Jeff Caron AKA (DJ JC). Leading the way in the Electro Breaks Revolution!

Avatar | December 16, 2012 54 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings Caron AKA (DJ JC) Raised in New Orleans, LA. He Became interested in electronic music at a young age. Listening to kyper, Debbie Deb and many others in the early 90’s. Around the year 2002, JC started practicing the art of mixing along with going to any club that played Electronic music mainly breakbeats. In 2006 He got his first shot to play live at one of the most known breakbeat clubs in New Orleans (Escapades) After that show, he started playing all over the state of Louisiana & Mississippi. Venues included: Long horn saloon after hour,. Kennys Keywes, City bar, Brickhouse , Icehouse , Bourbon heat, Dragons den, Keystones , 12bar, Bayou city , 600main, and many other high end Clubs.  In 2009, dJ JC became resident DJ at Escapades Also started producing Electro Bass & Breakbeats Bangers that people came to know in love in the clubs. 38657_416593784382_1955976_nIn 2011 him and T.J. Ekn Nolan Aka (Evil King Nasty) Joined forced And became ILL Robotik System. Making hardcord Electro and bass. His Big influences over the years contain of the names of Wonderful Dj’s and producers Like DJ Scrub, Jackal & Hyde , Infiniti , G.I.T.M .,  A.T.F , Brad Smith , Malicious Mike, Jimmy Rhodes, DJ Rose , DJ Knuckles , Dj Ruff , Kiddlove , Xupitor, E.K.N , Afrojack , DJ ICEY , baby anne, Scratch.D,  Dave london, Solartron ,  Gammachild, Kounterakt , Natural Nate and the many of thousands of other influences… His main goal is to produce nothing but Club Banger’s Straight from the underground and rock Clubs as proved in 2011-12. This music has been from Coast to Coast inspiring a new generation of Electro Breaks. There is no doubt who one of the leading producers in the industry is!44520_426039449382_6184077_n Not only is DJ JC one of the best producers in this genre, but he has also brought an Army of the most amazing talent on the planet. DJ’s for DJ’s, Producers for producers, this man has brought it all to the one and only late December 2012, there will be a onslaught of massive Bass from this amazing producer and friends. DJ JC and Evil King Nasty have already had a super successful release with https://www.the-lost-art.com

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any breaks enthusiast. TlA is looking forward to a bright future with a new Era of ideas of this talented DJ / Producer. The industry can already see a major change with the forces combined together. Louisiana has the BOOM!
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