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Good morning TLA family and friends ! My name is Nicole Dodman, aka Nikki D having been dubbed by my loved ones 😉 …

A little over two years ago a good friend of mine TJ Fonik told me about this amazing DJ by the name of Natural Nate from Colorado. TJ recommended his great live internet show with a chat room called The Lost Art. I tuned in and Natural Nate was there live on webcam mixing vinyl and doing tricks old school style bringing straight goodness live for all to see, hear and enjoy!

I was grateful, I was impressed, I was humbled…

Here was this amazing man giving his heart and soul spinning his vinyl live for all of us lucky viewers to enjoy. Chatting with us, making us feel like family. That day changed how I looked at life. The music moved me. The giving from his soul with such purity inspired me. All of us in the chat were moved by the passion we saw and heard. Filled with gratitude, lucky to be a part of something special. When we took breaks due to life challenges and then came back, The Lost Art was there. Welcoming us always with open arms and a vibe as if we never left.

The energy back then was as awesome as it is today. A family vibe.

There is always pure, good people coming together from all over the world. Getting together and listening to the wonderful sounds from talented, giving artists all while getting to know each other and many making long, lasting friendships.

Fast forward to today and here I am blogging for all of you.

This has all taken me by wonderful surprise and I am grateful and thankful to be a part of this amazing group of people. The Lost Art has given me and so many others hope and belief that every day we can accomplish great things together in great ways.  The Lost Art team supports each other in life and in dreams. We pick each other up when we are down. We push each other to keep striving for our goals. Everyone is welcome. Join us and be a part of The Lost Art experience.

The schedule of DJ slots since my very first experience has grown to being almost 100 percent full ! All genres of music in our scene from some of the most wonderful, caring, giving, talented real people across the lands. I will be doing a spotlight blog on each and every one of these good people. I look forward to writing about them all. Each one brings something special to the decks. They are giving their all to preserve the pitch ! Lets remember the people who work behind the scenes to ensure that quality is brought to the viewer every day. I will spotlight them as well. We are a team. We are a family. We are The Lost Art.

The Lost Art has set out to preserve the pitch. To keep the performance art of the disc jockey pure and clean. To insure that this industry stay true to the art form the way it has been taught and passed down. Two turntables, a mixer and a mike. Technology is ever changing and while some may use CD’s instead of vinyl, one thing at The Lost Art that will never change is the mixing is real!

No pre programming. No pressing a button to match beats. Here at The Lost Art you will find every DJ doing his or her thing from the truest place of the art form.  The Lost Art has taken the mission of preserving the pitch to a whole new level.  Locally, internationally and globally we are open to every genre of music in our scene !  Our mission is to stay open to all ideas and come together as a whole to create beauty in the form of art with good people. Music, clothing, and art work are just a few of things The Lost Art is passionate about and working on daily to bring to you.  All while keeping it pure by preserving the pitch!

The Lost Art Events are quickly becoming known world wide !  Attendees are loving the events as they get to experience the art of the true disc jockey live and in person! Almost all the events are now being broadcasted live on our internet website for all of the world to watch and enjoy!

If you can’t be there in the flesh we are bringing it to you !

Locally, nationally and globally The Lost Art is bringing you a one of a kind experience like no other. We welcome all of you to join us as we bring pure good vibes and music to you where ever you are world wide ! My blog will be new daily to keep you up to speed on all the great happenings with T.L.A. and beyond ! I will be blogging about anything and everything good in our scene ! Helping one another is what it is all about !  All ideas will be looked at and many will be collaborated on. This is a family.  Thank you to all of our supporters.  We will strive everyday to bring you the listener and viewer real live goodness the way you want to enjoy it.

A very special shout out and welcome to our friends over at B and H Audio and Video in New York City ! Bringing you great deals on all of your musical equipment needs ! New specials every week will be shown here for your easy shopping access ! DJ’s and producers we hope you enjoy all that B and H has to offer.


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