TLA Supports the “50 Legs For 50 Kids” Program

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Steve Chamberland’s “50 Legs for 50 Kids” story

is spreading across America quickly!!

Help him reach his goal as he reaches out to help the Victims in the Boston bombing!!

steve and girl Steve Chamberland

Help us as we support a very worthwhile cause.

Steve Chamberlain, founder of 50 legs, is traveling to Boston to help the victims of the Boston Marathon, to help those in need with prosthetic limb necessities.
We would like to make his trip a little easier.

The Inspiration Behind 50 Legs

In May 2011, I received a call from my friend in Georgia who shared the story of Ania with me. Ania, at the age of 9, had saved her younger sister’s life. She and her sister were crossing the street on their way to school when a truck came over the hill headed right for them. Ania pushed her little sister out of harm’s way, but sadly, was hit by the truck. Ania received several life threatening injuries that resulted in her losing a kidney and having one of her legs amputated. My friend shared this story with me because I, too, am missing a leg. When I heard this story, I realized that my leg was taken for a reason and that I would devote myself to helping other children amputees.

I called my prosthetic doctor and shared the story with him. It was easy to convince him to share his talents with this deserving child. He and I made the journey to Georgia and presented Anna with a new prosthetic leg. The look on her face is something I’ll never forget and the joy I felt in that moment drives me to this day. My current goal is to share 50 legs with 50 kids.

Here’s his story on BAY NEWS 9 here in Tampa, FL!!

Watch the 50 Legs for 50 Kids Video here!!

Reach him on Twitter HERE!!

Click HERE or on the picture below to make a donation to help him succeed his goal!!

50 Legs for 50 Kids

If you need financial assistance with your prosthesis or prosthesis-related product, click HERE to send us a detailed description of your situation for consideration.

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