BYBB makes it 5 years never missing a show!

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Bruise Your Body Breaks

Bruise Your Body Breaks

Natural Nate 5 years already?
So its a new year. Bruise Your Body breaks has also hit its 5 YEAR MARK this month NEVER MISSING A weekly SHOW! Its always been an honor to highlight artists and to making new friends through true mixing. Its crazy to think about what 2 turntables and some respect has done for me. I have done some pretty cool stuff with music over the years. I have set a world record and made many nominations with the help of all of you. I could never have done any of this if it was not for the hard working Producers. I will always be a fan and a student of the mixing and music industry. Every time I think I have done it all or I have nothing else to give? A new year comes with excitement and Boom Booms. There are some major steps that BYBB is involved in to hopefully revolutionize this industry again with these awesome Ideas. I cant thank everyone enough for the support. Its really been a blessing.
Here was a cool note to my Good friend James kind wrapping up some of my thoughts a few days ago.

I grew up in awwww watching these people we call Breakers. I loved the art to death and really cared nothing more than the dance and music itself. I never really understood what a Dj was honestly. We would go out looking for the biggest boom booms to cut rug to. I was a Super huge fan of the old school to the new age of breaks. It really had got to a point where breaks where thin at shows. I got tired of spending money on lame shows and decided to get tables. I never would have EVER imagined that I would be where Im at with it to this day. I never intended on being a DJ. I just wanted to hear the music I wanted to hear. Word had spread quick that I had picked it up and I was doing my first gig in less than a month? crazy? I was no pro by any means but I took the challenge. I had a good friend soon after tell me a few guidelines. He {G-Ron} also told me that a good dj could mix after every 32-64 beats with another track. I was hooked to the bone.
* Side note to fast mixing* Way back in the day, I thought a dj was only taking clips from wax and making music from hundreds of records vs playing a song. I know? I was a strange person always looking way to deep into things to soon simplify what was really going on.* So I took what I was told and knew and spun my tall of with the respect of the producers I had used in battle. There were many times I wanted to quit. Trust me. Hole in the wall shows and demanding respect takes work out of a man. Radio really changed my life. It showed me how to respect myself in ways I did not know how. It had save my life in many ways. The Producers save my life in many ways and I repay them back by sharing the music I love. Its a personal gift and unspoken words that will never have an understanding. I soon realized that I had trust from these amazing producers. It soon made me want to be more professional for those I was using. I would not be natural Nate with out all the hard working producers out there.
I just put two tracks together. I love to hear them sing! The art of steering this music to make more of a remix is what makes me tick. In the moments it can never get old. I set a world record for the sake of Breaks and the people I loved at the time. I went as far as getting all the copyrights and talking to these people that thought I was crazy and was interested in how this would work. Being nominated the past few years just blew me away. To just have a passion for music has changed my life. Being Nominated last year as the Top 50 can never be matched for me. I never asked for a vote and was really quite about it. The world voted and I just still to this day dont know what to say. Its time for me to really help others. I have achieved more than I could have dreamed. Time to do other things with this powerful music.

I have been at a cross road with things in my life but the music has always kept me in a straight line. It will be 5 years In January with that we have Never missed a show for the love of the breaks and people involved. I always just wanted to be someone to give someone a chance they might not ever get. I have worked for everything I have and have only tried to use my own Ideas with respect from the masters of the future and past. I will always be a fan no matter what happens. I will stay humble always knowing someone is better. :}

Special Thanks to Mike Devious, Wingnut Jones Tracy Vandyke, Blane  along with Smoke Dog {Robby} and all the other Banana Peels.


Thank you to all the BYBB Members around the globe.


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