Chasing the rhythm- DJ Edit- DJ Natural Nate™ vs Jiggabot- Frajile Recordings

Here is a very personal track that we were not sure if we were even going to attempt it.. The vocals were very difficult to match and we almost threw this project away. Jiggabot loved the meaning behind them so much that we struggled for a while putting this together. It seems the tough songs and the ones you want to throw away can be the most favorite. This is a very touching video to bring this song to life. We cannot thank everyone enough for the support on our crazy Ideas and music. Big thanks for letting us tag you and especially to share these in your groups… It really means a lot to us…. Please enjoy!

Track Title: Chasing the rhythm- DJ Edit
DJ Natural Nate™ vs Jiggabot

Album: The Test Of Time Anthology:

Bandamp Release By Frajile Recordings…/chasing-the…

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Chasing the rhythm DJ Edit DJ Natural Nate™ vs Jiggabot Frajile Recordings

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