TLA’s Hopefuls in Breakspoll 2012. Congrats to the Nominations!

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Congratulations to the people in TLAs nominations this year!
These are our nominations from in this years Breakspoll awards. We had a GREAT year last year and are looking forward to this awesome event. We did put a few extras in so you can be the judge and insure we get the proper amount of people in each event! We know that all cannot be on the bill but this was our thoughts.



We feel pretty strong about our nominations this year and we hope you do also! Thank you so much for the support!

* You can still vote for anyone on this list weather Breakspoll nominates or not. Thank you! *

Best in DJ
: DJ Skinner from / Bass Records
: Mike Devious from / Bruise Your Body Breaks

Best new DJ:
 InHuman Designed / Cory Prolif Hernandez
Paul Bizzerk

Best in Radio show
: Untidy TWELVE INCH productions/ Hippy Ian Addison
: Affiliated Beatz / Paul Bizzerk and crew
: Influenza / Infektuous Dex
: florida Static Crew / DJ Somatic and crew

Best new Producer
: DJ JC / Jeff Caron of
: Solartron
: Evil King Nasty
: Ah-Karu / / BYBB Seattle

Best Producer
: James Wolfe / Frajile Recordings Inc /
: David Noller /Dynamix II

: Nick Teknik Riesco /Sound Chasers /

Best in Label
: /
: Sound Chasers Release. Audio Hostem EP – DADEaBASS
: The Breakniks Release {CD}

Best New Label
: Tekna Tronik /
: Ill Robotik System {Artists} DJ JC / Evil King Nasty /

Best new track: From another Demension: DJ JC /
:Robot Pieces / Jigga and Natural Nate / Bruise Your body Breaks /
: Watch Me { Work it } Evil King Nasty

Best Album: “Sound ChasersAudio Hostem EP – DADEaBASS Recordings 03
: Robot Pieces / Jigga and Natural Nate / Bruise Your body Breaks /

Best remix: Hot Pink Delorean ” My Favorite” (Dave Calculator breakbeat mix) DJ DC

Best Website:

Best Blog:

Best in radio Station:


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