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 Richard Myles is a professional music composer who scores theatrical films, but also has a gift to compose music to touch your soul.

richard Myles was intrigued to have a special look at this amazing artist! This is music composed for any listener of any age. These journey filled songs will take you to the edge of imagination. The rhythm will have your feet tapping while the seamless production carries you through space and time. Richard Myles production is nothing short of masterful and bliss. You can find Richards production all over the world including Major Movie productions and a feature in Rolling Stones Magazine next month. Richard Myles also educates and helps up and coming artists along with companies through his one of a kind Facebook group that is a must to join!


1 Richard Myles

Viper Productions, LLC’sAmbient Nights” Vol #1 music CD is a fine collection of strong ambient, jazz, new age, and techno rhythms all onto one extraordinary CD. Richard Myles is a professional music composer who scores theatrical films, but also has a gift to compose music to touch your soul. Special guest on the Ambient Nights Vol 1 Cd is the equally talented “Regginald Watson” who adds his creative artistry to the mix.

Richard Myles 2 -Ambient Nights Vol 1

Ambient Nights Vol 2 continues the flavor of Ambient Nights Vol 1, but this album is more aggressive featuring Richard Myles and Shawn K. Clement of Clemistry Music. Shawn has scored some of the industry’s biggest films such as Quantum Quest starring Samuel Jackson, Amanda Peete, James Earl Jones, Chris Pine, and many more. We are very honored to have Shawn and Clemistry’s music on this album.  -Ambient Nights Vol 2

3 Richard Myles

Ambient Nights Vol 3-Erotic Fantasies features Richard Myles and Ilirjan Guri from Berat, Albania. This album combines ambient, erotic, and sensual elements to make you feel like making love to your soul mate. -Ambient Nights Vol 3-Erotic Fantasies

4 Richard Myles

Ambient Nights Vol IV-Center Stage brings you 20 incredible ambient tracks to penetrate your soul. This music is ageless, and you will discover how incredible they are after you hear them. -Ambient Nights Vol 4-Center Stage

1 Richard MylesAMBIENT_NIGHTS_VOL._V-1

Ambient Nights Vol 5-Musica De Soul contain 17 amazing tracks that have a little something different compared to the previous albums. This album made TOP SELLERS list twice on CD Baby for the month of August and October 2012 under World music! Check it out! –Ambient Nights Vol 5-Musica De Soul

Darkness within Vol 1 is a fine collection of dark ambient horror music by the talented Richard Myles and Michael Damon. It truly touches the soul by helping you to face the darkness we all sometimes feel inside.

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Our site is http://www.mentalscars.comor direct music links to download my albums on CD BABY, ITUNES, AMAZON, NAPSTER, RHAPSODY, E-MUSIC, and TONS more…also join me on my music fan page below on facebook!
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About Richard
I love entertaining people! 

Co-Founder, Co-Executive Producer, Actor, music composer, screenplay writer, and sales agent for Viper Productions, LLC and Mental Scars, LLC

Our company website:

Samples of my 5 albums:

* Associate of Arts-Human Services ,Niagara County Community College 1996 with Merit
*Bachelor of Science-Social Work, State University College at Buffalo 1999
*Master of Science- School Counseling Education,
Niagara University, Kappa Delta Pi Honors G.P.A 3.94 2001

I LOVE my precious daughter, and single-hood, but a complementary woman would definitely be a viable option. I cherish the follwoing things:

Richard myles1)my precious daughter 2) good health 3) movie career 4) my business partner(and brother) Mischa Perez 5) the gift to make music 6) the gift of life 7) the ability to make people smile 8) the ability to inspire others 9) the ability to attract dream makers while excluding dream breakers from my life 10) the ability to smell a corrupt and dishonest person 11) the ability to move on after a break-up 12) the ability to walk again after experiencing 2 serious back injuries 13) the ability to thank the Lord for being my guiding light 14) the ability to love another person 15) the gift of empowerment from true friends and family. 16) the ability and strength to accept the tragic loss of my mother who was killed by a dump truck while crossing the street in Niagara Falls, NY in 2006! My mother’s death has changed me in many ways, I will never forget how awful she looked in the hospital fighting for her life, and I became very depressed over that experience. I have mustered the strength to remember her smile and laughter, that is what keeps me at peace. Mom if you are reading this in heaven, I love you and dedicate my success to you, and know you are proud of my achievements!!!!

My father is African American, and my deceased mother (GOD BLESS HER SOUL) was German and Serbian(Yugoslavian). I love my mixed heritage, and feel connected to all people. They did a great job in raising my brother and I considering the paucity of resources they had!

My favorite places to travel are:Richard Myles
1) Spain(always intrigued by the Spaniards and their culture such as Flemenco, St Anthony’s festival, Spanish music, basically anything Spanish. Spain is my favorite country in Europe and romance language. I have always LOVED Native American people in general because of their love for family, nature, and strength to never succumb to the superficial life that so many people adopt. When I was young I used to go for long walks alone and meditate. It reminded me so much of Natives whom often enjoyed the same pure and simple things in life.

The ideal vacation for me is to dine in a nice elegant Spanish restaurant near an ocean. I love to experience the whole ambience of the waves crashing, the wind blowing, and hearing beautiful ambient or Jazz music to complement the experience. Some spanish music would add to the moment!

Words of wisdom, when people try to keep you down, they are the ones who hurt inside. Never let anyone stop you from living your dreams.

CEO, CO-Founder, Executive Producer, Actor, Writer, and Music Composer · Jan 2006 to present

Released the motion picture Mental Scars 2009. Released 7 albums 2009- 2012

      Contact Info



Chris Lee


Lee Law, PLLC
P.O.Box 189
Pittsboro, N.C. 27312
Phone: (919) 542-1956
visit:, TlA, Live Djs, Internet Radio

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