You are listening too A Underground Music Xperience release, Number 11. This will be released in September 2018. The album Name… ” Activate the underground ” featuring DJ Natural Nate Verses, Jiggabot, and DJ Mike Devious. Big shout out to Paul Van Leeuwen, and Underground Music Xperience . for all of the support over the years! We could not be humbled enough to have had such a great journey with you! We are looking forward to many more releases in the near future. There is also a huge, huge shout out to David Noller { Dynamix II } and Oscar Zayas for helping all of us with the Mastering to these releases! Thank you to Brian Schell for making the art work to the UMX 11 release! Thanks to everyone that has Supported Underground Music Xperience, Bruise Your Body breaks, The Lost Art dot com and many more affiliated companies that are keeping the music alive! It really means a lot to all of us! This is a test pressing only. Be sure to ask Underground Music Xperience where you can buy your copy!

Side A. Track 1. Activate the underground. DJ Natural Nate verses JiggaBot

Side A. track 2. Lost in this world. DJ Natural Nate verses JiggaBot

Side B. Track 1. Wait a Minute. DJ Mike Devious

Side B. track 2. Saber. DJ Mike Devious

Underground Music Xperience 011, Bruise Your Body Breaks Mp4

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