SOUNDCHASERS and TLA TEAM UP! “Miami Electro Bass”!!

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A DJ and a B-Boy turned Producers team up to bring you a new spin on an almost forgotten genre of music, “Miami Electro Bass”. SoundChasers have a nostalgic 80’s and early 90’s Electro, Hip Hop, and underground experimental feel. Their influences consist of Classic Breaks, Funk, Miami Bass, and Electro.Both Teknik (Nick Riesco) and Junior Rok (Alvaro Campos) experienced and have taken part in the underground scene and are veterans at rocking dance floors in their own rite.

SoundChasers have spread their sounds all over the world and are continuing to gain recognition for their dance floor vibes. One addition that adds to their nostalgia are the cameo vicious scratching sounds of Frank (DJ De La) De La O. Armed with clever sample patterns, authentic scratch style cuts, eclectic synth lines, and dominating bass rides; this group promises to shake your soul, and the dance floors of the world! Be ready to experience the vicious new frequencies coming out the speakers this year!!

Simple Complexities-NickDADE (AKA TEKNIK) by SoundChasers

SoundChasers-ROK THA PLANET by SoundChasers

“Speaker Freaker” by SoundChasers


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