Camp Unity Music and Arts Festival – May 17th – 19th

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Camp Unity will be hosted this weekend, May 17th-19th in Tennessee! We have some of our very own DJs from TLA (Righteous James, Dmoney, and Jrok) playing this incredibly giving event. Be sure to show your support!

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The History of Camp Unity:
Camp Unity began in 2011 as a launching celebration for the PLURH Movement. The 2011 festival was a 3 day weekender featuring over 70 music artists on 3 stages and various visual artists were on site. It was the first camping festival of its kind in Orlando, Florida and was held at the beautiful Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake.

Camp Unity 2013 will be located in the rolling countryside of Middle Tennessee. Just 30 miles east of Nashville, it’s new location will enable people from new areas to be able to join together and become a part of this unifying experience.

Camp Unity‘s roots are embedded in EDM genres, but music artists from all genres are encouraged to take part. This allows all artists from varying paths in life to come together and to share and experience new forms of talent and creativity.

Artist from Camp Unity Music and Arts Festival 2011

Artist from Camp Unity Music and Arts Festival 2011

Camp Unity‘s Vision is to bring people together and unify them through music, art, self expression, and other talents that will also give an experience to all who attend. With these new experiences, there is a vision of developing new and/or lasting bonds and empowerment through unity.

This event is happy to unify the creativity of local and international artists in all art forms. Their emphasis is to unify the characteristics of music, specifically the EDM genres. You will find DJs, live bands, dancers, visual artists, and vendors at the event. This event is a celebration of creativity that also ties into community involvement. Camp Unity will be collecting items, such as clothing, canned food and toiletries, to donate to help local area homeless teenagers.

TLA Talent at Camp Unity:

Righteous James – Original content can be found here: righteousjameslogo

chip1Since 2002 Righteous James has been honing his skills behind the tables and now he is no amateur. In 2006 Righteous James started touring the club circuit and has played nation wide from his small but home town residency in Houma, Lousiana at The BrickHouse all the way across the country to Pasadena, California playing at Club Menage alongside then resident DJ, Lisa Silver and performing at The Hive Art Gallery in Los Angeles. In New Orleans he has performed in DJ battles at Ampersand, opened for Terry Mullan at The Dragons Den, played alongside Escapades long time resident, Dirty Boy Mike(RIP) and has been mentored by some of Louisiana’s long lasting forerunners such as DJ Dr. Souss (Iron Kat Productions), DJ Demonixx aka Hexx (Hexx Music), and Houserocka (Royal One Records).

Between 2007-2008 and again in 2009-2010 Righteous James made his way into radio and hosted a live broadcast on Gremlin Radio. In 2012 he returned to the world of radio and now currently is involved in promotions and events with where he works with some of the best up and coming talent from around the globe.chip2

Now branching from his strict House roots and embracing the times as multiple genres develop faster and faster, Righteous James can be heard playing everything from Dutch House, Electro House, and Progressive House to Dubstep, Trap House, Moombaton, and Glitch Hop. Expect a set from Righteous James to be filled with high energy, passion and inspiration as he dances you on a journey and tells his story through mixing and sound.

Camp Unity Artist Page:

DJ Dmoney – Original Content can be found here: Dmoney

In the early years of Dmoney learning how to mix, he was only 17 years old. When all his friends would go out to the clubs he would sit at home dmoneymixing records. His friends would always come back from partying and find Dmoney still on the decks. From there Dmoney stayed on his game getting better every weekend and by the time he made 18 he was ready to hit the club scene. He first played at Kenneys Key West in Fat City Nola. From there he went on to playing at clubs such as Escapades, Aqua, and eventually played at a party at the State Palace Theater. With his experience and knowledge of spinning records he has established himself in the local scene in New Orleans. Dmoney has got a local residency at a New Orleans hotspot known for bringing in some big name DJ’s such as DocRoc, Magic Mike, Roonie G, Deekline, and Trashy.

Now Dmoney has been playing at Southshore Tavern for over a year every Sunday with special guest appearances for parties they throw. Dmoney also does his weekly show from Southshore Tavern every Sunday night from 10PMEST-till. He has been playing regular shows around the city and has become a part of

 Dmoney is always trying to better his talents and keep progressing as a DJ in the scene. He’s constantly pushing himself to do more with his skills and shows. So make sure to check him out if you see him on the line-up for a show near you!!

Jrok – Original Content can be found here: Jrok

jrokJames (J-rok) Kenney was born April 4th 1975 in New Orleans, La.  He spent early childhood in NOLA then moved around a bit starting in the D.C. area.  During his early teenage years you could find him on Friday nights at the community center dances.  Dancing was an early interest for Jrok, and while wearing hammer pants he took on all corners on the dance floor, and held his own against most.  During high school there was another move, this time to Tampa, FL.  He took my love of music and dancing to the dance floors of Your city during the Miami bass, break beat, and electro explosion of the 90′s.  This is when James became J-rok.  The latest move (1997) was back to where it all began, New Orleans. Jrok and his friends started mixing records soon after and he found a natural talent.  He became one of the hottest new DJ’s in the city, bouncing from club to club. Soon they teamed up with other local talent to form the Goodvibe Nation. We then toured around the Gulf of Mexico with stops in Cancun, Mexico (Sundance Music Festivale), New Orleans, Bay St. Louis,  Gulfport, and Panama City. I have been playing the New Orleans scene ever since holding such residencies as Kennys Key West (fat city), Escapades (fat city), Pyramids (Metairie), The Mardi Gras Club (French Quarter) , Club Tonix (Bourbon St.) and many stops in between.  You can now find him at Southshore Tavern (Kenner, La.) Sunday nights during his SUNDAZE radio program.  He feels his mission is to make (them) dance and will continue to do so for years to come.

Camp Unity Artist Page:

Other Artists Featured at Camp Unity:

Reeves Raymond
Party Matrix
Old Flame
Nice Pupils vs Vulpes
My Style
MC Allterrain
Kleon Time
Jason Brown
Jerry GoodVibes
Ignorant Noise
Guilty Verdict
Grape Ape
Glowstik Ninja
DJ Plurception
DJ Nobody
DJ Element
DJ Deemode
Boss Awesome
Alex Smith

camp unity

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