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TIME 6:58PM~

Stillness. It is absolutely silent, with the slightest hint of wind rustling through the cool November trees.  It is the calm before the storm, and there is a mischievious ambience about the air. Soon excitement will surround as the anticipation draws ever closer….

TIME 6:59PM~

First, it begins with a whisper. Hear that…? It’s almost like a slight ‘humm’ that’s coming from somewhere far and beyond in the night sky. Time continues counting down, and this humming now turns into a deep rhythmic roar…. The night sky seems to shift, swirl and storm as this beats start to swell above our heads…. Earth vibrates below our feet, and the clouds above begin to part and seperate, exposing the infinite heavens. One by one, each brilliantly fulgurant beam of light pierces the velvet black sky. Anticipation fills the air with every slight ‘Thump’, ‘Thump’, ‘Thump’ that draws near. Sounds rise with intensity, and excitement sweeps feverishly through out the crowd.


S E T…

TIME 7:00PM~

The hour strikes creating an earthshattering !!! B-O-O-O-O-M !!!

The bass has dropped and starlight now fills a once darkened void….







Thanksgiving weekend we are proud to present Starrs Come Out.

What BETTER WAY to celebrate our passion of music, than to join TOGETHER and GIVE to a worthy cause!?



Saturday November 24, 2012 Subterranean Night Club, Little Bee Promotions, Shut The Funk Up Ent, and Beat Sniperz with collaboration with Elevated Promotions would like to announce a benefit for Fibromyalgia.

Donations for this event will be sent to the AFSA.

The AFSA (The American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association) who’s primary mission is to fund superior quality, scientific studies on fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), which is an extremely painful, fatiguing, and often debilitating medical condition.
You can also check out the AFSA’s website if you’d like to directly donate and support!!

STARR JUNKIE’S FM STORY (Interviewed by Tim Zimmerman):

“I was diagonosed with Fibromyalgia about 12yrs. ago,” mentions Starr Junkie (Amy Bobo),  a Colorado Springs, CO resident. “Right after the 36 hr. long & physically stressful labor/birth I went through having my daughter, I started having strange, unexplainable and painful symptons all over my body that I couldn’t understand OR see. Before this I was healthy…period. Then I could recall driving home in my car one afternoon, when I suddenly had to pull the car over and park because the tops of my forearms and the back of the neck started to throb and it felt like someone had set my muscles on fire. I just sat there sobbing and REALLY confused.  I was afraid because I had NO IDEA what was happening to me….” It took about 6 years, and countless (in and outs) with different doctors and many of those doctors the first years lacked ANY sort of support. Luckly she connected with a physican that correctly diagonosed ‘this mysterious full on body pain’ she’d been experiencing.  “It was extreemly frustrating during those times because Fibromyalgia wasn’t well known at all, and/or widely accepted in the Medical Field. I thought I was going nutz because I didn’t feel well, and I was exhausted all of the time.  I had doctor’s tell me I WAS making it all up.  I remember thinking…. W-T-F would I EVEN WANT to create an ‘experience’ (or an ‘EXISTANCE’) like this on purpose?… What the hell would be the point of that? I needed answers and help.”

What is daily life like with Fibromyalgia?

“Personally, a sense of humor keeps me positive on most days…. I try not to get overwhelmed about issues in my life because stress is an onset factor. Stress makes the pain ‘amplify’ and become more intense. Pain management & medicines are a constant factor for me everyday. Every 3 or 4 months I get nerve block injections in the base of my head, and/or in my lower back. On one occasion about a year and a half ago, my doctor in Boulder, CO gave me 22 of these injections in my neck and head region within one hour. That was INTENSE, but it helped the pain greatly reduce several days after.  There really isn’t a moment during my day where I’m pain free. Some part of my body will always ache. Some days are better than others, some are worse. Somedays I get bed bound because I’m exhausted and there is nothing I can do to control it,” continues Starr Junkie. “I certainly learn A LOT of patience, and the acknowledgement to not overexhert myself helps. Support groups, and groups like the AFSA help provide a lot of answers & hope on how to cope when living with FM. Knowledge is powerful and changes lives.”

How does music play a part in your life?

“It’s a life saver. A lot of the time I use music as a tool to distract me from the physical pain. The more I play out, and the more I practice gives me a better focus towards dreams and goals. Music with it’s infinite possibilities, has the ability to change and heal.” 🙂


Welcome to the Galaxy, where beats are fierce and the bass has exploded.

$10 minimum Door Donation

2 Stages.


Main stage:

7:00 DJ Fuse


8:00 Oliver Twizted



9:00 Snowbird



10:00 Jynx






12:00 Starr Junkie



1:30 DJ Kenetix


Second stage:

8:00 2Leet



9:00 Steve Relich



10:00 Evasive



11:00 Domina and Ghost tag team



12:00 DJ Kid Everlast



1:00 CALIxo



Sound provided by Shut the Funk Up Ent and Beat Sniperz.
Photography and Videography provided by Crystalline Photography
Lazers provided by Surreal Lazers

DJ Starr Junkie will be welcoming you to her broadcast over The Lost Art!

DJ Starr Junkie’s Early Birthday CELEBRATION!!!!!


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