Introducing Pecavi And His Sound Embers Breaks From Poland

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Hello All! My name is Pecavi!
One day I was playing in my brothers room and accidentally switched his amplifier on. The result was that I recieved a massive Neurofeedback straight to my brain.
That was the beginning of my passion between me and the sound of music.

My passion to create music started with “Music Maker 2000” Video game for the Sony Playstation platform. When my older brother noticed that I would spend most of my free time on this software, he showed me more professional music tool, Fruity Loops.
That was the beginning of my obsession for electronic dance music.

As I was discovering the music world and producing genres like techno or trance, I started to get more into it. I started to produce “drum based” electronic music in 2007, playing Drum and Bass, Jungle and Breakbeat. After some time I wanted to challenge myself, so i decided to experiment with music. I’ve spend about 2 years of producing jungle like music on different bpm’s experimenting with drums.

When I create music, it is like i’m fighting with it. I push it to its furthest limits to find the best of it. Like squeezing an orange to make juice.

Some nights before I go to sleep I will hear a melody in my head. Nice and warm with hot colors. I hold my breathe so I can hear it. The sound was like some sort of frequency inside of my head. A message that I should create something new with my skills.

I was in denial that the “Amen Break” is the ultimate drum pattern. So I got to work and after 1 year I created “Embers Break” drum pattern.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my passion, my dream.


Thank you for listening.


Pecavi Revy Red Flavour Maxi Release Date 12-21-2012

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