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It seems whenever t.v or radio

shows seem to recall music from

the early – mid 80’s, they

always define either mainstream

music that was in the charts or they

end up drifting over any of the

jams that shaped us? So we’re setting

the record straight and letting the lost

art know exactly what we were into.


So sit kick off your all-stars, sit back and relax as we present… An E.L.E.C.T.R.O MIX FROM THE BREAKNIKS:

   ”It is indeed a pleasure to host another artist here on my podcast..I cannot recall when we first made contact, but it has indeed been an enjoyable association..on hearing this mix for the first time i knew i wanted others to enjoy it also..let me introduce you to the Breakniks…” 

These early electro records formed the basis of what me [doc] and stet are about today… 
If it’s the 1st time you’ve heard these original cuts [we hope they’ll blow your doors off] or, if they are bringing back memories of yesteryear, [we hope they’ll also blow your doors off]

The breakniks 
Formed way back in 2004 and hailing from the Southeast of England, We the Breakniks aim to keep our sound based in the underground dance. With every atom of our existence we strive to make our tracks as big as possible… oh, and having a laugh on the way.

We try not to box ourselves in, cutting tracks in D&B, I.D.M, ELECTRO, BREAKBEAT, HARDCORE RAVE, AMBIENT and THE BREAKS to create various styles Spacey electronic music smiley. + Feeding from the likes of Pink Floyd – n.w.a – 60s/70s film scores – kraftwerk. [2 numerous to list them all]

The new project ‘FEDERATION: BREAKNIK’ is no exception… and will be out very soon on ‘jam on productions’. 
It will include [amongst totally new tracks ‘DESIGNED II FAIL’, ‘JIMMYS HILL’, ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS’ + MORE] our ‘PYCHOSIS’ remix of ‘JAM ON IT, BY NEWCLEUS’ [the original 1984 mix can be heard in this very electro mix] + a never before released remix of ‘AUTOMAN BY NEWCLEUS’

And, as a ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s supported us and who’ve dug our tunes over the years, we’ll be putting pictures of the entire BREAKNK COLLECTIVE [everyone who wants to that is lol] on the album cover. 
So please feel free to send any nutty pictures you might have of yourselves to

Also massive respect/love and thanks to Cait for playing our electro mix on her show.


THE BREAKNIKS [doc & stet]

Also check out our free downloads @;;

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We have been asked several times... 'Where can we pre-order your new record?' ( Click here to pre-order ) We could not be more than excited! We have been talking about pressing more records and we finally have a reliable source for pre-sales and the record purchase. Juno has accepted us for this release and also future record releases. This is absolutely amazing! I cannot thank James Boggs with Hoodwink Records / Carocell music enough, for his extremely hard work to make all of this a dream come true. We are truly honored to work with some of the best mastering professionals, record pressing company, publishing companies, and individuals, in the world. We really took our time to find the right companies to do these projects and really hope to keep pressing more in the near future. We are very humbled to seriously have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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“Notes To Jiggabot” has been a compilation of songs that were dedicated to the Lovely Jiggabot by DJ Natural NateⓇ. These are love letters (Songs) to saying how much he loves Jiggabot and to say the words that are sometime hard to say out loud. All of the songs on this album have had many supporters and sponsors. We have to give a very special shoutout to, Frajile Recordings, 77Deuce, Electro Echelon, ONE7AUDIO, Hoodwink Records and Carocell music for believing in this music with top charting results. We would not be here without all of you. Special Thanks goes to all the party goers and old school heads that have throughout the years, brought us all support and inspiration! A huge shout out to all radio stations worldwide who have helped with promotional play. Let the labels' hearts and souls know without a shadow of doubt, that the efforts have not been in vain. A massive thanks to the home team and the most amazing people who have been pushing The-Lost-Art since day one! We love you and dedicate this project to each and every one of you who hold this close. Last but not least, this is dedicated to all our friends, families and DJs worldwide who continue to live through vinyl. You know who you are. Blessings! James B Boggs

If one believes or not in fairy tales, I say to them... Don't think too long. Each and everyday Love can be captured. If not for a moment Love can be held for a lifetime. "The notes to Jiggabot" are the prime example of how our myths & legends stand that inevitable test of time. The world deserves to know that "Fairy Tale" love stories are real. Within the grooves of this EP one can hear & feel that every bit of such a notion is True. James B Boggs

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