The-Lost-Art Presents: Untidy TWELVE INCH:

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The-Lost-Art Presents: Untidy TWELVE INCH:

 Trippy of untidy TWELVE INCH productions


Trippy have had a passion for music since an early age, as a child his mother owned an LP called “electric coconut”,he loved the weird sounds and one day I was visiting the science museum in London and there was an demonstration on audio and the demonstrated the first analogue synthesizer, It blew him away so much at the end he pleaded to have a go but that was not to be.
When Trippy was about 10 years old a new sound came to London, this sound was electronic funk, he fell in love with the whole scene, robotics, body popping and breakdance. Trippy wanted to be a Dj and scratch so he set up to gramophones side by side and would spend hours scratching and mixing and of course breakdancing .
In the late 80’s a new sound emerged on the scene, House and New Beat, Trippy got addicted to this new sound.
It changed UK for the better, this was a time of mass unemployment and football hooligans. The early acid parties pretty much wiped out football hooligans over night, people had dance floors to relieve stress instead of fighting. On the dance floor everyone was your friend and it did not matter if you could not dance (ahem) no one judged you.
It was like everyone Trippy knew was a Dj, so he never felt like being just another Dj and preferred to be on other side of decks having fun. A good friend of his, an respected Dj on the underground scene called MR Tom, helped him to tune his skills on the decks and Trippy just played them for fun with mates. One deck each was always great fun. Trippy participated in the Freedom to party campaign march and demonstration in London in 1989 as well as all the marches against the criminal justice bill in 1994.
The rest of the time Trippy just partied either in clubs or free parties, like DIY and spiral tribe.
By mid 90’s Trippy needed a break so he moved to the country with his women and he started a family . Trippy dropped out of the party scene for a few years and started listening to internet radio. A dj on I breaks called DJ derve played a few sets of his as guest mixers on his show and he started to get a following.
Slickwillydee visited Trippy one weekend and mentioned a new station he had just started playing on and would he like a slot. Trippy answered with a maybe and before he knew it Slick whipped out his phone called the owner and handed him the phone and that’s how his internet DJ’ing days started.. Trippy played on radio glitch for about 2-3 years but due to technical problems in the station he had to retire from doing that show. Trippy then had one of those “being in the right place at right time moments” in chat room when Natural Nate was discussing a new idea for a station ,, Trippy just had to be a part of it ever since, it’s fucking revolutionary man.
So, to describe Trippy in one sentence would be “To bring beats and bleeps to the masses, just for the love of it”
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