA broadcast at Subterrean Night club, was for the all female dj line-up. DJ’s MollyKule, Evenflo, and Domina all brought the bass, and set up an outstanding show which featured DJ HEAVYGRINDER that evening. This broadcast was truly an amazing turn out online, and offline as well.



~ Thai Lily ~


Shortly after the HEAVYGRINDER broadcast, SJ met up with the crew from Electric Saturday’s held at the Thai Lily resturant. She again went live with these truly talented dj’s operating on the central east side of Colorado Springs, CO.




Recently this May 2013, SJ traveled with fellow TLA dj Josh Superchronz, and Aaron Lee (S.U.B., Shockwave, Polytechnic records/2RB Records) to Mountain Home, Arkansas.

   There they brought the best of the bass for many of their TLA supporters at The Brick Yard.  “We had a great time! Everyone was exceptionally friendly and supportive of our arrival. It’s just like hanging out with friends and family…. (with the exception of an 18hr drive-lol)…. We will be back @ The Brick Yard in 2014 for sure!” – adds SJ.

June 8th 2013, Starr Junkie was invited by Arron Lee and DJ Pacman, to play at the nortorious BETA (BPL) in Denver, CO (The same evening the DJ Dan played his set on the main stage) along side fellow TLA dj’s:

Apollo Dirty Rotten, Dj4Life, and Superchronz.

   SJ continues her weekly residential show, ‘OUTER TRANSMISSIONS INC.’ on The Lost Art, every Friday evening from

11pm – 1am (mnt time)

12pm – 2am (cst time)

1am – 3am (est time)



   Certainly having a positive outlook for her dj’ing career, SJ mentions, “There are infinite possibilities….” She absolutely will treat your ears to some ’out of this world’ rhythms for sure! So get tuned in, turned up, and get turned on!




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