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Nodezero Electronics does it again with another master piece for the electro enthusiasts. System Damnation EP is fully packed with raw bass and mind powering vocoders. This E.P. will have you on the edge of your feet, ready to bust a move. Nodezero is the next generation of Electro, and its here to stay. Look for many more releases by: 

Nodezero ElectronicsNodezero: Born in Rome in 2008, initially as an “underground collective”. A group of producers and djs vjs electronic scene in Rome, decided to join forces and create a project that allows the self-distribution of online music, video, images. Over time, the artists which rotate around Nodezero, develop special interest in staging and attending parties and events for electronic music, working with v…arious projects of the Roman circuit. From 2011 Nodezero decided to relaunch itself as independent label releasing albums, EPs, singles, live / dj sets and videos under the name ‘Nodezero Electronics’. 

“continue to experiment and mix styles in a dynamic space, where the essential thing is the interaction with others. “ 

System Damnation EP
Release date 03/25/2012 on digital stores 
System Damnation” is a collaboration of the two artists Fabrizio Rega (Direct Y) and Ivan Zanon (AHK). In this track the two producers wanted to highlight their Dark Electro and Miami Bass sound: impressive basses, breaks, dark ambience, scratching and vocoder. They talk about binary code, the relationship between man and machine, networks and hacking, as in a Cyberpunk novel.

Nodezero Electronics


There are several artists, members of the underground electronic music scene, who have supported the Roman duo with their remixes, enough to create an international collaboration. From Rome Ice One & The Electro Disciples, historical producer and rapper of the capital, currently very active in the electronic circuit and RawZombiez, the duo bloodthirsty destroyer of dancefloors.Nodezero Electronics Baxim from Japan, a member of “Tokyo Electro Beat Park“, producer and DJ talent. From Spain the “Korrupted Brothers” suggest that, in Pamplona, their synthesizers run like the bulls. From United States _AWOL is keen to show the potential of his 808.

Mastered by Valerio Maina except Ice one Remix & and Korrupted Brothers Remix 

Soundcloud release teaser: 

Nodezero Electronics

Nodezero Electronics
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AHK feat Direct Y – she machine – Original Videoclip:
Nodezero Electronics
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