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DR LOGO 22x9 Presents Dirty Rotten Bio 

Dirty Rotten is a duo made up of one half Dj Apollo and the other half Dj4Life both started out with the sound of House and Progressive eventually finding their true passion for the Breakbeat.
Apollo joined the EDM scene in 1999 when he attended his first party BIZOUNCE2. He first became a sound technician with Chain Reaction Productions. While doing sound for Chain Reaction his love of Dance music and the art of Djing grew with every event he worked until his love of Electronic reached a point where he could no longer just dance to the music he needed to Make people dance. So he embarked on a quest to become one of the Incredible artists that he watched make people dance every weekend.  He was very fortunate to learn from Donovan Cline the owner of Chain Reaction and an incredible technical and overall Dj. Working for Chain Reaction allowed Apollo to learn on Technique MK3s and a DJM600 mixer on a 30,000 watt club/event sound system opening and closing Shows. Learning in front of a crowd made for a very steep learning curve and soon Apollo was being booked on his own for club nights and events all over Colorado. After working long and hard at becoming a solid Dj with a good name in the scene he was forced away from the music scene for an extended amount of time.  When he finally returned to the scene he was musicless but still hungry to become the artist he was inside. After collecting some tracks and wreckin’ shop again like he had never taken any time away he was back where he belonged behind the decks, Rededicated to the music.
Dj4life Grew up with a strong passion for music and always had an ear for good tunes no matter the genre. “I remember the first time I saw a Dj live I was very inspired,  It was amazing seeing so many souls getting down to the beat that the Dj was providing” DJ4Life started buying vinyl records and creating a small collection then acquiring one Technic 1200 and one Belt drive Gemini and after endless hours into days into months of playing he was booked for his first party. “For the first 20 minutes of my set I was too nervous to even look away from the decks when I finally my eyes met a small crowd getting down and dancing like crazy.” That is the moment that DJ4Life knew that he wanted to do this forever.  Shortly after he began getting booked for many shows and clubs throughout Denver and quickly made a name for himself.
Dirty Rotten was started in December of 2010. With the collaboration they successfully ran a Sunday night at club Sutra for over a year and Sunday nights are not easy to pull off, Then shortly after they successfully ran a bi-monthly for over a year. The Dirty Rotten Philosophy is whether one person or a thousand people are touched as long as asses are shaking and faces are smiling they know they fulfilled their duties as the DJ!!    cover basic

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