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    The Phoenix Vision

An EDM collaboration of sound and soul.

Omar Santana-NYC     Dubokle– Denver

The Phoenix Vision is an electronic dance music collaboration by world renowned producers Omar Santana from NYC and Dubokle from Denver...

The Phoenix Vision is an electronic dance music collaboration by world renowned producers Omar Santana from NYC and Dubokle from Denver…

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The legendary innovator of the Hard Hop sound, Omar Santana collides with one of the hottest up and coming producers from Denver, Dubokle. The Phoenix Vision rises to ignite your senses, providing an art form with a new vision emerging, from mediums that are mixed, and an end product that is nothing less than unique.  

As genres evolve and merge together we get treated to the next hot genre. Coming together late Oct. 2012 the collaboration between Omar Santana and Dubokle began when Omar listened to one of Dubokle’s original songs and wondered what it would sound like with a dubstep drum pattern.  One week later these two top notch producers were breaking the genre barriers combining Omar’s background with the darker side of Dubstep and Breaks, along with the melodic piano and synth lines that Dubokle’s complextro and breaks were so well known for creating a sound that they call complextrostep. To make things even more appealing to the masses they recently relocated back to Dubokle’s hometown of Denver, CO and began working with the very talented bombshell Jaden Nox.

About the artists

Omar Santana

Omar Santana was inspired in the early 1980s to try his hand as a DJ. From that moment on, the Queens, New York native began to make a name for himself as a DJ as part of the Dynamic Rockers Crew and began working with the likes of Arthur Baker, Tommy Boy, and Sleeping Bag Records. By the mid 80s, Omar began remixing tracks for several rap artists: UTFO, The Boogie Boys, Stetsasonic and Mantronix. His superb DJ skills and stellar remix credits earned him a place as one of the infamous Edit Kings.

It is because of that title that Omar has gone on to work with some many noteworthy names in music. Artists like Public Enemy, Janet Jackson, Simply Red, Quincy Jones, The Rolling Stones, New Order, The Shamen and MC Ren of NWA, have all requested the talents of Omar at one time or another. Omar began his own record label, Tricked Out Recordings and its Hardcore affiliate, H2OH Recordings. Omar Santana and Tricked out RecordsSince then, he has been releasing his own material as well as that of fellow Hardcore and Breaks DJs.

A few years ago Omar entered the increasingly popular world of Dubstep and went on to team up with long time friend and fellow producer Evan Gamble Lewis. Together they formed the group The Speaker Tweakerz, releasing 2 full length albums before the demands of the industry pulled them away therefore allowing The Phoenix Vision to be born.

Dubokle – Denver CO,

DJPromopicDubokle has been a Denver staple in the EDM scene for several years and many have had the privilege to see him perform. When looking at what sets this young producer apart from the rest, there is always one word you hear from all his fans, both new and old, …Original. In EDM , this is a word that many seek but few can find anymore. Through incredible creativity, Dubokle provides a much needed and refreshing production and remix style.

Dubokle’s sound can be best categorized as Complextro, or Electro Breaks. By blending multiple genres into his songs and mixes, listeners can tell out of the box thinking takes place during his writing process. Very creative in his style by encompassing trance like piano melodies along with  dirty, glitchy, complextro leads and bass lines.  All being driven by a beat that may be a 4 on the floor straight kick in one section but you know that broken beat is not far away. He says “Complextro is complex electro….it needs a more complex beat….otherwise its just dirty electro.”  

TEEMStream had the pleasure of being able to sit down with The Phoenix Vision and ask the guys some questions while they were on break from the typical non-stop workflow they endure daily.

Q:Where did you come up with both names, The Phoenix Vision and then the album title “Step Into

The 5th Dimension”?
Dubokle: “One of the first things Omar and I realized we had in common outside of our passion for broken beats was definitely our views on spirituality. Omar introduced to me a group that stood for almost exactly what drove me day to day.”  

Omar: “The core belief is that a higher power exists in a dimension that currently we can not yet see, But since Dec. 21st 2012 the veil has been lifted which now begins the process of ascending or crossing over into the 5th dimension. So after many chats on this topic and sharing the visions that were created in our minds. The story and life cycle of a phoenix came up one day and really seemed to fit well, not to mention the symbology that the phoenix stands for.  We burn a combination of frankincense and myrrh in the studio most days when we are working to promote positive and creative energy’s. I guess you could say it all just seemed to make so much sense it was impossible to ignore.”

Jaden Nox

The newest addition to the project was Jaden Nox a singer/song writer from Denver, CO. She has performed at such venues as The Church Nightclub, Beta Nightclub, Cervantes, and Funky Buddah Lounge and more. Jaden came highly recommended from a good friend and very respected individual, DJ Natural Nate of Jaden is a fresh face to the world of EDM and let me tell you the temperature rises more than a few degrees when she is near. Performing live for the first time in 2001, She quickly gained herself the reputation of being able to own the stage as if that is where she belongs. The combination of her angelic vocals mixed over deep dark bass brings down the house to say the least.

To add to her already remarkable stage presence she will be choreographing dance routines along side a few other dancers. Jaden will be providing the vocals on several songs for the upcoming album expected out in April 2013. The Phoenix Vision brings to the table melodic hooks that will stay locked in your head for days, so don’t be surprised when you catch yourself singing nonstop as you make it through your day. There is no doubt The Phoenix Vision struck gold when she came aboard. Dubokle says “Its not everyday you come across a triple threat.” 

  When you recap the experience and talent that is being combined its truly something wonderful when a plan comes together. At the end of the day you put it all together and you get a name you will be hearing for many years to come, The Phoenix Vision is going to rise up and ignite a fire in the scene that is much needed. Being the nice guys they are, Omar and Dubokle have offered up a taste of several of the songs that can be found on the upcoming release “Step Into The 5th Dimension” as a short medley of  which can be found by heading to the Facebook page or directly to Soundcloud. ——-The Phoenix Vision Page  —–Omar Soundcloud page —–Dubokle Soundcloud page  —-The Phoenix Vision fan page Omar —-Dubokle Fan Page —-Jaden Nox FB page

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