Natural Nate: Its Personal This Time. Whats Next?

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Natural Nate: As new ways come, I just want to make something clear. I have never asked for one payment my whole Career as a DJ. I have done many favors but not once have I asked for any payments. That really why I dont care about events. i know many have asked but, it is what it is. On everyone of my major bookings, I have felt so bad for the producers { Being Ripped off }, that I only set up charitable events so we both can give back. This is really the only way to book me. Im sorry if I have seemed shallow in this area, but I did not get into this for nothing else but to help someone else through the power of music. It saved my life many times over and I know what its done for my life.

I have not ran in a poll or voting contest in over 3 years. True story. My commitment to my team has been nothing more then to give them the same tools I used and some what mastered, to make impossible accomplishments, or seemingly impossible, possible. It’s lonely at the top and be careful for what you wish for. What fun are accomplishments if you cannot share them or cheer others on to do the same thing. Its been a true blessing to watch so many people grow. Its also been a huge disappointment because once you lose ” Humble” The game is over. I have always been the ute most humble to have ever gotten as far as I have with the respect of the producers, 2 turntables and a mixer. My life has always been dedicated to the underdogs and to those that want a voice but just do not know how to do it.

Im really a simple guy. Give respect, stay loyal and be as honest as you can, and there truly is nothing you cannot do. Im extremely humbled to still be on my feet to keep the march going for true showmanship and arts of mixing. Its been even more of an honor to help change this system for everyone to have a fair shot in this messy industry. Its been an amazing, amazing ride no matter what has happened. Everything is a learning lesson and the lessons I have learned are great! I love what I do, and always have. All of these wonderful producers and artists have helped me so greatly with my mind and influences to better myself, that we opened a site to truly give back to all. The best advice I could give to anyone is…. ” Stick to the Basics ” Everything I have done has been to show the little guys that you can do it also.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved on the massive science projects and Ideas. Its been a blast standing up to the engine while we take regular guys and change the world. Icdo not have enough words for this area.. Hehe… I dont know what the future holds and I really dont care honestly because I truly have done the best I can for everyone. I am looking forward to the new roads that have been made and most of all, your support. I have been blessed with the best family that supports my every move and my brothers and sisters of the industry waiting to see what we do next to push one and another. Thats what its about, pushing each other to the max to bring only the best out. I cannot be more thankful to be alive and to still have a will to help those that want a chance. Thank…. I will never be able to say enough how humbled I always have been. Im looking forward to seeing what is next myself.

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