2 years! The-Lost-Art.Com thanks everyone for the support on our B-Day! :)

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First Logo to The-Lost-Art done by Brian Schell AkA Fuse {BKO} Bko Bornkrunkdotorg

It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun. This project started out as an idea and because of the support and care from the public, we have made it to our 2 year mark. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the best DJ’s, Producers and listeners in the world. We as TLA have not even scratched the surface of what this company is about. We have some special announcements to make in a month or 2 , and its getting better with time. we are a very young station and have learned many lessons along the way. We would not be here without the hard work and sweat from the admin panel along with the committed DJs/Producers of this station. The overwhelming response to our cause has been nothing short of humbling. Its amazing what 2 turntables/CD players can do for the world. Its the hard working producers that deserve most of the credit. Without this amazing production, nobody would be here. Its been such a great relationship between everyone involved in keeping this craft and music to a true art form. There is nothing else we would rather do in this world then to put a smile on someones face with the power of music and showmanship. We are looking forward to many more years with all of you.

Here is a GREAT write up by Core Magazine. This is a close look at why and how The-Lost-Art.com is here.

Natural Nate – The Lost Art Of ‘Real’ DJ’ing                “Featured”

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Natural Nate - The Lost Art Of 'Real' DJ'ing

If you haven’t got a cup of coffee, I suggest you go make one now! This is a brilliant, in depth insight into The Lost Art of DJ’ing with DJ Natural Nate, a US DJ whose intention is to stay true to all that’s great about music. Coffee done? Get ready for the ride…

 Hi Nate, great to catch up with you today! You’ve kindly agreed to chat to Core about life, The Lost Art, great music and the scene in the US……Thanks! ;o)

I could never be so honoured Leah and Core Magazine. I’m truly humble for the chance to let people on the inside of the-lost-art and my drive for honesty and respect not only for the music, but for one’s self. I really had to dig deep on some of these questions and I thank the magazine for this.
So Nate, tell us who you are and what you do, how long have you been involved with music and how did it all begin…..
My name is DJ Natural Nate and really, I’m just a regular guy that loves mixing and Bass. I do my radio show with Mike Devious on the Bruise Your Body Breaks show every Thursday 10P.M.-2A.M Eastern time. From the start of my life, I have always been involved in being a listener and a fan of all music. I was lucky to have a family that was passionate about their music collection from the oldies to classic rock. Keeping the head phones on at an early age proved to keep me tame. Everyone dreams of being a rock star at one point and the music would not let my soul go. I grew up with the influences of breakdance and the culture. As a young kid, we would take our school lunches to do break battles with different grades. I would go to the local skating rinks to watch the true masters of the craft perform on a simple piece of cardboard and some serious boom. The bass beats and haunting synths had me hooked. I could feel this music making me just want to get up and dance. The camaraderie with the culture was one of respect for one’s craft and person. It was a great influence to stop the fighting and take life’s battles out by way of dance. It also in some cases save many peoples’ lives, including my own in some ways. I have always had a huge respect for what the culture was doing, and did, for the people trying to live and be noticed. I had always been a fan of music instruments and would sneak myself into band class to learn this craft on my own. I never really asked anyone for help. I have always been loyal to myself and have had the urge to learn the industry from my own mistakes and accomplishments, hopefully helping someone else along the way with a easier road for success. I have never wanted to learn from others, no offence, because I wanted my own purity to my ideas on the scene and the music. Ironically, I absolutely hated my first show that I went to. I had a really bad time and could not understand what the fuss was all about. It took me a few shows to stand back and watch all of the PLUR people interacting with each other in such a positive manner. These people were showing true support at the time (early 90’s) for anyone that was there for the experience, whether you were black, white, red or had five arms. This community was full of support to the real culture of the music and life around it. I was a lucky guy to have had a chance to see where it started to where it is now. WOW! What a change it has been.

I can remember the time that the DJ was looked at as a highly respected psychologist of the night. These people were the true soldiers of mentality because they knew how to make you dance and feel the right emotions in that moment, in time standing still wishing the rush would never end. This was always accomplished with 2 turntables and a pitch control. The DJ was the whole backbone to what we used to call the underground. These people set the true standard for the show because it was about the skill these artists were going to bring. Were they going to have a good night or a bad night by the unforgiving pitch and wheels of steel? The turntables don’t lie. Either you can mix or you cannot. This is not something that everyone can do. It take YEARS of respect for the turntables to be able to talk without talking at all. It’s those moments in time, with a DJ never knowing if its going to be perfect due to the 1000’s of things that could go wrong. It could be a speck of dust or a scratched record. To recover and still rock the crowd is truly what it is about. It’s not the music itself, it’s the showmanship and attitude of the craftsman taking you to another dimension. To have these incredible and flawless sets by the power of the hand and mind was the whole attraction in itself. Living on the edge of a pitch. You could tell a lot by how the artists is mixing; his emotion, mood and excitements. Making music with the music. All of these DJ’s showing the highest respect to the producers by using the music and influencing the sales. I have always said it takes a good DJ to have a good producer and a good producer to have a good DJ. As this states, it goes hand and hand together. The DJ is highly underrated these days with mix programs and syncs. There is really no human emotion in it these days and that’s what really lacks in the whole industry today. There is a huge misconception about what a DJ really is and does in today’s standards. I know what the craft of mixing has done for my life and just respecting the people who have helped me along the way with their production. It is absolutely priceless. I have been able to express myself in many ways and push myself to make accomplishments to remind myself I’m alive and can do these things for others too. Mixing & music has been a humbling and life changing experience to this day. Stay true to yourself no matter what happens and nothing else matters. There are not too many things you take with you when you leave. Be sure you take your word, integrity and honour with you at all cost.
Your run The Lost Art, the name seems poignant – what’s The Lost Art all about, can you describe it for us…
Really, I just guide The Lost Art. Jiggabot, Tracy Vandyke and myself are part owners and we have a strong admin team. We are the first real live DJ station that proves the mix by way of video. We believe in keeping real talent along with deserving artists in the light and keeping the real term DJ alive. We keep a firm structure to our system for everyone’s growth, but at the same time we have let the public and DJ’s be the real voice of the-lost-art.com and what it stands for. If at anytime we as TLA are not upholding our words or truths, I would expect someone one in the community to keep us straight. We are a very private but close group regarding the future of our projects and our people. We basically give the DJ/Producers the keys to our engine to be a successful as they want under simple guidance to the structure. We trust every single one of our people enough to give everyone a chance to bring their business to our business. You are your own boss using these tools. The-Lost-Art.com is run by each one of our shows, and we look at it as a part of a share into the company. We all work for each other and that’s what stands us apart from everyone else right off the bat. To really understand The-Lost-art.com would take me back to 2001…
Everyone’s dreams are to be a rock star of some sorts. I had a chance with one of the best companies in the world and thought I had it all. I worked really hard to keep to myself out of the light, but also keep myself in the true underground even though the industry was full of fakes and kiss ups. During the time of the contract, 2001, I had a very dear friend pass away, and that really changed my life. In some cases it was for the worst. It was a devastating blow for me, this person was one of my truest support systems inside and out of the music industry. I really looked up to this man and to this day carry his name in my heart and by my actions. I also had other personal issues with life and it was a rough time. During all of this I had a call from my manager. He had stated to me that this company had reviewed the mix and thought I was a computer generated DJ, thus meaning I was a fake. In all honesty, the mixing was cool but never perfect, and I could not understand what they had meant by this. I did not even own a computer at that time. I lost the contract, my friend, and some other personal things in my life. I was ready to give up and went into my boo-boo stage of life. I was never really one for kissing ass, nor having some one else do it to be booked, nor play, and I basically dropped out of the scene sulking about my losses for a couple of years with my record collection and addictions. I was always true to the people around me, but was on a self destruct mission because I could not save these things I had lost forever. I felt like a failure but remained respectful and faithful to those that kept the support at all times, no matter how bad things got for myself or those around me. Kind of a catch 22. I owe a lot of people thanks.
A few years had past and I had a friend tell me we had been offered a radio show. I was really surprised because I really was not into promoting myself in that way. It took me a few weeks of thinking, I came to the conclusion that it would be better to spin for one person than be in the hole that I had been in the past years by myself. It would be a great way to preserve my wax by making mixes and retiring them as they grew into age. The #1 thing we did as per our radio show was to record these sets LIVE onto a camcorder. I was going to be damned if someone was going to call me a computer DJ again!! It took me years to figure out what a computer DJ was. When I did, it was even more devastating. I lose a contract back then because of a computer and now-a-days you are a superstar with one. That really pissed me off, sorry to say. There was no way I would lose a chance like this again. The other thing I loved about doing radio is its LIVE! There’s no second chances – it’s up to you to keep the shows fresh along with the skills sharp for your crowd listening at that time. I went into radio thinking EVERYONE WAS A REAL DJ NEXT TO ME! I really did! For the first year we hand recorded EVERY set that we still have to this day. Early one morning, a guy came into the station and said he had scoured the world for a live video station and why was nobody using this? It took me 2 seconds to ask this guy what he was talking about, because it was costly to buy new tapes each week. He pointed me to Ustream and I fell in love with it. In 2006,the Bruise Your Body Breaks show was the first to make it a PURE standard to prove the mix by way of video. Now we had another problem. Nobody else wanted to really use it? We soon learned that the station we were on were actually computer and controller DJs, and they did not want to be shown on video due to the fact they were fakes. To be honest, my heart was crushed because I had respected too many of these people for what I thought was talent. A true live DJ station would not exist with any other company. Heart breaking again.
on the edge the-lost-art, Real DJ's, Spin the-lost-art, TLA, Real DJ's, the-lost-art.com

on the edge the-lost-art, Real DJ’s, Spin the-lost-art, TLA, Real DJ’s, the-lost-art.com

We pushed with our show over the years and soon found the station we were working for in some serious trouble. Most stations, are not ‘true’ live stations. Playing a pre-recorded mix or an archive is not live. It came to a point where many slots were open, not only on this station, but many others. I did not want to embarrass these companies nor myself by begging DJ’s to play. I started to come up with a concept about a hub system. These companies over here have a few shows, we have a few shows, so let’s see if we could hub these stations into a 24 hour system with everyone getting fair promotions to stations and DJ’s. Awesome idea, but again, most internet DJ’s are not Disk Jockey’s at all. The video was going to fail again because we could not find real DJ’s. The idea was still open for trades, but not for the true online DJ experience.
After working extremely hard to promote special events online, not only to my show but to the station, we grew tired of the fact nobody wanted to make this work. None of it! Promotions were awful and there had to be a better way. During that time there was a Radio Station/label I will not mention. This company came out swinging and seemed to be a great resource to team up with on just an idea. This company soon started taking stolen write ups we had done and claiming them as their own. They would watch for the people we were promoting and put them onto their own top 10 charts to somewhat copyright artists from other stations and show. It was TEARING the whole system up that we were working on for years. This company almost pulled it off. They were so naive to what was going on around them that we started our own tests and ways of breaking them down. We started featuring newcomer artists and this station would feature these guys on the top ten chart lists not realising they were watering down the industry by taking and taking. Their own people started wondering the same thing. Don’t lose high quality for one and that they did. You slap labels on people and burn them, you won’t last long in this industry. If you do? It’s because you have had to team up with second class businesses and people trying to make up the difference. When bad companies work with bad companies, everyone loses. We refuse to allow this at TLA at all costs. I felt really bad for all of the artists begging to get heard but it was a buddy, buddy kiss ass system and it was a massive destruction to them after not paying their artists. So many people sold themselves out to be heard and to think they would step over each other to get it. That also really pissed me off to watch the industry crush itself with so many gaps in relationships.

 I knew I do a better job than those who I worked for and the opposing companies. I was tired of the disrespect for all of the hard work we had enveloped and pushed hard for the idea we could do it on our own. I had a few true friends left in the industry and a good enough name to say “LETS TRY IT”. We had nothing to lose nor gain. Debonaire was a huge influence to building a better company with honour and respect for all. I had asked for some advice and if he would help back the station. This was a huge kick start to my confidence – we could actually pull this off along with a few other major players. I had been working on an idea for the break dancers because they were pushed out of the clubs once the true underground died. From the movie “Raiders of The Lost Art” I had an idea of saying “Breakers of The Lost Art” with a break logo, meaning “where are they all at”, calling them back out to the dance floor. After having a falling out with those that did not want to truly change the internet scene, I needed a name for this project. It did not take me long to realise we could include everyone now. Not just one genre. It always goes like this: “My genre is better than yours. My skills are better than yours. I’m better, I’m better and I’m better……………”. Well PROVE IT! The station is huge on put up or shut up. Instead of saying you are better, or your genre is – PROVE IT! The Art of the DJ’s was almost brushed under the rug. It was a computer and control infested place and we needed something that would not exclude anyone from being involved with this idea of keeping the DJ and true mixing alive. I went back to the breakers shirt idea, and said If I dropped the breakers from “Breakers of the lost art” it said it all. From the art, music, dancing, DJ’s,etc IT COVERED IT ALL! The art of mixing was dying. It was meant to be. It really found itself, and it was catchy at that. I took the few true friends and DJ’s I thought I had at the time and we opened the-lost-art.com with a splash page and a Ustream channel. Basically nothing, but some really good DJ’s and a idea of preserving the pitch (all devices that actually mix and not sync) DJ=Disk Jockey. No excuses allowed.
TLA, the-lost-art.com, Turntables, Mixing, DJ,  skills, DJ equals Disc Jockey, TLA

TLA, the-lost-art.com, Turntables, Mixing, DJ, skills, DJ equals Disc Jockey, TLA

The-Lost-Art.com was just an idea. This project would never be here without the many that have brought this place to where it is. We’ve made a lot of mistakes trying to find the right system in front of the world. I have left this open as a book for people to read. The public has watched this roller coaster of ride with TLA demanding to stay true to your words and your business. In a lot of ways, I can say I have lost more with this project than I could have ever imagined. This project was never intended for just anyone. As a matter of a fact, it was meant for the few and the proud. It kinda sounds like a marine. That’s what this group is to me – true soldiers to life and the music. These people are the TRUE DJ’s that need to be respected for their talents, that they have been extremely committed not only to themselves, but TlA as well.. Our Dj’s are some of the most sought out DJ’s on the planet. Not only are they the best people we could find as a person, but they are just awesome DJ/producers. Our DJ’s are given the chance to learn the industry and are highly trained for their own success inside and out of TLA. I’m really proud of this rare and loyal crew. We don’t look for the best DJ’s in the world, we look for the best people first. With the knowledge we have at this company, we can teach someone with heart the trade. What they do with it is up to them at that point. Many have come and most have gone. This project is about your integrity to yourself and your word first. Being a DJ and the music has always come second for me. The one thing I have always held dear to myself is my brutal honesty and loyalty to those that are loyal to me. That’s soooo hard to find in this day and age. Greed’s and wants are temptations that most cannot overlook. I have never walked nor had to cut anyone’s throat to be where I am at. I have done it all with respect for the craft, music, producers and the listeners. We take morals very serious at TLA. That’s the second thing that has made us who we are. Our honesty and integrity have always won our wars. We are proud that we have a voice that people listen to and we would not trade that for the world. We have been able to stay true to ourselves in an industry that just slaps labels on the masses versus what it really is. We do not look to just fill our slots. It has to be the right person to work as a team first and foremost. We have never asked for another DJ to play on our station. We have never used someone else’s technology other than our own ideas to products in use. It’s a very humbling thing to see so many other companies adopt our systems into their own projects. You can see it in one way, shape, or form everywhere. We have set the highest standard for a quality site and artists. We are one of the only sites to be secured and certified to prove we care about our company and the public: http://tinyurl.com/996ojlt. We own 23 domains to the site and our techs and admins are some of the best in the world. Our company is a non profit site and all donations go into future projects and technology. We have many ground breaking ideas and tools right round the corner. I feel like I was responsible for the turn of the industry and now I feel like I have to finish it. We said we would do it better. We said we would put our DJ’s and producers on a bigger platform. We have said many things and we are proud that we have kept true no matter what the outcome was. It’s always a two way street with people and businesses. We have always believed in second and third chances and if the relationships have gone, it really boils down to their own commitments with self. We have been a MAJOR force of putting companies to artists on their real start to the industry. Everyone that has worked with the-lost-art.com has gained something from this. The-Lost-Art.com has done so many things for others and we will always be remembered for doing it our way. It takes a certain person and artist to be an Internet DJ at TLA. These are people I would take into battle inside and out of  The-Lost-Art. These people are committed and give a great representation to what it takes to be labeled a true DJ. These are the elite of the elite and I’m proud to have had the chance to create a place no other than The-Lost-Art.com with all of these people.

How does your ethos support that Nate?
DJ Natural Nate, Natural Nate, The-Lost-Art.com, TLA, Bruise Your Body Breaks

DJ Natural Nate, Natural Nate, The-Lost-Art.com, TLA, Bruise Your Body Breaks

I grew up not having the best at sometimes. I never looked at it as a disadvantage but a means to say I can still do the same thing you can with less. My urge to be #1 with less  has been one of my strongest points. I have never been the guy to care about what others think. If someone is pushed down, reach your hand out and help. I have always stood up for the underdog and the less fortunate. It’s not their fault and everyone has a talent or a skill worthy of life and respect. Everyone needs a chance or 2. I have always felt like the underdog myself and have only wanted chances in my life too. I will always go out of my way to ensure someone’s life is better. I love for someone to say “no you cannot!”. Proving people wrong with a strong mind and will is priceless. Staying true to your word is more important than losing everything around you. It’s important to know standing alone is actually doing the right thing no matter how badly you might think you’re going to lose it all. I have humbly been on top charts as a DJ and a producer. I am also the current World Record Holder for the fastest mix DJ. I hope one day to pass this torch on to the team at TLA. All of this would never have been possible without the people and producers behind me. The Lost Art is a gift to all of these people, saying thank you for what they have helped me become. I think it is so important to give back. Not enough people are just willing to help these days. That’s why we are losing the DJ war against computers and controllers. Not only because of price, but because people want everything handed to them. To be a DJ takes years of loving the music  and the craft itself. Most people do not have the time, nor the will, to have this true label we call DJ. I have a lot of respect for the music lovers and passion they have to be a DJ. Sync and mixing both say what it is. If its not pitching, its not mixing. Plain and simple. DJ=Disk Jockey and if it does not have a disk? It’s not a DJ. Let’s be sure we stick to the basics here, the biggest problem I have noticed is way the new generation thinks Sync is being a DJ. Most producers that make their own music have not studied the craft of mixing and most DJ’s have not studied producing. It’s hard to be good at both – both crafts take an extreme amount of time to learn. Big headliners use programs and computers to run THEIR own music they have made. The younger generation mistakes live P.A. for actually DJ’ing. It’s the truth. The Lost Art has no problems with others using technology to present their own music. Being a DJ is respecting the craft and promoting others to keep the industry alive. Being a DJ is about the showmanship and true ear to making music with the music. I do have a few friends that are handicapped and this sync has been a great tool for someone that cannot function the decks. There are good ways this tool can teach young kids and the impaired but would always recommend to know what you are trying to be with your devices. We are here to keep the art of mixing alive, with the pure respect for what it is and where the whole culture came from. Mixing is a voice and a way of life, not a fad. We will keep the march going for the sake of true showmanship and demanding to have true talent in the industry. Radio gives people the chance to prove their real talents and consistency to themselves to say they are a true DJ. We are proud to be the highest quality site in the world because of all of the people involved. It makes it tough to want to let someone down at this point. Our 2 year mark is Oct 31st 2012 and we finally have the engine built. We have not even tried to market this place nor have we pushed the gas pedal in. Are are excited about the future with this mighty team we call the-lost-art.com!

 How hard has it been to stand by your morals, honesty and integrity over the years?
TLA, the-lost-art.com, Mixing, DJ, skills, Real, Video DJ's, Live DJ, Internet Dj's

TLA, the-lost-art.com, Mixing, DJ, skills, Real, Video DJ’s, Live DJ, Internet Dj’s

It’s been tough to keep other’s integrity true, but not for ourselves. I had the honour of serving my country in the Marines and made several achievements. I was Honour Man and Ironman along with my platoon being Honour Platoon. I have worked with the best people in the world my whole life and have done some amazing things by being honest and respectful at all times. Being a team is the only way we can over come these challenges. It is a battle of what a DJ is, and keeping the art alive. We take it very serious. It has never been tough to know where my morals have been. I have stood alone many times to find myself later in years happy that I did not sell myself out nor the people around me out. I have tried to be the best friend I can be to anyone that needs some support, that’s all we’re looking for. Just to be noticed and respected. It always starts with yourself first to be able to have a true support system. I would rather have 2 true people than 100 fake people to make up the numbers for the 2. It has never been hard for me to live up to my words. Your words are all you have in your life – be sure to live by them. I have set the highest achievements possible not only for myself, but for everyone around me. I love to push people to the max because I know they have so much more. My team pushes me and I push them to be the best. As I always say, perfect practice makes perfect. Do your best at all times. Practice is just practice if you don’t strive harder. We are an extremely close family, built on honesty and respect. The talent is so amazing at the lost art. DJ for DJ, I will take anyone of these guys into war. I’m extremely proud that the public and these people of TLA keep me on my drive. I could not do it without them. This is a DJ creed I said for myself and my morality for what I do as a DJ.  This is a work in progress…

 What a DJ is:
A DJ is someone who loves to dream. A DJ is someone who holds the highest respect for others production and people. A DJ is someone that tries to show they feel the same as the producer by using their music in a mix. A DJ is someone that is a psychologist through sound. A DJ is someone trying to keep the world pure and honest in thought, by the power of the mix and melodies. A DJ is someone who looks up to the producers and not down.
A DJ is someone who has spent a lot of hours listening and learning the tedious craft of mixing to show the true respect for the producers and their music.
A DJ is someone that can moderate between wars and battles by mixing other productions together. A DJ is someone that makes the impossible possible with thought and mind while riding the wave of the pitch.
A DJ is someone who always knows what to say through good and bad times by talking through mixing and music. A DJ is someone thought to be the modern day medicine man. A DJ is someone who never turns their back on a producer or listener no matter what level they are, and will find a way to make the music work. A DJ is someone who should want to teach others willing to learn the craft, and helping others express themselves. A DJ is someone who will play just because they love to, and not for the money or fame.
A DJ is someone who should try to be as pure as the music they choose to spin. A DJ is someone that cares about others, obviously by the producers they use. The DJ is someone that gives others a voice. A DJ is someone that loves life. A DJ is someone that says “Yes you can!”
Support your DJ’s, for they support so many others.
Any times you’ve strayed away from the straight and narrow along the way?
DJ Natural Nate, Natural Nate, Bruise Your Body Breaks, The-lost-Art.com, TLA

DJ Natural Nate, Natural Nate, Bruise Your Body Breaks, The-lost-Art.com, TLA

I think everyone strays away at one time or another in life. I have never been perfect nor will I ever be. We all have to learn lessons in life whether it’s trying to fit in or proving who you are. I have done a lot of things I shouldn’t have, but at the same time I would not be who I am today, saying anyone can make something of themselves. All you have to do is believe in yourself and others will soon follow. I can honestly say that the-lost-Art.com has taught me more about life and people than I could have ever imagined. That’s all I ever really wanted from this project. I wanted people to believe in themselves and have the chance to be what they say they can be. Whether things have worked out for the best or the worst, we all have learned life lessons for the future, even if we don’t know it. I hope our morality rubs off on the world. I am an extremely fair and giving guy that wants only the best out of the people around me. Lessons are learned the hard way, but to forgive is what life is about. We will always learn and grow from mistakes in our lives. That’s what makes us human and hopefully enough to make us all realise we are after the same thing. Just a little respect. The Bruise Your Body Breaks Show has missed 2 shows in 6 years showing the dedication and thanks to the listeners that are there every week. Whether it’s 1 to 1000’s, it’s all the same to me. If someone can come and get support through our community and new music by something The Lost Art is doing, we did our job! It’s that easy. The-lost-art.com is about supporting and truly trying to make someone’s day. That’s what our DJ’s do. They make people’s days. The site is about bringing your best and being who you are. Our community is going to love you for that. I have never been so lucky as to have had this project to guide me in the right paths. I have so many people behind this, and failure is not an option. There is a lot riding on this project and people’s lives. People need positive things in their life, and they need structure. It keeps us alive, and that’s what TLA has done for so many. My purity to let people be who they are is like no other. I give everyone an equal chance no matter who you are or what level you think you are. Proof is in the pudding, and lets see what you got! I cannot say enough good things about this ever growing place we call the-lost-art.com

 Coming back to TLA – what genres are inspiring you most at the moment?
I have always been inspired by electro breaks, and that’s what I represent for the station. By working with an all genre station, I have learned it’s not about the genre anymore. It’s about good music. All of the artists that have came to TLA represent the best of all genres. There really is no other place on the planet like TLA. I can sit on the station day after day listening to good music. I’m not a big fan of trends nor fads. I’m a fan of showmanship and mixing, plain and simple. It’s also been noticed with TLA that the showmanship steals the show and not the music- it says a lot about the talent for one and not the genre wars. A lot of people don’t know that I actually started out with dnb in 96-97. I am also a huge fan of downtempo and trip hop. It’s again about good music for me and not the genre. 🙂
Any DJ’s to watch out for?
On a serious note, any TLA DJ. There is not one person on this station that should not be in a top chart for being a good DJ or producer. We do have some AMAZING talent in both areas, and that would be way to hard for me to say. I see the accomplishments all of the guys are making and it’s easy for me to close my eyes and pull from the bunch knowing its going to be a top show or DJ/Producer.
We’ve heard that you’re always on the look out for new DJ’s – what do they need to bring to the table?
Real DJ's, Spin the-lost-art, TLA, Real DJ's, TLA mat, Live DJ, Internet DJ's

Real DJ’s, Spin the-lost-art, TLA, Real DJ’s, TLA mat, Live DJ, Internet DJ’s

We have never had an issue finding DJs and keeping the U.S. side of The-Lost-Art.com extremely strong. We have never really aimed at being a 24 hour live station, but it’s right around the corner. We have taken this first two years with trials and errors to be where we are today. We really have never truly marketed this place until we were sure we had a solid product. We have a schedule tab on the site that syncs with time zones to find the Genre or DJ you are looking for: https://www.the-lost-art.com/schedule.html This is also a great place for DJs from around the world to see the slots we have opened for the future. We are an all genre station and we are looking for good people that have some dedication to themselves and the music. Keeping a solid promotion with TLA is really what it takes. We have one of the best systems in the world with a massive amount of tools for DJ’s/producers to be successful. We do train the right people and have an awesome staff that provides additional support. We have a close group where we are constantly updating our guys for future projects. The best way to get started is to look at the schedule and see if a time fits. We do host live events also, and if you can do an event that way, we are all for it! We do look for floating DJs to the system. We are human and sometimes need a fill. We are willing to work with anyone wanting to play no matter how long it takes to get these shows on. We need DJ’s that understand the craft and are willing to put it on the line week after week proving the mix. There is a blog on how to become a TlA DJ and its the start to the adventure we are seeking: https://the-lost-art.com/?p=6693. We are in the process of making a universal agreement to the station and our guidelines, etc. We have many future projects with businesses that need to know we have the right people on this team and we do enforce the best from our people to using our system. We are extremely strict on what type of devices are used on the station to insure the public knows the station is mixing. Turntables, CD players and anything you are manually pitching is accepted. Live P.A.’s with ones own music has no limitations on how it is presented. It is up the the actual artist presenting their own music on how this is displayed. Bring your best and we can meet in the middle as companies under a hub. It’s a team effort, and we are only as strong as our weakest link.

 How could our readers get more involved with this? Are there any stipulations?
We have one of the most incredible sites in the world for anyone to be involved with. The way our site functions in a circle keeps everyone in the loop. The registry is a great way to start with the site. This allows to you function our chat, forum and blog postings. Being registered always keeps you up to date with the-lost-art.com. Our registry is located on the blog home page and is easy to function: https://the-lost-art.com/?p=6693. The blog is a great way to find out more info on the site as well as the DJ’s. We have a forum opened back up for members to get involved with the posts. Our blogs and forum communicate with each other and is a easy way get involved in the group: https://the-lost-art.com/?page_id=9261/. As a member also, you can make a blog about anything to get it onto the front page of our site. We have a massive public group that anyone can share in, The-lost-Art.com – Preserving the pitch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219890431446743/?fref=ts * and also a huge house group, The-Lost-Art’s 4 On THE Floor House & Tech: https://www.facebook.com/groups/275586682477503/?fref=ts. We also have a business page that anyone can respond to: https://www.facebook.com/TheLostArtTV?fref=ts. Our community supports others mix and tracks by way of soundcloud – all genres welcome: http://soundcloud.com/groups/producers-and-affiliated-artists-of-the-lost-art-com. Twitter has been a great way to stay up on our DJ’s and ideas: https://twitter.com/TheLostArtcom. Last but not least, if anyone has need, a direct link to help with an idea or suggestion, they can always email us at thelostart.com@gmail.com
So, we’ve talked about DJ’ing but what about production?
Robot Pieces DJ Natural Nate, The-Lost-Art.com, Bruise Your Body Breaks, BYBB

Robot Pieces DJ Natural Nate, The-Lost-Art.com, Bruise Your Body Breaks, BYBB

I’m actually shy about my own production. I have never had any training of any sort and have made myself learn this extremely hard craft. I still use hardware for my production and really have not written anything in a year to ensure TLA is on the right path. I don’t use fancy VST’s, nor anything actually. I have done most of my work off of a roland Fantom X6 and G6. I do everything from scratch. All beats are hand made along with everything you hear. I have never taken the DJ out of my production. I use a cd player to reel and time my samples versus using a computer program. True story. I’m a sucker for a remix and love the challenges of writing around a good sample. Everything is done in a real time function and all vocal tracks are done By Jiggabot and myself. Most of my tracks are raw and really were never meant for anyone else but myself. I have a collection of good tracks and they are mostly experimental. I have always pushed myself to learn the production side on my own. I have never really wanted someone to slap a tag or label on my production. In most cases, I really don’t even consider myself a producer at all. I just make ideas and doodle tracks. I have done some serious work on a release called legend. It was another life changing event for me to step out of making basic tracks to actually making a full on production that just a listener or dancer could appreciate. It took me 9 long, hard months to come up with a 21 track release. When used from 1-21 it would actually tell a story about heaven and hell, good and evil. I also tried a new thought on how to acquire more track sales by making a 5 part movie story. You would have to have all 5 tracks, especially to get the full story, as well as the 21 tracks. I did this live and never have really made such a project. I have made several test EP’S that I really did not want to sell. My last EP’s were written from true experiences. I always try to have a true meaning behind every track, and whether it’s a sample you might know, I might actually be saying something completely different then what it means. BYBB’s humble production has been up best in Label and E.P. I really do not know what I’m doing, but it seems to be working for what it’s worth. I find more passion in giving these days than anything. I have had so many producers give to me that it humbles me for someone to enjoy my crazy mess of a production. I think people enjoy the purity and rawness of the ideas, and that’s what has been my success. I do have a bio that goes more into details: https://the-lost-art.com/?p=9477  The real production comes from the hidden treasures of the-lost-art.com. We have some of the best up and coming to old schoolers in the world. I have taken some of this production state to state proving that TLA seriously has the boom booms. I would take ANY one of our producers music into battle. It really does not get any better than the DJ/producers of the-lost-art.com. Find ALL of the TLA DJ/producers here (please listen and a comment – it would mean the world to these guys!): https://the-lost-art.com/?page_id=8553

Have you got some links for our readers – am sure they’d love to tune in and get a sneaky preview of what they can expect to hear ;o)
Any shout outs?
My most important shout our would be to Jiggabot, my lovely girl. She has been very supportive of this cause and giving me the countless hours to finish this project one day. My family and friends that have believed in what I do, and have pushed me to keep going. Our techs Joel Element Z White (Element Z) and Viral Transmissions- Dave. We have a huge admin panel and and DJ network. It would be hard for me to shout to everyone one on TLA but I must highlight in random order: Damian Doyle, Demetrius Dialect Austin, my brother Tracy Vandyke, D’jo Ofslipmatsradio, Dexter Smith, Paul Kraft, Marcel Borcila, Jeff Caron, Alex Mihulin, Rob Hagen, Hippy Ian Addison, Derek J. Skinner, Cory Benoit, Christopher Polk, The Mobile Unit, all of the Bass Records Crew and N.C, THE WHOLE Louisiana crew, Global Bas Alliance (Debonaire), B&H Audio and Video DJ/Producer department (Izzy and team) Rane, DJ Industries, DaveCalculator Djdc Calcagni, Rob Si-Dog Silas, D.j. Stylus, Naz T Nate, Ryan McTwist Krawec, Tom Pettit, The Watchmen, Steve Allred, Tim Lwin, David Gleason, Michael Myers, Bruce Nisbet, Stet Breaknik, Mallory Maliboo Mazzullo, Andre Soares, Jason Keith, Spencer Zeh, Miguel Palacios, Chad Carpenter. To the crew, stay logged into the chat, T.j. Ekn Nolan, Madd Catt, Matt Bewarnd Warner, Blayne B Mylife, Jess Hexx Valero, Cesar Octavio Farias Rossell, Prueph Partiology, Anthony Grant, Conquest Housetribe, Nick Teknik Riesco, Bret Shoopman, Jason and Heather Phonotronix, Dustin Gooseboy McDaniel, Shawn Dj-Snipez Sheridan, Dale McKelvie, Justin Rotkowitz, Wesley Webbly Brown, Nimo Thehooligan OfSlipmats, Doc Breaknik, Billy Howell, James Wolfe, Ndoe Outdoe, Tony Queido, Snaake Love, Rob Bassaholic Grimes, Josh Trosper, Rob Affiliated-Inferno Haupt, Bryce Aucoin, Amy StarrJunkie Bobo, Thelostartcom Tla Boom, Rob DubSouljah Meador, Robbie Baxter, Corey Fuzz Webster, Michael McElyea, Blair Phill Fredrickson, XS Bassbook, Eric Goff, Hippy Ian Addison, Julian Cortez, Bobby Whitten, William D’Angelo Caldwell, Michael C. Armstrong, Matt Karr, Wayne Decker, Chip Autin, Damian Szurgot, Mike Soden, Osheen Emdjian, Josh DeeJay Snow Mix, Brandon Djdrift Baham, Kevin B! Elsewhere in general: *Promote your show*, Derek DjThrodown Davis, Billy Mauffray, Daniel Warren, TheLost ArtCom Webber, Trevor DjF’real Williams, Joshua Smooth J Sutton, Evan Kakowski, all the DJ’s holding the true mixes down, our TlA listener base and fans, all of the people that built this place we call TLA whether it worked out or not. You all were apart of this machine at one time and we still say thanks to your services at the time. 🙂 God or what ever else is beyond us. Our last shout out is to everyone that said an all genre station would not work. 🙂
We just wanted to thank everyone for the support one last time. I’m overwhelmed by the response. There was a lot of information that goes with this, and that was left out. I really wanted to take some time to really thank the TLA team again. The more I see the shout outs the more we had left out. I could be here forever with this topic alone. We have 2 important supporters and also some of our lead bloggers, TlA has to thank. Nicole Nikki D Dodman and Sean Michael Dodman have been nothing but awesome for all of the communities inside and out of TLA. We have to thank these people for the efforts of keeping the purity for the music and the scene alive. They have been there at all times for everyone around them and its hard to find good people like these two. You can find some of these amazing write ups here: https://the-lost-art.com/

blog. Our blog is attached to our forum and you can post replies to either section with a registry. Forum link: https://the-lost-art.com//?page_id=9261/. Big ups to Core Magazine for such a great article. I’m very honored and am looking forward to the future with all of these amazing people and companies.
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We have been asked several times... 'Where can we pre-order your new record?' ( Click here to pre-order ) We could not be more than excited! We have been talking about pressing more records and we finally have a reliable source for pre-sales and the record purchase. Juno has accepted us for this release and also future record releases. This is absolutely amazing! I cannot thank James Boggs with Hoodwink Records / Carocell music enough, for his extremely hard work to make all of this a dream come true. We are truly honored to work with some of the best mastering professionals, record pressing company, publishing companies, and individuals, in the world. We really took our time to find the right companies to do these projects and really hope to keep pressing more in the near future. We are very humbled to seriously have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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“Notes To Jiggabot” has been a compilation of songs that were dedicated to the Lovely Jiggabot by DJ Natural NateⓇ. These are love letters (Songs) to saying how much he loves Jiggabot and to say the words that are sometime hard to say out loud. All of the songs on this album have had many supporters and sponsors. We have to give a very special shoutout to www.the-lost-art.com, Frajile Recordings, 77Deuce, Electro Echelon, ONE7AUDIO, Hoodwink Records and Carocell music for believing in this music with top charting results. We would not be here without all of you. Special Thanks goes to all the party goers and old school heads that have throughout the years, brought us all support and inspiration! A huge shout out to all radio stations worldwide who have helped with promotional play. Let the labels' hearts and souls know without a shadow of doubt, that the efforts have not been in vain. A massive thanks to the home team and the most amazing people who have been pushing The-Lost-Art since day one! We love you and dedicate this project to each and every one of you who hold this close. Last but not least, this is dedicated to all our friends, families and DJs worldwide who continue to live through vinyl. You know who you are. Blessings! James B Boggs

If one believes or not in fairy tales, I say to them... Don't think too long. Each and everyday Love can be captured. If not for a moment Love can be held for a lifetime. "The notes to Jiggabot" are the prime example of how our myths & legends stand that inevitable test of time. The world deserves to know that "Fairy Tale" love stories are real. Within the grooves of this EP one can hear & feel that every bit of such a notion is True. James B Boggs

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