The Breakniks – Holy Smoke 2012.

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   Originally Holy Smoke was started back in 2001 [incidentally the weekend after 9/11] Realizing we’d stumbled onto the beginnings of a ‘winner’, myself and Stet set about smashing [what we did have] to bits and blindly mixing up different versions. Using an assortment of breaks/various synths / drum machines / changing the tempo we tried to form the biases of a pounding break beat track. But after weeks of fiddling about, it never fell into place…. So after countless hours of work and as our interest dwindled and newer tracks were started, Holy Smoke got shelved.
It wasn’t until 2007 [and thanks to a blue screen of death, which inturn forced me to initiate my ‘half decadely’ 4 hard drive defrag] that Holy Smoke was redescovered. Hidden away in a dusty old zip file on my H drive.
So after 3 days of fragging and with 4 newly cleaned hard drives, we set to work incorperating everything we’d learned musicly since 2001 to finish Holy Smoke 07. Time stretching – the cleaning up of samples – beat and vocal dubbing – the art of reverb and reverse reverb – compressing – recording our own scratchs. A week later, after changing the intro/ the bassline/ the tempo/ dumping the original Apeggo/ adding the scratch’s/ re-playing and recording the original Apeggo back in/ taking out the flakey samples, we started nearing what we thought was the finished track…… well, Initially it was finished. We sent a few copies out, recieved some good feedback….. BUT [and that’s a big but… ] still not happy with it, we decided to do a ‘Pottsy’ and ‘sit on it.’ Then in 2007 it was our pleasure to actually remix one of the biggest tracks from our childhood. Newcleus’s ‘jam on it’. Since then we’ve developed an unwavering friendship with Cozmo D & the ‘Jam on Production’ crew. Over the years, our chats and correspondance has been eye opening and mind expanding to say the least. Hence: the Breakniks have devoted the last few years to thinking more about our track construction… [ the intro’s – bridges – verses – breaks – hooks – synth solo’s – track length ] …and  perfecting the quality of our overall final mixdown production [fattening up basslines – separation of frequencies – breathing mixdowns]


 …… It’s just the small matter of getting our backlogue of tracks up to par and out 1st.

So at last, with the beat sounding FAT, every sample in TUNE, and A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE….Holy Smoke 2012 is now done to the British Breaknik Industries release standard.

………[if you buy the wav/mp3 that is]

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… and the moral of this tale?

  • Don’t hand out tracks until your 10000% sure its finished.
  • If you have an open mind, you’ll never stop learning.
  • Don’t waste your life on David Icke. You’ll never see a lizard in trench coat, but bent politicians are everywhere!
  • Don’t wait 5 years to defrag your hard drives.
  • You nar see the eyes of the demon…. till him come callin’
The download of Holy Smoke also includes A demo from 2005 [not available anywhere else and never aired] 


                                                                                                                                                       ”…… go with the flow”



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