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Everyday life can be stressful…

…and dealing with that stress is not easy.


It can be difficult to deal with some days…

…sometimes it seems there is no easy solution.


Stress can make people act like a completely different person…


…Long term exposure to stress will shorten your lifespan.


Consider this option as the perfect solution:


Getting lost, you to see things differently.





…Wandering around…    



You may have never been here before…

                                                      …yet, you are still okay.


You will start to remember the things you liked about yourself.










The-Lost-Art and specifically the GrOOveyarD is provided as a safe place to escape from the ‘default’ world in order to look at your real-life situations through a different perspective.

Find yourself through music and chat.  Feel free to be who you want to be. It’s a safe place. Everyone is welcome to find themselves. Discover the POWER in positive thinking. Allow yourself to believe that GOOD things WILL happen. Manifest outcomes to situations that could potentially be unfortunate and turn them into an opportunity to succeed!

Or simply just come to relax to some REALLY good music.








Anyone is welcome to participate in the GrOOveyarD activity.

The GrOOveyarD is open nearly every night, backed by the positive vibes and genuine tribal family of attendees. It begins after the last scheduled artist has finished their set and is ready to ‘call it a day’.  

Open your mind to the perspective that you can get through most of what life offers you with a smile on your face.

First, use this online resource network to figure out what personally brings you happiness.  This is different for everyone. It’s important to know exactly what it is that you value as successful and consequently brings you TRUE happiness.  Then, once you know for sure what makes YOU happy – it’s time to move to the next step. Share that happiness with the people around you.

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been going since the GrOOveyarD opened, we all need reminders on how much easier and better life will be with this positive perspective.  Trust me – this is good for your mind, body and soul. Besides… if it doesn’t work – you can always go back to what you used to do.

<~_~> We would be pessimistic…. but it wouldn’t work anyways! <~_~>

Get Lost + Find Yourself at the GrOOveyarD hosted by THE-LOST-ART.COM

with your regular scheduled Djs

Find the Good + Dj Serendipity

also, Special Guest Dj’s a couple times a month (usually scheduled during the Sunday Sunrise Service).

Come for the tunes – stay for the chat.






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Join us throughout the night

             Come for the tunes…

…stay for the chat.       

Find the Good @ The-Lost-Art

Find the Good @ The-Lost-Art



Attraction Reaction – Turkey Friday – FindtheGood from Find theGood on Vimeo.

GrOOveyarD / Preserving The Pitch: Find The Good

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