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Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy

http://WWW.The-Lost-Art.Com is extremely proud to present one of the newest members of the team. Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy is one of the fastest up and coming DJ/Producer in the Electro/Breaks industry. TlA was extremely honored to have a chance to work with not only a good producer, but a good person as well. Mike is extremely Loyal to the (( BOOM )) and the true cause of keeping the Electro Breaks to a high standard. Not only can this amazing artist mix on the 1 & 2’s, but he will devastate a city block with his bass and sounds. The onslaught of energized and electric synths will have you captivated as a robot slave, to the dance floor. The percussion & Boom will insure there is no escape from the encounter of Minimal electronic Volume 1 & 2 { Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy } presented by The-Lost-Art.Com

Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy, TLA, one

Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy, TLA, II

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Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy

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Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy, TLA, 2Micheal Purdy, also known as DJ Kontaegis, is a talented yet humble artist. His love for music is no secret to those who know him. He is an aggressive, persistent, and passionate songwriter, who is never afraid to stay true to his roots. Some of his favorite artists include but are not limited to: Hybrid, Burufunk, Bass Junkie, Funklab, Stanton Warriors and many more. With many genres such as progressive, electro, nu-skool, 80’s hip-hop, FreeStyle and Miami bass to listen to, one thing was always apparent once the realization of being a songwriter became a possibility.

Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy, TLA, The-Lost-Art.comMike Dj-kontaegis Purdy would soon realize that his love for music would be a never ending commitment to knowledge, practice, trials, errors and the ability to communicate through many different sounds. His journey began amazingly when he bought a playstation game, Music Generator, which allowed him to sequence sounds, mimicking a studio. His decision to invest time and money into equipment was not a question, it was something he had to do.

Between Dj-ing at local house parties and clubs in Florida along with constantly working on new song projects at home, Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy found that he was able to channel his energy through music, and make something out of almost nothing. He continues to work hard to develop his sound, while continuing to remain true to his roots and the people who have supported him through his journey….

Mike Dj-kontaegis Purdy  on Soundcloud

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