Talk In Technicolor- DJ Natural Nate™ vs Jiggabot- Frajile Recordings

So we saw this 1950s housewife in LSD experiment video go around a few years back. I thought it would be a fun idea to try to sample this video. We saw producers of all types say the same thing. We are going to do this and that… We waited to see what types of remixes were going to come out and not a single track was ever made. We decided to give this a shot and yes, it was a challenge. The video is 70 years old and the sound quality was horrible. It took some time to try and chop and clean this up enough to try a production out of it. Its not perfect but was a neat attempt at something new…. Or should we say, old school… We hope you find some enjoyment out of this. Big thanks for the support!

Track Title: Talk In Technicolor- DJ Natural Nate™ vs Jiggabot

Album: The Test Of Time Anthology:…/talk-in…

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Talk In Technicolor DJ Natural Nate™ vs Jiggabot Frajile Recordings

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