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 PreservingthePitch_Logo2 650 ™ / © are extremely proud to present a sneak look at a up & coming release with the Legendary SupremeJa music! Basstronics – This is a new era of Electro Breaks and Bass, promising to put a crater in the dance floor. SupremeJa has been one of the leaders in high quality sounds and Electro for decades, while he has teamed up with some of the best artists in the world to bring you “Basstronics” and remixes.



There is nothing short of boom when it comes to this line up of amazing talent. Dynamik Bass Systems and Daxid absolutely need no introduction to this release. Time and Time again, these artists have topped the charts and hearts of all the Electro and breaks communities! Artificial Humans, Solartron and F8 have been the mega up and comers of the game and this release is going to show you why they are here to dominate the Bass and Boom legacy! Last but least we have TLA’s / PTP’s very own, Mike Devious and DJ Natural Nate. This is extremely humbling not only for these artists but the station as well. It was a extreme honor to have the chance to work with so many super artists thanks To Supreme Ja himself. This is a very DJ friendly release and is a must in your crate! It has been great to see such a push for this music in 2014, with so many artists and labels. This is more then just a release, its a way of life and passion in all directions. Please be kind and give this blog a share for these hard working artists and extreme label, SupremeJa music.

Basstronic, Supreme Ja,, 2

Basstronic, Supreme Ja,, 3

Basstronic, Supreme Ja,

Basstronic, Supreme Ja, 1


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