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Originally from the Midwest, “Nate the Natural” moved to Denver in 2011. After settling in to the Denver community, he met a talented regional artist named “Natural Nate.” Out of respect for him along with wanting to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings in the future, he decided to create the new dj persona with a great message that appeals to most everyone. This was the birth of “Find the Good!”

Find the Good’s” live sets are known for the memorable moments. The variation in his style of music is endless. Why does he leave such a lasting impression?  He uses creative, yet subtle devices to inspire audiences on multiple levels.  Combining the unique ability to seamlessly blend his mixes using only pitch control with creating a warm, dynamic sound that appeals to anyone from the first time listener to the most educated ear. Appealing to most anyone, his sound resonates a deeper meaning with subtle familiarity of good times past, present, and future.  Each performance is unique using subtle layering, hidden takeover points, and smooth transitions that bring an inspiring vibe to any size event and at any time slot.

A wide range of genres ranging from old school freestyle, techno, deep house, tribal, hypnotic, progressive, ethereal, and a variety of house music.  Blended with precision, a warm funky grooves features layered samples that will surely repeat over and over in the thoughts and minds of attendees long after the experience.  “Find the Good” continues to develop a genuine respect from dj’s in the industry and Electronic Music enthusiasts alike.  Many admire his dedication and self driven determination to create an experience for audiences of all sizes that leaves a lasting impression.  It is this respect that uniquely separates him as a premier artist.

Constantly refining his skills, he has had many rare opportunities to play events as well as chat one-to-one with such respected artists as: Richie Hawtin, Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards, Miles Maeda, Dan Efex, DJ Monk, Donald Glaude, Superstar DJ Keoki, Danny the Wildchild, Mark Almaria, Trevor LaMont, Odi, DJ Surgeon, Juan Atkins, and many others in between. His knowledge base constantly is expanding through his participation within creative resource networks such as the “FUNKenterprises” and “The Lost Art.”
The perfect choice for any event, this versatile artist delights audiences with an audio environment and combines creative tools that will inspire attendees with memorable moments through both audible and visual stimuli.


FTG w Terry Mullan(Terry Mullan & Find the Good)

(Check out his music catalog and portfolio and see why you should “Find the Good” in everything.

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